• Published 6th Jan 2014
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The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie - Harmony Charmer

Sequel to "The Cake Batter Incident". An unlikely bond is formed when Pinkie is tasked to reform Sombra, the ex-king of the Crystal Empire.

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Chapter 5: About Last Night...

When Sombra awoke groggily that morning, he didn't know where he was. He tried to make heads or tails of last night, but his tiredness prevented him from doing so. He tried to climb out of the bed he was in, but something held him in place. Upon looking down, his muzzle went into a messy mane of magenta curls. His eyes widened in shock, then he looked further down.

Pinkie's face remained above the covers, whereas the rest of her was hidden.

'Oh, no...' Sombra thought, 'What happened? Why am I in here with her?'

He looked around the room, hoping to gain some answer. When his eyes caught sight of the broken mirror, the night's recollections finally reached him. Pinkie had a breakdown and he had been the one to comfort her through it. He had held her for a long time and after that, everything seemed blurry.

Why he was in bed with her, he prayed his answer was wrong.

Pinkie stirred, her blue eyes fluttering open. Sombra began to panic, hoping to find a way to get out of this. But, once Pinkie let out a yawn and opened her eyes completely, he knew escape was out of the question.

She looked around, still in a sleepy daze. But, then she caught sight of Sombra's foreleg around her. He watched as she traced the length of his leg to his shoulder and then his face.

Pinkie let out a scream and flailed, shoving herself away from Sombra hastily. Sombra let out a yell of his own and pushed away from her, causing him to fall out of bed. They stayed there, screaming in resonance until they were both out of breath.

Sombra peeked over the messy bed, where Pinkie was looking back at him with wide, fearful eyes.

"Why was I in bed with you?!" he shouted, jumping to his hooves.

Pinkie blinked as she regained her sense and stood up as well.

"You tell me!" she exclaimed, point a hoof at him, "I don't remember anything from last night!"

Sombra blinked in surprise and his jaw dropped in horror.

"You don't think we..." he started, giving the bed a long look.

Pinkie had a puzzled look on her face, until she looked at the bed with Sombra. They turned to one another, their looks of horror and fear mirroring one another. Pinkie's cheeks became a dark shade of crimson, then put her hooves to her face to cover her embarrassed look.

"We can't tell anypony," she breathed, getting up from her side of the bed.

Sombra nodded quickly. "Yes," he said, "if anypony found out, Tartarus knows what they'll say!"

Pinkie gave him a sharp look, not appreciating his thoughts on the possibility of their intimate interactions, but she said nothing. "Come on, we better get you back to Twilight's."

Sombra felt a feeling of dread overcome him at the mention of the princess' name. She no doubt knew he had spent the night with Pinkie and was sure to ask questions as to why he had done so, even though no answers were coming to mind.

Pinkie caught his look and she mirrored it as she sucked in air through her teeth.

"Ooooooh," she said, realizing his apprehensiveness, "That might look bad."

Sombra sighed and shook his head dejectedly.

"They're going to find out anyway," he grumbled, walking past her.

Pinkie blinked in surprise at his approach on the matter, but grinned anyway as she rushed to his side enthusiastically.

"Okie dokie lokie!" she chirped, hopping alongside him.

He rolled his eyes in his usual manner as they walked down the stairs, but refrained from commenting on her behavior. He didn't have it in him.

Mr. and Mrs.Cake were already downstairs and were in the middle of working as they came down, Mrs.Cake being behind the cash register, counting bits. The adult mare froze as she took in the sight of the dishevelled pair, her imagination already going to work to paint a vivid picture as to why they looked the way they did.

"Oh, hello, Sombry," she said rather uncomfortably, "I didn't know you spent the night."

Pinkie's cheeks went red at her employer's implication and she shook her head quickly.

"Nothing happened!" she exclaimed, waving her hooves dramatically to and fro.

Sombra gave her a an unappreciative look, but refrained from saying anything as he realized he had done the same to her not moments before.

Mrs.Cake quirked a brow questionably, then smiled slyly.

"Oh, I get it," she said with a wink, "'Nothing' happened." She giggled, causing both Sombra and Pinkie to fume silently.

"Let's just get to Twilight's," Sombra said gruffly, grabbing Pinkie's hoof, causing the pink mare to go even redder in the face.

As they walked out, hooves still held together, Mr.Cake and Mrs.Cake exchanged knowing looks with one another as they grinned.

"Nothing happened, eh?" Mr.Cake said, casting the couple a long look, "The noises I heard say otherwise!"

* * *

The walk to Twilight's was an awkward one for the odd duo, what with Sombra and Pinkie sneaking glances at one another dozens of times. And, more often than not, making eye contact during those awkward glances, which then caused them to look away and repeat the process all over again.

By the twentieth time, Sombra had had enough.

"Look, there is no way we did anything!" he said finally, aggravated beyond belief.

Pinkie's face went completely red and she turned towards him sharply with narrowed eyes.

"Sombra!" she said in a stage whisper, "There are ponies around!"

Sombra sighed irritably as his gaze flickered to passing ponies, some of whom were casting them strange glances. With a shake of his head, Sombra put an irritated hoof to his temple and put it down as he managed to regain some sense of control over his irritation.

"I'm telling you this because this isn't the first time this has happened to me," he said in a low tone, looking around to make sure nopony was listening.

Pinkie blinked in shock and her jaw dropped as she immediately caught onto his implication, her eyes wide with undeniable surprise.

"Are you saying...?" she started, trailing off as Sombra nodded slowly.

"Normally, when this happens, I find out by something I do subconsciously," he admitted, still whispering as his eyes darted left to right suspiciously.

Pinkie closed her mouth as she understood, then gave him a questioning look.

"What is it?" she asked.

Sombra blinked and gave her a puzzled look. "What is what?"

"What is the thing you do?" she inquired, blinking innocently.

Sombra sighed raggedly as he closed his eyes, and muttered something irritably, much to his disdain.

"What?" Pinkie asked, leaning in to hear him better.

"I sing a song..." he mumbled, slouching over even further.

"One more time?" Sombra sighed once more and put a hoof on his face, groaning as he did so.

"I sing a song," he admitted, opening his eyes as he dragged his hoof down his tired face.

"What song?" Pinkie asked almost immediately, cocking her head to the side as curiosity got the better of her.

Sombra groaned again and hung his head borderline sorrowfully, obviously not proud of his upcoming answer.

"...'Pretty Mare' by Roy Hoovison," he answered, closing his eyes.

Pinkie was quiet for a moment, somewhat surprised by his strange song choice. Then, she started laughing, causing Sombra to glare at her irritably.

"My dad used to sing that song all the time!" she exclaimed, her eyes closed in blitheness.

Her loud laughter soon attracted the attention of the fellow townponies, to which Sombra slammed a hoof into her mouth to silence her before they went over to investigate.

"You can't tell anypony, you hear?" he growled, leaning towards her in hostility, "Swear on it!"

Pinkie seemed surprised by his order, but then took his hoof out of her mouth and smiled brightly.

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" she chirped, going through with the hoof motions, causing Sombra to roll his eyes as they continued walking.

"You know, I do something like that, too," Pinkie said nonchalantly.

Sombra froze mid-step, his eyes darting over to Pinkie. With a rigidness of a statue, he slowly turned to her with eyes the size of saucers.

"What?" she asked innocently, blinking obliviously.

"You have a thing you do after...?" Sombra trailed off as she nodded. He gave her wide eyed look as his jaw was agape in shock. "So you're not a...?"

Pinkie shook her head, causing him to gawk at her.

"Not for a couple of years, no," she said coolly, then bounced off nonchalantly.

Sombra stood there for a few more moments as he tried to process this new information, then shook his head as he hurried to her side.

"What do you do after..." he started, not sure how to continue, "...You know?"

Pinkie pondered it for a moment as she put a hoof to her chin in thought, then shrugged her shoulders.

"I usually get an itch behind my ear and I have to scratch it with my back leg," she said, tugging at her ear, "At first, I thought it was Pinkie Sense, but nothing happened afterwards, so I figured it was that."

'She did it so often that she managed to figure that out?' Sombra questioned in his mind, his eyes wide as he began to see Pinkie in a new light.

"Oh, look, it's Twlight's house!" Pinkie exclaimed, suddenly poking out a hoof abruptly.

As Sombra looked at the tree library that came into view, he took a deep breath to ready himself for the confrontation that awaited him.

"Remember," he said in a low tone, his eyes narrowed, "Not a word of last night."

Pinkie nodded in agreement erratically, then hopped over to the library as she hummed merrily. Sombra held back a scathing comment as she reached the door and opened it.

"Oh, hey, Pinkie!" Twilight said happily, then caught sight of Sombra, "Oh, and Sombra!"

Sombra felt his breath hitch in his throat as he caught Twilight look over the two of them with respective curiosity, her action lost on Pinkie.

"I came here to bring Sombra home," Pinkie told her, then quickly added, "if that's alright with you."

Twilight shook her head as she smiled knowingly. "Oh, I think you guys have spent enough time together for the day," she said slyly, giving Sombra a meaningful look.

Sombra glared at her. 'Great,' he thought darkly, 'Now I'm going to get an earful of questions... As if those questionnaires weren't bad enough...'

On his way over to his cot to sulk, he started to hum a melody to himself subconsciously, unaware of the tune's origin or why he was singing it.

Twilight quirked a brow, a puzzled look upon her features. "I didn't know you liked Roy Hoovison!" she exclaimed, giving him an incredulous look.

Sombra froze as those words reached him and slowly turned to look at Pinkie, a small flicker of fear taking place within him. She was on her rear, scratching behind her ears, her back leg rubbing against her ear ferociously as she closed her eyes in irritation.

She, too, froze and they made eye contact, their thoughts sharing the same horrifying realization.

Something had happened last night.

Author's Note:


By far, one of my most favorite chapters to write. And I think you know why... :pinkiehappy:

Anywhoodles, I made up Roy Hoovison, which is a play on Roy Orbison. The original song name is "Pretty Woman", by the way.