• Published 6th Jan 2014
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The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie - Harmony Charmer

Sequel to "The Cake Batter Incident". An unlikely bond is formed when Pinkie is tasked to reform Sombra, the ex-king of the Crystal Empire.

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Chapter 2: Sombra Learns About Pinkie Sense

It was a quiet morning in Ponyville that day. The sun had barely touched the top of the hills as a rooster let out it's morning wake-up call for the farmers. Many were still sleeping, enjoying their last couple of hours of rest before taking their leave to run daily errands. Among those sleeping residents laid the former king of the Crystal Empire, King Sombra.

He had been sleeping in his cot beside the stairs that lead to his warden's room, Princess Twilight Sparkle. His snores echoed throughout the entire library, causing stray pages to move with each inhale and exhale he made.

Spike, Twilight's personal assistant and dragon friend, was trying his best to ignore Sombra's loud snores. He'd been up all night reorganizing the library's shelves because Twilight found out that several books were misplaced because Spike didn't know that the word "the" didn't count as the first letter of the title. Upon hearing another snore, he couldn't take it anymore.

"SHUT UP, WILL YA?!" Spike exclaimed, throwing his pillow at Sombra.

The pillow didn't even come close to touching Sombra, just landing a foot outside of Spike's bed. He fell back onto his bed, letting out an aggravated groan. Sombra's ear pricked upwards and his eyes fluttered open. Spike, seeing Sombra awakening, pulled the covers over himself and pretended to be asleep, letting out fake snores.

Sombra rubbed his eyes and looked over Spike's "sleeping" form. He let out a ragged sigh and threw his pillow at the baby dragon, smacking Spike out of his bed.

"Shut up, will you?" Sombra snapped, rolling over and resuming his slumber. It only lasted for a few minutes, because the sounds of a crash reached Sombra's ears.

He sat up in his cot, then looked around the library for clarification. The sounds were too faint to be inside the building, but they can't be that far away. He climbed out of his cot and walked over to the window, hoping to see an answer to his question. Three small fillies were standing by a destroyed cart with an adult stallion yelling furiously at them.

An orange pegasus was hovering off the ground and yelling at who Sombra could only assume to be the owner of the cart. An yellow earth pony stood between them both, while their small unicorn friend cowered in the back. How these small fillies could destroy a cart, he'd never know.

Interested by the scene before him, he decided to take a closer look. He walked over to the door and turned the knob, which then caused a loud siren to go off. He sighed raggedly and cursed Twilight's name for putting an alarm on the library. He sat down and awaited Twilight's arrival to turn off the alarm.

Twilight came bounding down the stairs, her wings outstretched with feathers falling out. She glided to the door and slammed it shut with her magic. She turned towards Sombra and glared at him furiously.

"I thought I made it very clear not to go outside!" she snapped, growling angrily.

Spike, who didn't know it was Twilight shouting, sat up in bed.

"SHUT UP!" he shouted, throwing his pillow at Twilight.

It landed smack on her face and her horn tore through it. She pulled it down, ripping it in half. Once Spike caught sight of Twilight's reddened face, he held up a claw.

"I'm going to make you some breakfast," he said quickly, zooming past them and into the kitchen.

Twilight opened her mouth to say something, but sighed and muttered something under her breath along the lines of, "not worth it".

"Sombra, how many times do I have to tell you?" she said tiredly, "You can't leave unless Pinkie is here to-"

At that moment, the door slammed opened. Twilight was swung against the wall behind the door, cutting her off. Thankfully, Sombra wasn't in front of the door when it opened.

"Hay, Sombry!" Pinkie chirped, bouncing in.

The door swung back into it's frame, revealing a flattened Twilight. She slowly peeled off the wall and fell to the floor in a heap. She groaned loudly and rubbed her hoof to her head.

"Pinkie, what have I told you about slamming doors willy-nilly?" Twilight moaned, slowly getting up.

Pinkie blinked and started giggling.

"Whoops!" she said with a grin, "Sorry! Probably should have warned you with my Pinkie Sense! Well, I wouldn't have been able to use my Pinkie Sense if I was already here and I didn't open the door!"

Sombra quirked a brow and stared at Pinkie. "Pinkie... What?" he asked, causing both Twilight and Pinkie to look at him incredulously.

"My Pinkie Sense!" Pinkie exclaimed, "You know, that thing I do to predict the future?"

When Sombra gave her a blank stare, Twilight stepped in.

"Haven't you ever seen Pinkie act strangely?" she inquired.

Sombra raised his eyebrows and he gave her a look that might as well have said, "Seriously?".

Spike walked out of the kitchen, handing Twilight a plate with pancakes on it. "You did not just ask that," Spike said, glancing over at Pinkie, who was hopping around the library, humming to herself.

Twilight realized what she said and her cheeks reddened. "Oh..." she said nervously, "...right."

Sombra rolled his eyes and turned to look at Pinkie. "What exactly is this 'Pinkie Sense' you speak of?"

Pinkie jumped at this and zoomed over, hopping in front of Sombra.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Pinkie exclaimed, "It's something that happens to me when different things happen at different times!"

Sombra turned to Twilight for clarification, deeming her the most reasonable pony in the room to speak to.

"Well, Pinkie sort of got the gist of it," Twilight admitted, "She can tell the future by a series of chain reactions. For example, whenever her tail twitches-"

She was interrupted by the sound of warbling and both unicorns turned to see Pinkie's tail twitching uncontrollably.

"Oh no!" Pinkie exclaimed, panicked at the sight of her warbling tail, "My tail is twitching! Twitcha Twitch! Twitcha Twitch!"

Spike, who was on the ladder reorganizing books on the shelf, jumped at her proclamation.

"Twitchy tail!" he shouted, putting his claws to face in horror. In doing so, he lost hold of the ladder and fell off. Twilight caught him with her magic before he hit the ground and placed him down gently.

Sombra turned to Pinkie in shock and pointed a hoof at her accusingly.

"Witch!" he shouted, "You possess the ability to predict the future, you Wicca!"

Pinkie quirked a brow at him. "Didn't we already cover this?" she mused aloud, but Sombra ignored her.

"You must tell me, Fortune Teller," he commanded, "Will I ever be free of this wretched prison?"

Pinkie blinked and shook her head quickly. "Oh, no, no, no, no," she said, "it doesn't work that way. I can't just tell you what's going to happen. My feelings come and go as they please."

Sombra's temple throbbed as a vein threatened to burst from frustration.

"That makes no sense!" Sombra shouted angrily, slamming a hoof on the floor.

Twilight smiled and laughed at Sombra's reaction. "I said the exact same thing!" she said, pointing a hoof.

Sombra narrowed his eyes at her briefly and turned back to Pinkie.

"I refuse to believe in something I don't understand!" he snarled.

Another laugh from Twilight. "Two for two!" she exclaimed, still laughing.

He groaned and whipped around to face her. "Will you shut up?!" he snapped, baring his teeth. Twilight ceased her laughter and returned his glare, slamming her nose against his.

"You can't tell me what to do, Sombry," she said with snark, growling in return.

In the midst of their stare down, Spike walked past them and let out a noise of disgust.

"If you two are going to kiss, then just get it over with!" he exclaimed, "I'm tired of all this tension you two obviously have with one another!"

Sombra and Twilight jumped back and looked at one another with disgust.

"As if!" they shouted simultaneously, Twilight's cheeks turning a bright red.

Then, Sombra waggled his eyebrows and smiled slyly.

"Then again..." he started.

Before Twilight could react, Pinkie stepped in front of him.

"I thought you weren't interested in mares!" she yelled accusingly, "You said you didn't have a mistress, you liar!"

Sombra's eyes widened in surprise and all he could think to say was the worst thing a stallion could ever say to an angry mare, despite the confusion on his part.


She let out a growl of frustration and threw her hooves in the air.

"Tease!" she shouted angrily, hopping out in the most negative way possible. She slammed the door shut, leaving a very confused ex-tyrant and alicorn princess.

"What just happened?" Sombra asked in a dazed tone.

Twilight stared at the door and shook her head.

"Your guess is as good as mine," she said in the same tone as Sombra.

Author's Note:

Sombra's a tease~ HAHAHAHA! Yeah, this was a bit of a joke chapter! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Why am I the only one laughing?

Hey, I had a funny thought. I was listening to Katherine Jenkins' "Silence Is All You Know" from Doctor Who(http://youtu.be/bVGilpd0e4s) and I thought to myself, "What if Pinkie could sing like that?" Everyone's faces... PRICELESS. Future chapter? More than likely!