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Astro is an aspiring, earth stallion sci-fi writer.
His sister Stardust is a unicorn astronomer that takes her work seriously.
And Techno...is an alien robot with amnesia.


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a little short. I could help you with it, if that's ok with you.

I just felt that was a good cut-off point for the chapter :derpytongue2: I'll see what I can come up with for the others. Thanks for the offer, I'll think it over :twilightsmile:

3730458 What do you mean by over.

:twilightoops: ...I'll consider it; think about it; ponder it over a cup of tea, that sort of thing.

3730537 Thanks for having a cup of tea over it.:ajbemused:

3730585 Sorry, I couldn't help it. :twilightsheepish:

Is there going to be any enemies.

3744336 Oh well I'll be abler to finger it out. Here's a ideal.
'A machines as tall as trees, came from the lake with a sudden bolt of energy. It was in the shape of a sphere with 8 legs and 2 guns. The guns were plasma guns, reaching temp's up to 2000F. They could shut up to 8 miles with a signer stroke of the trigger. Most ponies would ask how but would have little time to ask or no pony to ask. Most ponies that seen the monster machines would die in matter of seconds by the beasts. Some ponies could see a small hatch on the bottom of the sphere. There was no way up but one way. The main leg that was the size of 2 swimming pools had a ladder leading up to the hatch.'
How you like it.

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