• Published 4th Jan 2014
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The Pony from Outer Space - Book 1 - Technopony145

Astro is an aspiring sci-fi writer. His sister Stardust is an astronomer that takes her work seriously. And when an alien robot (literally) crashes into their lives, things get...weird.

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2 - The outsider

Stardust's head felt like it was on fire.
She didn't care.
She just had a close encounter with a living meteorite and blasted it with a spell she didn’t even know she could cast.
She didn’t care.
All she did care about was getting as far away from that…thing as possible.
She slammed the door behind her and put her back to it, panting heavily.
"Whoa, sis, what the hay happened to you?"
Astro had gotten off the couch and stared wide-eyed at his sister as she burst in. Stardust opened and closed her mouth, but could only manage unintelligible mutters and hoof gestures. She realized that she had been running on pure adrenaline up to this point.
“I…I think I need some sleep.” She managed, and started limping drunkenly towards the couch.
Astro sucked air through his teeth, “I’ll say. You’re horn’s all charred!” Stardust looked up to see that her horn was, indeed, blackened with soot; a common side-effect of sudden bursts of uncontrolled magic. “What the hay were you doing out there?”
Stardust collapsed onto the plush relief that was the couch, she didn’t even acknowledge her brother’s question. Or the sudden knock at the door.
Wait. She thought, eyes shooting open, Knock at the door!?

Wonder who in Equestria that could be, this late. Astro thought as he turned the doorknob. The front door opened to reveal…Stardust. Standing right in front of him…Staring at him…
Astro blinked, turned to look at the Stardust lying on the couch staring at the newcomer with a petrified expression, and then back at the Sardust in the doorway that had a hollow stare, then back again.
A sudden burst of incoherent sounds from the Stardust in the doorway prompted Astro to take a few hurried steps back in surprise. The doppelganger walked closer, now fully in the house itself.
“zzgrago torah-go.” it said, it spoke in no language Stardust could recognize,
Astro’s expression, however, turned from one of fright, to intrigue.
“Teeco-ram?” he said,
The duplicate tilted its head on one side, “zrago-ma? Idala-mo.” It replied,
“What are you doing?” Stardust whispered in her brother’s ear,
“His language sounds very similar to Technik.” he replied,
Stardust stared in bewilderment as her brother conversed with the outsider; it was as if he was speaking with an old friend.
“graah, tikgraa.” Said the outsider,
“He says he wants to know whether or not this is a traditional greeting. Heh! Dude’s crazy.”
“He?” said Stardust,
“Well, it sounds like a guy.”
“Whatever. Just tell him to stop being so creepy!”
“sk-borah, kolamona gree-zorah.”
“xramon? Torah-koo.”
“He says, ‘apologies. I assumed all members of your species looked this way.’”
The outsider began to change; its horn and mane retracted into its head, and the color disappeared from its body in a wave of pixels, revealing what could only be described as a mechanical monster.
“Ok…that is a little creepy.” Said Astro, turning towards his sister still sitting on the couch,
“Apologies, I am incapable of recreating your exact physiology.” Said the outsider,
Both siblings turned to the mechanized pony with eyes the size of dinner plates,
Now you speak English?” asked Stardust,
“Affirmative. I have analyzed this one’s translations to generate a coherent speech program.” He motioned towards Astro, who seemed to be caught between pride and absolute dumbfoundment.
“Alright,” said Stardust, eyes narrowing, “one: just who the hay are you, two: why are you here, and three: how do I know you’re not here to mount some kind of invasion?”
The mechanical being was silent for a while, during which his eyes showed two spinning icons in place of pupils.
“404: data not found.” It replied.
Stardust turned to Astro, giving him a look that seemed to challenge his translation skills,
“Uh,” he started, “he says he doesn’t know.”

Author's Note:

Don't try to find coherence in the alien language. That would just be silly. :moustache:

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I just felt that was a good cut-off point for the chapter :derpytongue2: I'll see what I can come up with for the others. Thanks for the offer, I'll think it over :twilightsmile:

3730458 What do you mean by over.

:twilightoops: ...I'll consider it; think about it; ponder it over a cup of tea, that sort of thing.

3730537 Thanks for having a cup of tea over it.:ajbemused:

3730585 Sorry, I couldn't help it. :twilightsheepish:

Is there going to be any enemies.

SHHH!!! no spoilers! :raritywink:

3744336 Oh well I'll be abler to finger it out. Here's a ideal.
'A machines as tall as trees, came from the lake with a sudden bolt of energy. It was in the shape of a sphere with 8 legs and 2 guns. The guns were plasma guns, reaching temp's up to 2000F. They could shut up to 8 miles with a signer stroke of the trigger. Most ponies would ask how but would have little time to ask or no pony to ask. Most ponies that seen the monster machines would die in matter of seconds by the beasts. Some ponies could see a small hatch on the bottom of the sphere. There was no way up but one way. The main leg that was the size of 2 swimming pools had a ladder leading up to the hatch.'
How you like it.

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