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When Rarity decides to skip Heart's Warming Eve in order to spend extra time on her work, she finds herself traveling back and forward in time in order to learn about the true meaning of Christm- I mean, Heart's Warming Eve. So, yeah, it's just like A Christmas Carol, but with ponies. And pie.

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Good, but I have to point out a few things.

They had to stare a couple of seconds at Rarity in order to recognize her. The white pony did not look her usual self. Her blue hair was messy and stiff.

Rarity's hair is purple.

The pain of the horn being pressed into her scull made her ascend to reality at once.


Looking forward to the rest

Finally! I got it done before Christmas.

Well, now I'm finally going to write about this, I've been following this since the first chapter and have really enjoyed it. I've seen people write "A Christmas Carol" with Rarity before and have always liked those, but I especially like how you changed the story to fit with Ponies instead of trying to cast the characters to fit the roles from the original story exactly. The only issue I really have with this chapter is the ending, not because of who the spirits really were, more because of before that feeling a bit odd. I had expected it to be a more and a bit less like the original; more in the sense that I expected it to really be a supernatural event and the vision of the future to be that Sweetie would freeze in the storm if Rarity didn't go see her and their friends and that this would be the catalyst for her distancing herself from everypony else, and less in the sense that it would give a reason why the holiday itself is actually important.

Though that's more an issue I had with the original story, that it always felt odd that the spirits were pushing for him to celebrate christmas when that part didn't really feel needed as long as the rest of his behaviour changed. Or at least it felt odd after I took a really good look at the story and realised that Scrooge hated christmas because it was a reminder of all the worst things that ever happened to him (I know if I had a day with that much emotional baggage attached to it I would probably be short with everyone who told me to celebrate it as the best time of the year too)

But still, I adored the majority of the story; you know you've done a good job when the one complaint is not enjoying the near ending as much as the rest of it

Hi, Paradox. Thank you so much for your lengthy comment. Having someone like you to respond to my story really makes up for the low view count.
I was expecting people to have mixed feelings about the ending, and I couldn't decide with myself whether I wanted it to be supernatural or not, but I went with the latter, since that was probably what people would least anticipate. Anyway, I'm glad you liked (most of) it, and I hope you'll read anything that I may potentially post in the future.

Lovely. I like how unlike some other versions, Rarity doesn't change alot in the first trip.

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