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When Rarity decides to skip Heart's Warming Eve in order to spend extra time on her work, she finds herself traveling back and forward in time in order to learn about the true meaning of Christm- I mean, Heart's Warming Eve. So, yeah, it's just like A Christmas Carol, but with ponies. And pie.

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When Rainbow Dash decides that it's time to prove once and for all that she is the fastest pegasus in Equestria, things don't go as expected. By flying faster than time itself Rainbow will discover how Equestria would be like without her.

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Twilight Sparkle and her friends are invited to the Canterlot Games - a sport event hosted every ten years in Canterlot and one of the few times where ponies from all over Equestria are gathered. It is during this event that ponies with political influence will make a decision that will determine the future of Equestria. And it is this decision that will change Twilight Sparkle's personal life forever.

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