• Published 9th Nov 2013
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Pony Art Online - Kaliann25

Sword Art Online/MLP Crossover. Gamers Asuna and Kirito connect to a new game called Legends of Equestria, but is it only a game or something else?

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Twilight couldn’t believe it, not even two months has passed since she was crowned Princess and Canterlot was already in pure chaos. The reason? Discord thought nothing was better to celebrate April’s fools day than free an Ursa Mayor in the middle of the city. He wasn’t evil anymore but he was still annoying.

“Damn it; and precisely Princess Celestia left me in charge while she was into some diplomatic mission. Discord I swear next time I see you you’re gonna pay for this!!” grumped Twilight for herself flying around the beast. She hoped the beast concentrated in her only and she could guide her outside of the city.

“Twilight!!” somepony called.

“Girls!!” she screamed when she spotted her friends running to help her.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie ran to the Ursa Mayor who was still destroying everything she could. Applejack tried to use her rope to catch it but it was a futile attempt. When the beast felt the rope around her paw, she raised it raising the poor Applejack too; making her scream in fear. Rainbow Dash flew to save her friend, who fell on her back safely. The two of them flew away from the beast.

Pinkie Pie decided to use a track of food so she could guide the beast outside Canterlot, a very reasonable idea coming from Pinkie. It worked by the first two minutes but the Ursa Mayor saw the sack where Pinkie was keeping the food and took it with her gigantic tongue.

Twilight grumped. “It’s time for a new strategy, girls!! I’ll try to immobilize it with my magic. Rarity, I’ll need your help too for something this big. Fluttershy, in the meantime I need you to use the Stare; that’s our only hope!!”

The two mares nodded and started with the plan. Rarity and Twilight did their best to keep the beast static while Fluttershy flew to her and used her famous Stare.

“You!!” Fluttershy yelled. “How dare you? How dare you to destroy our homes just like that? Look at you, so big and so naughty. Someone with your size should be doing something useful like take care of your baby!!

The ashamed Ursa Mayor lowered her head and blushed. But something happened, the monster started to move her nose ready to sneeze but nopony notice the danger until it was too late. The powerful sneeze made Fluttershy flew outside the city of Canterlot and Rarity and Twilight lost control of the animal.

Free and more furious than ever, the Ursa Mayor reassumed her destruction more violent than ever. Twilight was desperate; she needed a miracle to calm the animal without hurt it. But such thing didn’t happen. Instead of the miracle Twilight was waiting for, they came.

A dark blue pegasus stallion with a short black mane and beautiful gray eyes; and a white unicorn mare with light brown mane and copper eyes. The both of them looked at the monster with a grin.

“So we just started this game and already have a Dungeon Boss to defeat. Thanks Kami-Sama we still have all our attributes from SAO” said the pegasus evaluating the Ursa Mayor.

The unicorn nodded. “Let’s finish this, Kirito”

The both of them made a strange move with their hooves making appear a white screen with the legend: PLAYER OPTIONS – INVENTORY. They selected the Inventory options and started to look for what they need. Finally they selected their swords; two for the pegasus, one for the unicorn. Then, they ran to the Ursa Mayor with a warrior scream.

Rainbow Dash was flying around trying to think what to do next when the screams broke her concentration. The next thing the Mane 6 knew was than two strangers were attacking merciless the Ursa Mayor with their swords. The both of them were very skilled fighters who easily dodged all the Ursa attempts to get rid of them. But the ponies didn’t understand what was going on.

They warriors were attacking the beast, but none of them could see any blood. The only thing that they saw was an strange green bar than appeared above the monster. A green bar that was diminishing it size every time the warriors hurt the Ursa. Fluttershy screamed in agony.

“NOO!!! TWILIGHT, GIRLS DON’T YOU SEE IT? I don’t understand how but that bar is measuring the Ursa’s life and it’s almost empty. TWILIGHT, THEY’RE KILLING HER!!”

None of the Mane 6 wanted to believe Fluttershy but it was true. The “life bar” turned yellow and when it was almost empty, it turned red. The girls ran to save the beast but it was too late. Finally the pegasus did the last attack making the Ursa disappear into a million sparks of blue light. And the mysterious message of CONGRATULATIONS appeared where the Ursa was.

“Did you got an special item?” asked the unicorn.

The pegasus made the white screen appear again and started to look into it. Finally he grinned selecting the new object. A black coat appeared from nowhere and covered the warrior.

“Midnight coat!” he happily announced. The unicorn giggled.

“So once again you’re gonna be known as Kirito the Black Swordsman.

“And you as Flash Asuna” congratulated Kirito.

She giggled a little bit more and the two of them walked together to nowhere in particular, when the Mane 6 blocked them. Fluttershy was furious; for her nothing was more evil than kill an innocent creature just like they did, merciless and coldly.

“HOW DARE YOU? HOW COULD YOU KILL THAT POOR LITTLE URSA MAYOR? “ the yellow pegasus yelled with tears running throw her face. “She wasn’t dangerous, it was Discord’s fault so how dare you to do so atrocious thing? YOU TWO…”

Losing control, she attacked the surprised new ponies, but Applejack used her rope to restrain her friend. She was furious with them too but she was also being careful because of their sword skill.

“Why did you do that?” asked Twilight strictly, like the Princess she was. “Why did you do such thing?”

The two strangers looked each other confused. Finally the blue pegasus answered.

“Obviously for the special item, the money and the experience points” he said.

Rainbow Dash glared at him. “So you want us to pay you for this atrociousness? You’re mad!!”

The unicorn summoned again the white screen and showed it to the ponies. “This things called bits are the money you have here, right? We automatically get 450 bits each one after defeating the monster”

Nopony understood a thing. The only thing they had clear was the two of them were very dangerous people and they had to lock them right now. Several guards approached silently waiting for an order that Twilight finally gave.

“Arrest them under the charge of killing a protected animal and public disorder. Now”

They obeyed. The white unicorn raised an eyebrow.

“What’s with this NPCs? Kirito, let’s log out and play something else”

The pegasus agreed and before the guards or the Mane 6 could understand what they were going to do, they summoned the white screen and selected the LOG-OUT option fainting instantly.

The guard trying everything to bring them back but it was pointless. It seemed like their minds were in other site.

More confused than ever, Twilight ordered to take them to the dungeons until they woke up; then she could interrogate them better.

In a Tokyo suburb, two teenagers disconnected their Virtual Reality equipment; the NerveGear.

“That was odd” said the girl. She was tall and shared the features of her pony character in her hair and eyes.

“Very” agreed the boy; who also shared the same features than his girlfriend with his pony character.

“So what? We play something else?”

The boy nodded and walked to his computer looking for a new MMO-RPG to play; but after several minutes, he frowned.

“What, Kazuto?” asked the girl whose name was Asuna, just like her character.

“I can’t connect to any other game. Maybe it’s a “bug” or something but I can’t disconnect the hardware to the Legends of Equestria software. Something very strange is happening.

The girl didn’t seemed worried.

“Just rest the internet”

Kazuto did as his girlfriend said but nothing happened.

“Same Asuna. Our NerveGear can’t connect to something else than Legends of Equestria. It seems like if we want to play online we have to play that”

Asuna raised an eyebrow confused but didn’t worry for real. She just nodded and both of them agreed to fix their problem some other day. So Asuna went back to her house and that was it.

Besides that was only a game just like any others they’d played along their life of gamers.

Author's Note:

Like I said in my bio, I love anime Crossovers since I'm an Ota-Cool and just as my other story, Equestria Budokai Tenkaichi this one is already finished in the spanish version.

I hope I can find other who loves SAO as much as I do. And without nothing else to say:

Ready ya later!!