• Published 9th Nov 2013
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Pony Art Online - Kaliann25

Sword Art Online/MLP Crossover. Gamers Asuna and Kirito connect to a new game called Legends of Equestria, but is it only a game or something else?

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Nightmare's move

Trixie, Asuna and Yui arrived to the Castle; but they were stopped by a bunch of guards who politely asked them to leave.

“We’re truly sorry Canterlot citizens, but right now our Majesties are discussing a very important matter and they don’t have time to attend anypony”

“Wait” asked Kirito. “At least can you told them Kirito and Asuna’s group is here?”

The guard raised an eyebrow but obeyed after said he doesn’t promise anything. Several minutes after, he asked the guests to follow him. The group arrived to the Palace, where they found the Princess and the Carriers of the Elements of Harmony in the middle of a discussion.

“Ahem…” called Asuna.

Their all muttered immediately; except for Fluttershy who mumbled a cursed word against the warriors.

“All of you, thank you for coming” said Twilight ignoring Fluttershy’s behavior. “We have a few questions for you, so can you…”

“Wait, Twilight Sparkle” said a very agitated Trixie. “We also have an urgent matter to discuss with you, and believe me: we can’t wait”

“What’s she doing here?” asked Rainbow Dash annoyed.

“I’m their closest friend” said Trixie pointing Asuna and Kirito. “Do you have a problem with that Rainbow Crash?”

“I knew it, disgusting people hang out with even more disgusting people” said Fluttershy.

A new discussion started between Trixie and the Mane 6; while Celestia and Luna were discussing among themselves about Nightmare Moon. But then, Silica realized Leafa’s and Kirito’s HP were in red.

“Oh no, what thing diminished your HP that much, Leafa, Kirito?” asked the Beast Tamer.

“A GM called Nightmare Moon” said Kirito. “I don’t know much about her but it seems she possess the ability to enter to other’s dreams”

Once again everypony remained in silence. Taking the chance, Trixie walked to Celestia and bowed to her.

“That’s why we’re asking for help, Princess Celestia. During the last week, she has being tormenting me inside my dreams; when I questioned her why she was doing that to me, she said she needed to break my mind. If it wasn’t for little Yui’s intervention I would probably lose my mind”

All the ponies gasped in horror. Definitely it had Nightmare Moon’s signature. Trixie let scape a tear.

“Yui used a spell to teleport her family to my dream, where they fought that damn alicorn. She was too powerful and almost kill them, but in the moment I saw my best friends in danger, I found the strength I needed to vanish Nightmare Moon from my dreams once for all”

Luna lowered her head in sadness.

“I’m truly sorry for what I’d done to you, young Trixie. It all started with that failed ritual of self-exorcism to get rid of my dark self but it seems she not only don’t left; but also she took control and made me do that horrible things. That’s why you have to vanish me to the moon again, sister. Is the only way to keep our little ponies safe from me. Sister please!!”

Celestia shook her head in horror.

“You know I can’t lose you again, Luna. We can find a solution together”

“You have to!!” shouted Luna in her Canterlot Voice making Celestia move back a few steps.

“Enough!” screamed Kirito to the both of them for the scandal of everypony. “How long have you being arguing?”

“Like about two hours” said Twilight.

“Then it wasn’t Princess Luna” said Asuna. “We fought with her no more than half an hour ago. If you have being discussing that much, it means you weren’t the one tormenting our friend”

“Besides Princess I feel Princess Luna like a real person. The one Papa and Auntie fought were a virtual entity, just like them”

“What do you mean with virtual entity?” asked Celestia. “You mean another player?”

“Worst” said Leafa. “A Game Moderator; a GM. As a GM she has the ability to manipulate several aspects of the game or player status. She only needed to shout a command to lower our HP to 10% without fight. She’s too much for any of us, if she wanted to kill us, she could do it without any effort. She have a lot of power now, but we don’t know how much in equestrian terms”

“But that’s impossible” said Luna. “Let’s suppose my ritual worked and I expelled Nightmare Moon from me; but there’s no magic that could give her a body for her own”

“She mentioned Akihiko Kayaba” said Kirito. “The legendary video game programmer and the inventor of the NerveGear. We’re virtual entities in a real world, just like Nightmare Moon now. Probably your magic can’t give her a body for her own; but apparently our technology of computer programming can”

“This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening” mumbled Celestia. “This just can’t be happening… what is she after? And why did she locked you in here?”

Again, silence. First the visit of the mysterious warriors, then the Elements of Harmony and now this. Something big was happening but now they had to sit and wait; a position Celestia didn’t like at all.

Silica sent Pina to heal Kirito while Spike did the same to Leafa.

“How did you learn to do that, Spike?” asked Twilight.

The dragon hugged Pina.

“Me new girlfriend taught me how” he said made them both blushing.

At the end, Celestia asked for silence again.

“Okay: now concentrate in the important, Nightmare’s return. Somehow she contacted with Akihiko Kayaba, who gave her a new body and locked those children in here. Now the Elements and Trixie; what’s their role in all this?

They all restarted the discussion exposing their theories, but nothing had sense. They had to wait for the enemy’s next move; and somehow they felt they wouldn’t have to wait too much.

Prince Blue Blood was sitting in a Jacuzzi where several young mares sensually lather up his whole body. The prince felt proud of himself and decided it was time to finish his bath and go directly to action. Suddenly, all his mares vanished. He was alone in the bathroom.

“You disgust me, Blue Blood” said cold voice behind him.

He turned to see the dark alicorn in front of him. She looked at him with disgust and interest at the time.

“Who are you?” asked the prince.

“Your ignorance is stunning, idiot. You know, in normal circumstances I would ask you what do you want but your dream speaks for itself. Money, power and a large harem; that’s pathetic if you ask me. And the worst of all is than you already have the money and the power; but you don’t dare to have your harem because my sister would punish you if you dare”

Blue Blood lowered his head and Nightmare Moon sighed.

“I feel sorry for you, so I’ll give you a gift” said Nightmare Moon making appear a dark gold necklace with a gem that looked just like Blue Blood’s Cutie Mark.

“What’s this?” asked the prince taking the necklace.

“You’re an ignorant and an idiot, but even somepony as you has heard about the Elements of Harmony: Laughter, Generosity, Kindness, Loyalty, Honesty and Magic. Well, this is one of my most recent creations: the Element of Selfishness, one of the six Elements of Darkness”


“Shut up” said Nightmare Moon coldly. “I have being observing you and I’m sure you represent Selfishness better than any other pony. And as a selfish idiot, you don’t care what happen around you if you’re well positioned. Well, this is my deal: I give you this and you only have to wait. Soon there will be a fight between Celestia and me. If I won, you’ll swear loyalty to me and serve; in exchange I’ll allow you to have your harem”

“And if you lose” asked Blue Blood.

“If I lose; nothing happen. You stay as you are now; that’s it. You have a lot to win, and nothing to lose”

And she vanished leaving alone the prince in his dream. When he woke up, he noticed he had the necklace of his dream around his neck. He smiled, why the heck not? Like she said, he had nothing to lose and a lot to win.

The first of the Carriers of the Elements of Darkness was ready to serve Nightmare Moon… now it was only matter of time.