• Published 9th Nov 2013
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Pony Art Online - Kaliann25

Sword Art Online/MLP Crossover. Gamers Asuna and Kirito connect to a new game called Legends of Equestria, but is it only a game or something else?

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Rescue from Sunny Town

Asuna and Kazuto connected their NerveGear ready to reassume their game. Both ponies, Asuna and Kirito woke up in the shelter they made in the middle of the Everfree Forest. After check nothing happened to their avatars, they walked deep inside the forest.

“Something wrong, Asuna?” Kirito asked to his girlfriend.

The Flash Asuna nodded. “I was thinking…what if this forest isn’t really a Dungeon? Is an unsafe zone but that’s it. Probably the real Dungeon is inside the forest, but not the forest itself”

Kirito smiled to her. “Well, there’s only one way to figure it out”

Asuna smiled too. “I know: playing. Very well, let’s play”

They walked for a while, making sure to mark the way back to their shelter. It was a big forest and there were a lot of dangerous creatures there; so all kind of cautions were necessary. After a while they saw what looked like a town in the middle of the forest, so they decided to came in.

“Hi and welcome to Sunny Town” greeted a gray pony with black mane. “My name is Gray Hoof, what can I do for you?”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Kirito and this is my wife Asuna. We’re only looking for some information”

“Okay” said kindly Gray Hoof. But then, his face changed when he noticed something under Kirito’s coat. “What’s under that coat?” he asked angrily.

Without understanding anything, Kirito removed his coat to show the gray pony his Cutie Mark of two crossed swords. Something he used to when he started the game; noticing all grown ponies had one. But then he noticed Gray Hoof has his flank in blank.

Suddenly his eyes turned to red while he was staring at Asuna’s Cutie Mark: a sword cutting wind. “YOU HAVE IT!! THE MARK!! YOU WILL DIE IN HERE!”

Twilight returned to Canterlot early in the morning. Pinkie’s party ended late and she had to spend the night at the library for convenience and ease. Spike asked to stay because he wanted to spend more time with Pina, so Twilight was alone. The first thing she noticed was than Princesses Celestia and Luna were back after their diplomatic trip. Twilight bowed to them respectfully.

“Princesses! I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow!” she said.

“Hello Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student” said Celestia. “We had to return when we find our old pal Discord…

Luna frowned. “He told us what he did to Canterlot so we came as fast as we could. But it seems to be everything all right; the destruction is minimum and no pony was hurt. Congratulations Twilight, you handled it very well”

Twilight lowered her head.

“What’s wrong, Twilight?” asked Celestia concerned.

“Princesses… you see… well, it’s hard to explain so; can you look into my memories please? Seriously this was the worst week I ever had…

Luna and Celestia obeyed. In Twilight’s memories they saw everything. How she bravely tried to calm the Ursa and guided it out of Canterlot; and how two mysterious warriors destroyed the beast violently. But, what was the meaning of that green bar above the Ursa? And why she turned into fragments when the warriors killed her? Then they saw what happened after the arrest of the mysterious warriors; how they fainted unconscious, and after recovering they escaped using those crystals.

“So that’s why young colts were using black coats” said Luna.

Twilight moaned. “This is all my fault. Because of me, those two are famous now”

Luna calmed her gently. “You don’t have to blame yourself, Twilight Sparkle. This is Discord’s fault; not yours”

“Luna is right, my faithful student” said Celestia. “And don’t worry; I’ll make our priority to capture and interrogate the warriors. Maybe they’re not our enemies but is urgent to interrogate them. I have a feeling this is only starting”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders were having another afternoon looking for their Cutie Marks. The day’s activity: to help Zecora gather the herbs that she needed to make her potions. Most of the adults forbid them to enter to the Everfree Forest; but not Zecora. That forest was her home and she knew all what she need to know about that place; so she let them walk freely. Besides, she always thought the best way to learn was through experience; so she only showed the fillies the illustration of the plant she needed and let them gather it for themselves.

“Ey, don’t you think we’re getting too deep into the forest?” asked Sweetie Belle after a while.

“Don’t worry Sweetie Belle” said Scootaloo showing her the half full saddlebag. “We’re almost done so it won’t take long”

“You’re right” agreed Sweetie Belle more confident.

They walked a little bit more. But then, Apple Bloom started to feel nervous and she didn’t know why. But something inside her was warning her that they were in a horribly familiar place. Scootaloo’s voice make her back to reality.

“Look, a town! What’s a town doing in here?”

And then Apple Bloom remembered. “Girls… let’s get out of here, please. You don’t know what are we facing in here so let’s get out of here and nothing happened”

But her friends already walked to the town. Apple Bloom ran after them crying. “Girls, I’m serious! There’s something I haven’t tell you yet but I’ll if we return now. PLEASE”

The other two Crusaders looked each other concern. They never seen their friend so scared from something. They were about to obey her when a gray pony interrupted them.

“Ey! Isn’t our old friend Apple Bloom? We thought you’ll never return to visit us again. What a nice surprise, please come in…”

More and more ponies appeared surrounding the girls. Apple Bloom was the living portrait of terror. Gray Hoof, their leader, smiled to the Crusaders staring at their flanks.

“We’re still on time, my dears. I thought next time we see little Apple Bloom she already had the Mark; but luckily she doesn’t have it yet. And she even brought her friends… still on time to save them. Please come this way and we’ll take care of you”

The ponies eyes turned to red. Apple Bloom was desperately looking for an exit, but this time Gray Hoof made sure to cut all the ways out. He even made sure than Mitta, the one who helped Apple Bloom to escape the last time, didn’t come. This time they were going to be saved.

The one who was named Tree Leaf was about to catch them but suddenly, she disappear into several sparks of blue light. “WHAT?” asked Gray Hoof.

A dark blue pegasus with a long black coat and two swords destroyed another two ghost ponies walking to Gray Hoof. “Let them go or I’m going to end this now”

More ghost ponies emerged from the ground and tried to catch Kirito, but Asuna quickly get rid of them with her powerful sword.

“Come on little ones. Kirito and I will clear you the way out, but we need to move fast; Dungeons are too dangerous for little fillies like you”

Gray Hoof’s voice resounded all over Sunny Town. “What do you think you’re doing? THEY BELONG HERE!! We will protect them… FROM THE MARK!!

More ghost ponies emerged from the deep and walked slowly to the heroes. Kirito prepared his swords: Elucidator and Dark Repulser. This was going to be fun.

It was late and the girls haven’t showed up yet. And Rarity left to the zebra’s house about an hour ago while her friend waited expectantly. Finally Rarity came back along with Zecora, but not with the girls. Zecora was worried, very.

“I’m terribly sorry. I supposed to watch them but when the night came and they don’t, I assumed they were already here. My bad”

“Don’t worry Zecora about it; they done it before so it was natural you thought that” said Rarity. “But now we have to find them and find them now”

Spike acted fast and sent a letter to Twilight.

Twilight was organizing documents along with Celestia and Luna, when the letter materialized in front of her. She quickly read it and paled. “It can’t be...”

“What’s wrong, my faithful student?” asked Celestia.

“The girls… Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo disappeared in the Everfree Forest. The rest are about to enter to the forest to look for them. Princess Celestia, can I go please?

Celestia nodded. “Of course you can go. In fact, I’m going with you. I have a bad feeling about this. Luna, we count on you”

She nodded and Celestia transported them to Ponyville.

Back in Ponyville, the search time was ready: Zecora, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Pina, Silica, Fluttershy and Applejack. Then the Princesses appeared in front of them and without losing any time, they walked to the forest. Zecora guided them where she saw the girls for the last time.

Celestia shacked. “No… Come on, we have to move fast. Not too far from here there’s a place under a powerful curse. Not even Luna and I were able to break it yet. There’s no time to lose, come on!”

They ran for a while when finally entered to the coursed zone. Ghostly laments could be heard all over the place. Fluttershy screamed in fear when she saw the ghost ponies emerging.


Celestia used her magic to repel the ghosts and continued looking for the poor fillies. Twilight imitated her so as Rarity and started to clear the place; but the ghost still appearing.

“What happened here?” asked Pinkie Pie.

Celestia lowered her head. “They’re under a curse that doesn’t allow them to rest in peace. So much powerful than they’re beyond my help or Luna’s. I just don’t know what to do to help my little poor ponies”

“I see them!!” announced Rainbow Dash.

The girls were running as fast as they could, trying to escape from the rage of the ghosts. Sweetie Bell was the first in notice the adults; so she called her friends and accelerated. But more ghost ponies appeared.

“They have the Mark, they’re cursed. Stay with us, we will keep you safe”

“NOOO!!” screamed Applejack.

Princess Celestia was about to react when the ghost ponies were destroyed into a million of sparks of blue light. Kirito and Asuna quickly got rid of the ghosts and at their sign, the girls ran to the adults.

“You’re safe now” announced Asuna. “Now get out while you still can!”

There was no need to repeat. All ponies ran out of the ghostly place while the warriors destroyed the monsters to clear the way. But suddenly, the ghost ponies started to move to other side when they saw a gray pony with orange mane and yellow eyes.

“You demonstrated great skill; unknown warriors. But this is the end of your luck. My name is Ruby and this is my territory and only I decide who stay and who leaves. The fillies are free to go, only the fillies”

“Ruby!!” screamed Apple Bloom. “I thought we were friends! Why are you doing this?”

“We are friends Apple Bloom” said Ruby. “But I’m the curse and the curse is me. The night we met I tried to curse the unicorn who was with you; but you came instead and I had to save you because not even I would do something as horrible as curse a filly”

“And all because you never get your Cutie Mark” reprehended Celestia.

“I never cared about such thing… until the other villagers murdered me thinking I was cursed. You reap what you sow and they sowed my curse” said Ruby with hate on her voice. “That’s why I took their Cutie Marks; that’s why I cursed them. Have you ever asked why are they so afraid of the Marks? Because the Marks are the reason why they are cursed. I’m sorry but that’s how it have to be”

“This is not the solution Ruby” said Celestia. “They did something horrible, but you already had your revenge. Is time to let them free and forgive what they’d done to you. Please?

After a uncomfortable silent Ruby smiled.


Four HP bars appeared above her, making react Kirito and Asuna.

“So she is the Final Boss of this Dungeon” said Asuna.

“Come on, Asuna. We have a game to win”

And the warriors attacked Ruby.