• Published 9th Nov 2013
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Pony Art Online - Kaliann25

Sword Art Online/MLP Crossover. Gamers Asuna and Kirito connect to a new game called Legends of Equestria, but is it only a game or something else?

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Blue Blood's betrayal

Luna, Kirito, Asuna and Yui materialized in the Main Plaza of Canterlot.

“Here we are” announced Luna. “Your friend Trixie is taking care of Leafa’s avatar. Go to your place, grab your stuff and meet you in the Castle in two hours. Understood?

Both warriors nodded and ran to Carterlot’s red area. Luna smiled a little and flew to the Castle. She was worried about what happened in the human world: the warriors said good bye to their families but didn’t stayed long trying to avoid the feeling of sadness and lost. But Luna knew the feeling was still there and they had to deal with it sooner or later. Anyway, none of them had time to worry about that thing; they still had a very urgent situation between hooves.

The family ran to the lodging and after greet the changeling owner, they entered to their room where Trixie and Leafa were waiting already. When she saw them, Trixie grumped and hit them with their own saddlebags using her magic.

“EY!! What was that for?” Complained Kirito.

“Leafa told me everything” answered the blue unicorn looking at them with anger. “What were you thinking just dropping out your old lives just like that?”

“We made a choice” said Asuna rubbing her head; that was the first time she felt real pain inside Equestria. “You have to understand, Trixie, that was the only way we could defeat that crazy mare. Besides is almost the same situation we lived in SAO, staying forever into a game. The only difference is that we don’t have to worry about our real bodies anymore”

Trixie was about to say something but she realized how down her friends were. The small Yui kissed her parent’s cheeks trying to comfort them. Thanking the gesture, they hugged her with love.

“Another advantage: we can stay forever with our daughter from now on” said Asuna with a small trembling in her voice.

Trixie joined to the hug crying.

“It’s just Trixie is worried about you guys. Is pathetic than a pony of my age have a couple of teenagers as best friends; but after all you’ve done for me, that’s how I see you now”

They made a small nod of understanding but Leafa interrupted the moment after check a private message she just got. Asuna and Kirito were about to ask why they didn’t get it but remembered they were real ponies now.

“It’s from Silica. She said they already found an Element of Darkness and they need our help”

The warriors, along with Yui and Trixie, ran ready to their duty.

After last night’s events, the Princess decided than the Mane 6 should stay in the castle and they could decide what to do at the next morning, once the warriors arrive. But Rarity had to ask permission to do a little walk around Canterlot, in part because she wanted to see the new outfits for the season; but mostly because she felt annoyed by the constant flirting between Spike and Pina.
The Princess gave her the permission, but she had to carry her Element just in case. With the imminent menace of Nightmare Moon, they had to be as ready as possible.

Luckily for the fashion designer, she packed the most marvelous dress; perfect to combine with her necklace. So, Rarity was ready for a relaxing walk in the beautiful city wandering in the stores. Nothing happened; until she entered to a small café to have breakfast. There in the café, having a lot of fun with two young mares, was that “Royal Pain” called Blue Blood. Once Rarity spotted him, she quickly walked out of the place; she was not in the mood to deal with him.

But suddenly, her Element started to react abnormally. It started to glow, but a complete different glow than when she used it against Nightmare Moon or Discord. This glow was less bright and intermittent; but also the gem was vibrating. What was going on?
Then Blue Blood saw her and after say something to the mares he was with, he walked to Rarity who was about to leave the café.

“Wait beautiful, wait please” called the annoying guy pulling Rarity’s tail with his magic. “I just wanted to ask you something about your necklace. I don’t know why but mine is reacting to yours somehow…”

Rarity saw the prince’s necklace. A silver chain with a strange gem on it; just like Blue Blood’s Cutie Mark. No, it couldn’t be…

“Such manners young lady, why you’re not answering?” he said frowning. “Haven’t you heard about me and my charming personality? I’m prince Blue Blood. Princess Celestia’s nephew.

“I know who you are” said Rarity with a defying look in her eyes. “I had the disgrace to meet you in the Great Galloping Gala last year”

He released Rarity gasping. “So it is you…”

“Yes it’s me. And I can’t thing in somepony better than you to have the Element of Selfishness. Because that’s your Element of Darkness, isn’t it?

Blue Blood’s expression changed suddenly.

“What do you know about the Elements of Darkness?”

“I know your Element is reacting to mine; because we’re opposites. I’m the Element of Generosity. Now…”

“Now I go the hell out of here!” shouted Blue Blood escaping from Rarity.

“Get back here you coward” screamed Rarity running after Blue Blood; but he was too fast for her.

“Rarity” a voice called her.

Rarity turned. It was Silica.

“Silica, what are you doing here?” asked Rarity still running after the prince. “Well, it doesn’t matter. We have to get Blue Blood before it’s too late. He’s the bearer of one Element of Darkness!!”

The young dragon tamer nodded and sent a private message to her group while running. She was too agitated than she didn’t noticed the only member left was Leafa. Then both of them started to reach Blue Blood, who grumped in frustration and decided to enter to an alley to lose them. His plan was go deep into the red zone; a very dangerous place for little ladies like them, but not for him who was a frequent costumer of some bars, casinos and other places.

He looked behind. Perfect, the two ladies were still following him. He dashed just in front of the infamous marginalized lodging, property of a changeling. He was about to lose them in his favorite bar when the door of the lodging opened and hit him hard.

He glared at the blue pegasus in a black coat who opened the door. “What do you think you’re doing hitting me just like that, young man? Don’t you recognize Celestia’s nephew, prince Blue Blood?”

“You are Blue Blood?” the pegasus asked walking to the confused prince, along with two adult unicorns and another pegasus.

“That’s what I said. Luckily for you I don’t have time for this. I have to run and…”

Kirito pointed his black sword to the terrified prince; who was about to run to the other way but Silica and Rarity reached him already. This seemed bad; even worse when he was surrounded by Asuna, Leafa and Trixie.

“I have to admit it, Blue Blood, trying to lose us in the red zone was very bright” mocked Rarity. “Thanks Celestia for the miracle of the instant messages”

The prince was mumbling something to himself but quickly he turned to the warriors. “Listen to me and listen carefully: I’m prince Blue Blood, Celestia’s nephew and for everything you do to my royal me; you’ll answer to my aunts. Understood?

Asuna made a small cut in the prince’s face; whose expression changed from indignation to fear. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? YOU RUINED MY BEAUTIFUL FACE”

Sighing, Leafa decided to knock him out with a single punch. They still had to take him to Celestia and is she had to listen another complain, she would probably kill that idiot.

“Where is Rarity?” asked Applejack. “I thought she just needed time to think in our situation…”

“You mean time to forget about the lovebirds?” said Rainbow Dash with a silly smile pointing to Pina and Spike. “Poor Rarity, she still can’t believe Spike found his special somepony in his own species”

“Come on girls, leave Rarity alone” asked Fluttershy. “Besides all of us are bored waiting for Kirito and Asuna, who surely are killing innocent creatures without regret”

The girls rolled their eyes. Fluttershy was the kindest pony they met but she was acting like that for a while. Luckily, a scandal called everypony’s attention.

“This is outrageous! My aunts are going to know about this, are you listening?” shouted Blue Blood furiously. Rarity grumped and hit his head to make him shut up for once.

The rest of the Mane 6 along with the Princesses came to see what was going on.

“Auntie, I’m so glad you’re here! Arrest them, they chased me like an animal, deformed my beautiful face and…”

“Please shut up, carrier of an Element of Darkness. You’re making Trixie sick”

“Order!” said Luna with her Canterlot Voice. “What on Equestria is going on? Why did you bring Blue Blood here? I know he’s an idiot but I see no reason to treat him like this”

Rarity pulled Blue Blood from his necklace and showed it to the Princesses.

“My Element of Harmony is reacting to his. I think is because we’re opposites: Selfishness and Generosity. And when I mentioned the Elements of Darkness, he panicked and tried to lose us in the red zone”

The prince was about to say something when he noticed his aunts severe look. He gulped and tried to escape but Kirito stopped him just showing him the sword Elucidator. Again he gulped and desperately tried to explain himself:

“I’m innocent, I swear! She told me to have this and…”

“You mean Nightmare Moon?” asked Celestia sternly.

He nodded.

“She came to me in one of my dreams. She told me I disgusted her but I was perfect to have this Element; all I had to do was wait to see who wins. That’s it; I never thought about it too much. For me is a precious jewel to show all over Canterlot”

Celestia sighed in exasperation.

“The worst part is that I believe you. You’re stupid enough to do something like this. Anyway, give me that thing and get out of my sight”

He lowered his head. “I truly sorry auntie, but I can’t. She came to another dream and to make sure I was going to help her, she casted a permanent presence spell on my necklace. It won’t come out no matter what...”

Luna used her magic on the necklace and nodded. “I’m afraid he’s right. Is a very simple spell but very well executed”

Blue Blood smiled awkwardly.

“Get out of here and be sure to keep your distance from now on. Your face is disgusting me more than anything” grumped Celestia.

Blue Blood nodded and ran away very fast; but suddenly he turned and decided to think. At this point he already chose his side and he better help that side to win. All he had to do was to give them what they needed.

In the meantime, Twilight and Celestia informed the warriors about the situation.

“For the moment we have being watching every suspicious movements in all over Equestria, but nothing. We also mobilized troops trying to find Nightmare’s operations base but nothing either”

“Our old castle was our strongest clue; but our guards found nothing. But don’t worry, Asuna Yuuki, Kazuto Kirigaya, Ayano Keiko. I’ll take you home every night until the day we defeat the dark side of my sister, I swear”

The warriors looked each other nervously; but suddenly Blue Blood walked to the room calling everypony’s attention.

“I thought Princess Celestia was clear enough” said Twilight. “You’re lucky there’s no punishment for being an idiot but you better go before we invent it”

“Princess Twilight Sparkle, I don’t see any reason for you to speak for my aunties”

“When Twilight say something I don’t agree, I’ll let you know, Blue Blood” said Celestia angrily.

The prince took a deep breath and just said what he wanted to say. “Listen, I know I do wrong accepting the Element of Darkness but I thought I can be useful for you. I was listening and I can see you’re still looking for Nightmare Moon’s operation base. Isn’t it?”


Blue Blood sighed and continued. “Nightmare Moon have the same powers than Auntie Luna and according to her, she has being mobilizing into dreams. Don’t you see it? She’s in the World of Dreams”

Everypony looked each other in horror.

“Damn it, how could I be so blind?” grumped Luna. “Of course; back in the days I became her and I was conspiring against you sister, I built a castle for my own in the World of Dreams. The only place I’m stronger than you and I can control everything”

“And that’s how virtual reality works too” mumbled Suguha. “Practically materialize dreams”

“Perfect!” ironized Rainbow Dash. “Not only in the World of Dreams Celestia is weaker; but also Kayaba can receive us with something worse than that Gleam Eyes thing”

“But it’s going to be like play a videogame” cheered Pinkie Pie. “I wanted to play one of those since I know about them and now I’m going to play for real”

Blue Blood gave them a self-satisfaction smile.

“So, we’re okay?”

“Go away” grumped Luna.

He obeyed and left before things gone worse. He had a lot to think about, but for the meantime; he better don’t sleep after betraying Nightmare moon.

And in the meantime, Luna concentrated all her power to create some kind of door with a silver moon shaped jewel on the center.

“This is the gate I usually use to enter to the World of Dreams in my physical form. And is what are we going to use today. I imagine the six of you are ready to use your Elements, right?”

The Mane 6 nodded. Then Luna turned to the warriors.

“Kirito, Asuna, Leafa and Silica: are you ready to face the death one more time defying Akihiko Kayaba?”

The warriors prepared their swords. Finally Luna turned to Celestia.

“What about you? Ready for have our first battle in equal conditions?”

“Yes, I think”

They all took a deep breath, and then crossed the door.