• Published 9th Nov 2013
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Pony Art Online - Kaliann25

Sword Art Online/MLP Crossover. Gamers Asuna and Kirito connect to a new game called Legends of Equestria, but is it only a game or something else?

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Starting a Dungeon

That was the most stressful week Twilight ever had. And all because of the warriors who escaped from jail. Because of their great escape, those two were celebrities now; and there was no place in Equestria where Twilight didn’t hear about their adventures killing the most dangerous animals in the world. No matter what kind of monster they fight, they always returned victorious and intact.

That was frustrating, especially for Flutthersy who couldn’t understand why those merciless killers of animals were considered as heroes for the people; specially the youth. And to make it even better, because of their condition as wanted criminals, the young ones started to emulate them as icons of rebellion: young colts started to wear large black coats as the now known Black Swordsman; and mares were using their mane just as Asuna the Flash.

And that’s why their friends decided to make a picnic; to make them forget about all what happened and relax. Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were already there; only waiting for Twilight, Spike and Pinkie Pie to start their small reunion.

Twilight arrived first, with Spike on her back. “Hi girls, sorry for make you wait. Where is Pinkie?”

“Don’t know. But she’ll probably be here soon. You know Pinkie; can’t miss a party” said Rarity.

“You’re right” said Twilight sitting with the rest of them. “So, what’s new girls?”

They started to chat happily, without mentioning the warriors; when suddenly Spike get up really excited.

“What, Spike?” asked Twilight.

“She!” answered the dragon pointing to some place. “Is so beautiful!”

They all turned where Spike was pointing.(Rarity grumped a little annoyed, Spike’s praises were only for her until that moment). Pinkie Pie was walking to them with a new pony and a baby dragon girl. The pony was red with a short brown mane and amber eyes; the dragon had metallic light blue scales, dark blue spikes and beautiful blue eyes.

Spike ran to the dragon and bowed to her like a true gentleman. “Hi sweet heart, my name is Spike. What’s your name?

The new dragon blushed a little and chuckled happily. “Hi Spike, my name is Pina. I just came here with my tamer Silica”

Silica greeted Spike. “Hi! So, you’re the baby dragon Pinkie Pie told us about. Hello, I’m Silica the Beas Tamer. I just arrived to this town with Pina”

Pinkie invited her friends to meet the strangers. “Ey girls, you see? New friends!! I came the fast as I can to introduce them to you guys. I imagined you’ll like to meet her because she is the second pony who I met who carries a dragon. Do you like her? Do you like her?"

The rest of the Mane 6 giggled and one by one they introduced to the strangers; but Rarity was still annoyed for Pina’s presence. At the end, they invited Silica and Pina to join their picnic.

“And tell me sugar cube, what you do for living?” asked Applejack.

Silica smiled to her and showed her Cutie Mark. “I’m a beast tamer. It doesn’t matter how big or dangerous the monster is, I’ll make it docile with my great skill and good manners”

“Oh, just like Fluttershy!” said Rarity amused. “And what was your greatest success as a beast tamer?”

Silica thought for a few seconds and then she embraced Pina. “Pina of course! Is really difficult to train a wild dragon. You require a lot of skill; isn’t that right, Pina?

The dragon chuckled and snuggled to her owner.

“And you’re a tamer to?” asked Silica to Twilight.

Twilight shook her head happily. “No, I’m Princess of Equestria. You see: I wanted to enter to an elite magic school but I had to pass an exam first; and the exam was to awake a dragon egg. And Spike has being with me since that day. He’s like my little brother; isn’t that right, Spike?”

But Spike didn’t answered, he was too busy flirting Pina, who was happy for it.

Silica was happy, this game was really welcoming and friendly. That was the first time in her gamer experience she shared time with NPCs. They were so well programed than sometimes the dragon tamer forget they weren’t real; only part of the game.

“Ey Silica, do you know where are you staying?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Silica thought for a moment; that was a really good question. “Well, I’m not sure. I still have some money I gathered in Aincrad; so I can pay an inn for a while but then I don’t know. I need to get started before thinking about rent an apartment”

“You can stay with me” said Fluttershy. “I have an extra room I was about to rent so you can have it if you need it. Besides, I’ll charge you less than the local inn”

Silica smiled thankfully. “Thank you very much. I’ll take it!”

Pinkie jumped in excitement. “Tonight welcome party at Fluttershy’s”

Kirito and Asuna woke up in their new apartment. As their new NPC friend Trixie told them, the Changelling didn’t care who they were; he only wanted his money on time. So the warriors paid the rent of six weeks at once just to keep him happy. And just as them and Trixie, all the guests had their own law problems. Some of them were behind something really dangerous as mafia or just running an illegitimate business like Trixie. All criminals but still nice and helpful; apparently criminals on this game had a great spirit of cooperation between them.

Trixie quickly became their new friend and showed them how to move between Canterlot darkest places; including the infamous Red Zone. Everything to help them move freely in Canterlot avoiding guards and other obstacles. Killing a protected animal was one thing, but escape from jail was just too much. Still the gamers liked this new concept of a game and enjoyed this extra difficulty besides fighting ferocious beasts.

And after a week, Asuna and Kirito decided they were ready to start a Dungeon. Asuna heard about an open Dungeon called Everfree forest where they could fight the most dangerous things in Equestria, so they started packing everything they could: medicines, transportation crystals, food and others. Trixie knocked the door.

“It’s me, Trixie”

“Come on in” Asuna called.

The blue unicorn entered and watched all the materials they had for their inventory.

“Going somewhere?” she asked confused.

“To the Everfree Forest” Kirito informed. “After a week of gathering things I think we’re ready for a Dungeon. So we are leaving for at least two days”

“Dungeons are the best part in games” confirmed Asuna starting to store the items in her inventory screen. As a married-in-game couple, they shared the inventory so everything she stored, was now in Kirito’s inventory as well.

“Are you ponies crazy?” asked Trixie concern. “I know you are strong, I’ve seeing you destroying a gigantic hydra, but come on guys!! The Everfree Forest is too much for anypony; including you!”

Kirito smiled to her calmly. “Don’t worry, we still have enough transportation crystals in case we can’t handle whatever is waiting for us in that Dungeon”

Knowing she wasn’t going to convince them, Trixie only wished them the best of lucks. Thanking her, the two warriors took their way to the Everfree Forest. The problem was the transportation, as wanted criminals; they couldn’t use trains or a taxi or whatever the ponies had; so they had to walk around the less traveled routes.

Passing through Canterlot Red Zone, they found several young ponies who quickly recognized them and asked for autographs or something; one of them even asked for a picture with them. The new rebellion icons giggled but they declined to spend some time with their fans because it was well known open Dungeons were most dangerous at night and they still had a long way to go.

So after a long walk, they finally arrived Ponyville. Now they had to go around the village to not be found. They only found one cabin outside Ponyville but it seemed to be a party inside, so they could easily enter to the forest without disturbing the residents.

“What’s going on, Rarity?” asked Rainbow Dash. “Aren’t you having fun?”

The white unicorn moaned and saw to the corner where Spike and Pina were chatting, both of them blushed.

Rainbow Dash laughed. “Give me a break!! You’re jealous of a dragon! Come on Rarity, we all know Spike is a dragon and have to date other dragons!”

Rarity sighed and nodded. “I know, is just I kind of used to his attentions. Well, I better have some fun or this party was going to be really depressing for me”

In the meantime, Fluttershy was chatting with Silica about the creatures both of them tamed in the past.

“Wow” said Fluttershy. “I never thought there was a place so dangerous as that Aincrad you came from. I’m glad you two are in Ponyville now where everything is peace”

Silica giggled too.

“I know, after all what I passed in Aincrad, being here is kind of refreshing. I like it”

And they continued chatting. But in the fortes, Asuna and Kirito where looking for a shelter to protect their avatars from the beasts. They finally found a cave they occupied after destroying the Manticores that lived in there.

“You know, Kirito? This Legends of Equestria is the weirdest game I ever played. Besides you and me I haven’t seen another human player. Only those NPC so well programed”

The Black Swordsman nodded and started to think. This game didn’t feel like a game; just as SAO. Something very odd was going on.