• Published 9th Nov 2013
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Pony Art Online - Kaliann25

Sword Art Online/MLP Crossover. Gamers Asuna and Kirito connect to a new game called Legends of Equestria, but is it only a game or something else?

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Nightmares and the Nightmare Night

The announcer cleared his throat. “Fillies and colts; mares and stallions! Welcome and thanks a lot for coming. Now, I have the honor to introduce you… the best of the bests, Equestria’s greatest magician… THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!

The colored smoke that was on the stage started to vanish slowly, but suddenly it took form of a mare and becoming solid. Trixie finally appeared and all the Canterlot stadium started to cheer her loudly. Honored, Trixie bowed to her audience and everypony started to throw roses to her; roses than she turned into red beautiful butterflies that flew all over the stadium. More cheers.

“Thank you my dear public. Now, for my first trick; I need some help from my assistant Twilight Sparkle. Please Twi, honor the audience with your presence…”

The unicorn Twilight Sparkle came, dressed with a frilly pink dress with purple feathers as an accessory. Very honored for stand next to her, Twilight smiled to Trixie; who turned to her public… but it wasn’t there anymore. Confused, she started to look all over the place but nopony was there. She turned to Twiligth to ask her if she knew what was going on but he assistant wasn’t there anymore. In her place, there was a black alicorn, as big as Celestia, dressed with a blue armor.

“Who are you” asked Trixie shacking in fear.

“You probably are only a ridiculous fraud but you can’t be that stupid. You read a lot to reach your rival Twilight Sparkle so you should know who I am” answered the alicorn with a sadistic smile.

“Nightmare Moon” mumbled Trixie shacking in fear. “Princess Luna evil alter ego”

Nightmare Moon stepped so violently, tan Trixie walked back a couple of steps.

“Don’t dare you to call me Luna. I’m Nightmare Moon, now a full being; not a part of another. Not anymore”

“What do you want” asked the scared and terrified Trixie.

“The question here, my dear, is what do you want; this is your dream after all” said Nightmare with a sinister tone. “Do you want to be a famous magician again reducing Twilight only as your ridiculous assistant… or what?”

Trixie didn’t answer; making Nightmare laugh evilly.

“So you don’t even know what you really want? It doesn’t matter; we have plenty of time while my sister and my other self are busy dealing with those three. Think about it, Trixie. What do you want?”

Trixie woke up screaming. She looked around her and sighed in relieve realizing she was in her apartment. Soon she noticed she was sweating, so she walked out of her bed and took a glass of water. What was the meaning of that dream? Trixie shook her head and walked to the hallway hoping some fresh air help her to clear her thoughts.

Some steps on her direction called Trixie’s attention. Trixie turned.

“Asuna! Kirito!” smiled the magician. “You came back alive, I’m so happy”

They smiled to Trixie gently”

“Hi Trixie” greeted Asuna. “What are you doing awake so late?”

Trixie groaned remembering the nightmare. “Nothing important; I had a bad dream, nothing than the Great and Powerful Trixie can’t handle. So… who’s the filly on your back, Kirito?”

Kirito moved a little showing Yui to the blue unicorn. Yu was sleeping peacefully on her papa’s back.

“She is Yui. Our daughter”

Trixie blinked because of the surprise.

“No offense but you two look too young to have a daughter on her age…”

“Adopted” explained Asuna. “We had to separate for a while but after all what happened, we’re a family again. Now she have to rest so we’re taking her to bed. Good night Trixie”

Trixie said good bye when they closed their apartment’s door and after five minutes she went back to bed; but still thinking about the weird dream about Nightmare Moon. At the end Trixie had her usual dream and nothing else bothered for that night.

At the next day Kazuto and Asuna woke up early to connect to Legends of Equestria; they had to do something quickly before go to school; so once they were on Canterlot, they woke up their daughter and took her for the train station.

Applejack and the Crusaders were waiting for them already.

“Morning” greeted Kirito. “Thanks a lot for this; we didn’t mean to bother you”

Applejack smiled genty. “Don’t worry pal! I have no problem doin this for the two of ya; besides, Princess is right. Yui is a filly and she have to go to school just as you do in your world. When you connect again, ya can come for her to Sweet Apple Acres; she will be safe and happy there”

“Once again, thanks a lot Applejack” said Asuna. “Yui, I hope you have a good first day of school. We’ll see you as soon as we can. Be a good girl, okay?”

Yui nodded. “Good bye, mama, papa. Have a good school day too”

The train came and Yui entered along with Applejack and the Crusaders, who were happy to have a new friend; especially when that friend was daughter of those who saved them from the creepy Sunny Town.

After say good bye, they walked back to their apartment to disconnect. After all what happened between the Princesses and them, now they were free citizens again; so they could walk freely on Canterlot. Still they took a shortcut because they were going to be late for school if they didn’t hurry.

But they were intercepted by a large blue alicorn in the middle of the central plaza.

“Kirito the Black Swordsman! Asuna the Flash! I was waiting for you” the alicorn shouted using her Canterlot Voice. “I’m Princess Luna, Equestria’s co-ruler and Princess of the Night”

They both bowed to her.

“What can we do for you, Princess Luna?” asked Asuna.

Luna smiled and lowered her tone for one more friendly. “Sorry for distracting you for your morning duties, but I have something very important to discuss with you. Tonight the ponies celebrate a holiday in my honor: the Nightmare Night. A night where my subjects want to be scared by their Princess of the Night and I was wondering if you want to give me a hoof with that”

Then, a white screen appeared before the warriors:


“What the hay?” asked Luna shocked.

“Gamer’s stuff, don’t worry about it” explained quickly the Black Swordsman. “But I think I accept. What do you think, Asuna?”

She giggled. “I accept too. The others are not connected yet but I’m pretty sure they want to participate as well. And if they don’t you can count with Kirito and me. Now we better hurry or we’re gonna be late for school. Take care, Princess Luna!”

Luna wished them well and flew back to her home to prepare the next phase for that Nightmare Night.

That was a very fun day for Yui, it was the first time she shared with other children and having fun with them. Soon she surprised all with her great ability in math, science and the others subjects (of course she was born as a computer program, so she had much more capability than her classmates) besides she had great facility to make new friends. The only bad thing was to bear Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon because she was a “blank flank” but that was it; compared with her parent’s problem that was nothing.

By other way, the Cutie Mark Crusaders had to Pinkie Promise they will not reveal the truth about Yui’s parents. They were really excited to be the new best friends of the daughter of their saviors but still a promise was a promise. And at the end of the day they decided to spent time in the Cutie Mark Crusaders club house where they started to discuss what they could to earn their Cutie Marks.

But then, Rarity came with a great box.

“Sorry for the intromission girls, but I came to bring you your costumes for the Nightmare Night” she said very excited. “I’ve being very busy with all the orders I had but still I always have the time to confection something special for my little sister and her friends”

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo didn’t think twice and launched to the box really excited. Scootaloo will be a zombie; Apple Bloom some kind of scary scare crow and Sweetie Belle an Egyptian mummy (with her respective “ancient” jewelry provided for her sister). And they realized there was a fourth costume.

“Sis, what about this one?”

Rarity giggled. “It’s for Yui, of course. No kid have to be without a costume during the Nightmare Night; besides is the last I can do for Kirito and Asuna after saving us from that creepy place”

Yui ran happily to the box and tried her new costume, which looked like the ghost-ponies from Sunny Town. The other crusaders forced a smile but thanked to Rarity and the rest of the day they were making plans for the night. And then, it came: the Nightmare Night.

The children were running happily all over the place wearing their costumes; and the girls quickly joined them after ask permission to Big Mac, who was taking care of them. And after a while, the girls reunited with their other friends: Feather Weight, disguised as a superhero; snips as a manticore; Pipsqueak disguised as Kirito (that one made Yui laugh); and Pinkie Pie who was wearing something that looked as a giant cake.

Suddenly, the sky covered with black clouds with lightings and thunders; making everypony to run and scream in fear. And in the middle of the storm, there was a black alicorn with blue armor who stared at her public with a diabolic smile.


Said that, Nightmare Moon enchanted some toy spiders she found in a street game. The spiders came to life and grew to the size of a small house increasing the panic. But a young colt walked bravely to the dark alicorn, raising two cardboard swords he made in the morning.

“Who are you, my young adversary?” laughed Nightmare Moon.

The colt grinned. “Who I am? I’m Pipsqueak; first the pirate but now I’m the Black Swordsman!”

Nightmare Moon laughed. “You have guts, I give you that, Pipsqueak the Black Swordsman. But why do you think you’re powerful enough to beat Nightmare Moon?”

“Because he’s not alone” said a voice in the night.

Everypony gasped. From the shadows landed a blue pegasus with a black coat and two swords.

“My name is Kirito; and I’m also the Black Swordsman”

Then, a unicorn teleported in front of Nightmare Moon. “My name is Asuna; Asuna the Flash”

An earth pony along with a blue baby dragon walked to Nightmare as well. “I’m Silica the Beast Tamer; and this is Pina my domesticated dragon”

And finally, another pegasus crossed the sky and landed before Nightmare too. “And there’s me: Leafa from the clan of Sylf.

Nightmare raised an eyebrow like asking “seriously?” but instead of that, she made a gesture that indicated her spiders to attack. Pipsqueak shacked a little but Kirito gave him a confident smile.

“Don’t worry. We’re doing this together”

Pipsqueak nodded excited and prepared his swords; just as the other warriors. Kirito brandished his swords bravely fighting side by side with Kirito. Asuna, Leafa, Silica attacked one spider each one; making Nightmare Moon to grin. And it was important to notice the spider was attacking Kirito only; never Pipsqueak.

Leafa was fighting in the air, frustrating the spider who was trying to reach her. Her ability to fly was amazing; only Rainbow Dash could be as good as her. Her Cutie Mark was a sword with wings for something; she specialized in air combat.

Silica was dodging the spider’s attacks with great ability; attacking it gradually. Sometimes the spider hit her, but Pina quickly healed her and she continued fighting. Besides, Pina was a fighting too; but she had her problems. After all she was originally a winged dragon, so the earth combat was a little difficult for her.

In the meantime, everypony around was starting to calm down and to enjoy the fight. Fluttershy flew to her friends, who were enjoying the show in a small café.

“Twilight” she called her Princess friend. “ Twilight, please do something, I thought you were in charge of those two. Look at this! They’re attacking innocent creatures; and not only those odious Asuna and Kirito. Now Leafa, Pina and Silica too! Those three are innocent souls! Probably Asuna and Kirito convinced them to…

Rainbow put a cupcake in her mouth to make her shut up. “Fluttershy, come on! I know you don’t like them, but give us a break! See! There’s no green bar above the spiders, this is just a show for the Nightmare Night”

Pinkie Pie bounced to her happily. “Calm down, Fluttershy, this is Nightmare Moon’s fault. She realized we’re too much to be eaten just by her so she called her pets and Asuna and Kirito are here to save us”

Fluttershy mumbled something and sat with the others. In the meantime, the fight was becoming more intense. The spiders felt their end was near; so they tried to do their best and destroy the warriors with them using their final move. The giant stuffed animals jumped back and started to inflate themselves monstrously for the surprise of everypony. And they exploded, covering the entire town with all kinds of candy.

The explosion was about hurt the warriors, but Asuna bravely used a magic force field to keep her friends save. At the end the five of them walked to the dark alicorn, who was surprised they survived.

“This is the end, Nightmare Moon” said Pipsqueak the Black Swordsman.

“Think so, Black Swordsman?” laughed Nightmare Moon. “You probably destroyed my beloved pets, but I’m still here. Do you think you five have what is needed to destroy the true Princess of the Night?”

Kirito brandished his swords. “When I’m losing, always increase the bet”

And the five warriors attacked Nightmare at once. A powerful light came from their enemy making her vanish. She was ended, the town was now safe.

The rest of the children came to the warriors happily.

“That was amazing” cheered Rainbow Dash. “Did you planed all this or was Princess Luna’s idea?”

The rest of the Mane 6 (with the obvious exception of Fluttershy) congratulated the five warriors. The children were fighting to ask for an autograph first, but at the end they all agreed to make a line. Then little Yui walked to Kirito and Asuna making Diamond Tiara to glare at her.

“To the line with the rest of us, Blank flank”

Yui ignored the irritant pony and smiled to the warriors.

“That was amazing, mama, papa” said Yui.

Asuna kissed her daughter’s chick.

“I’m glad you liked it, Yui. Princess Luna asked to do a show for tonight and I think we did a pretty good job”

“I hope you didn’t ate too much candy, Yui; or you will be too full to enjoy the food your mother cooked for us”

The rest of the children just dropped their jaws astonished.

“You’re their daughter?” asked Diamond Tiara.

Yui nodded.

The comments started, everypony were very surprised their new classmate was the daughter of the greatest warriors of Equestria. But at the end Luna walked to the group of children smiling; and Pipsqueak ran to her very happy.

“Princess Luna! That was amazing! I enjoyed your act of the Nightmare Night; you’re still my favorite Princess!

Luna kissed his forehead. “I’m glad you liked it, Pipsqueak. You know? I was very surprised you faced me disguised as the Black Swordsman. Your bravery has no limits”

“Ey!” asked Snips. “ Mr. Black Swordsman, Miss Flash, Miss Beast Tamer, Miss Leafa; tell us a story pleas. Tell us how you defeated the Ursa Major back in Canterlot. How it felt?”

The children silenced instantly and stared to the warriors waiting for the story. But suddenly, they all heard a curse word from Fluttershy; who angrily flew back to her home. Luna broke the uncomfortable silence after the curse word.

“Thank you for the help you provided” said Luna. “What can I give you in exchange of this service?”

Kirito summoned his inventory and showed Luna the new object; some kind of suit called NIGHTMARE COSTUME.

“You already gave it to us, Princess” said happily the Black Swordsman. “This object just appeared in the inventory”

“What?” asked Luna astonished.

“Gamer stuff” explained calmly Asuna. “In games, when you finish a holiday quest; the system provide you with a special item”

“And what is this thing?” asked Silica examining the suit in the white screen.

Leafa selected it and equipped it. Soon her forest green coat turned to dark green; her beautiful eyes turned darker too; her tail and mane grew and it was covered with some kind of drops that seemed to be blood so as her hooves and wings. She smiled showing the fangs.

Silica selected a magnifying glass from her inventory. “It’s an illusion” she announced.

“How do you know?” asked Luna.

“I get this object after give Ruby the final attack; is for see through the illusions”

The warriors happily selected their NIGHTMARE COSTUMES and the rest of the night, enjoyed the holiday. After having some fun and it was time to get back to their homes in Legends of Equestria. Leafa also was living on the lodging where Kirito and Asuna were living.

The children said good bye to their new idols and also walked back to their homes. The night ended well for all. Or not?

Trixie was again in Ponyville, presenting her new show to the town. Twilight was on the first line more excited than the rest of the ponies. Then, Trixie’s public froze.

Nightmare Moon walked to Trixie.

“I don’t get it, dear. Do you want to humiliate Sparkle or be admired by her?”

“Please leave me alone” asked Trixie crying.

Nightmare Moon laughed cruelly.

“Come on my dear, you can’t ask me that. Princess Luna is devouring candy in Ponyvlle; so the Dreams are under my command. Besides I’m here only here to ask you this once again: what do you want, Trixie?”

Once again, Trixie woke up shacking in fear. This was the second time she dreamed with Nightmare Moon. What was going on?

Akihiko Kayaba was still working when Nightmare Moon came back.

“Aren’t you doing the things too fast?” asked Kayaba. “First I have to finish those things”

Nightmare shook her head. “The power of the Elements of Harmony depend of the carriers. If they it were carried from somepony who wasn’t Sparkle and her friends, the Elements wouldn’t have the strength it have”

Kayaba nodded uninterested.

“Anyway. Remember what I told you this morning?”

“I’m on it. Keep working and leave it to me, Kayaba”

And Nightmare Moon vanished again.