• Published 9th Nov 2013
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Pony Art Online - Kaliann25

Sword Art Online/MLP Crossover. Gamers Asuna and Kirito connect to a new game called Legends of Equestria, but is it only a game or something else?

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The truth about Legends of Equestria

“This is not the solution Ruby” said Celestia. “They did something horrible, but you already had your revenge. Is time to let them free and forgive what they’d done to you. Please?”

After an uncomfortable silent, Ruby smiled.


Four HP bars appeared above her, making react Kirito and Asuna.

“So she is the Final Boss of this Dungeon” said Asuna.

“Come on, Asuna. We have a game to win”

And the warriors attacked Ruby. Before she could react, Ruby received two blows from Kirito and one from Asuna. Yelling in anger she moved back a few steps and saw the bars above her realizing the first one was starting to diminish. Using her ghost abilities, Ruby flew a few meters preventing more attacks and started to use some kind of ghost lightings. Asuna used her unicorn magic to protect herself while Kirito flew to the ghost.

“Pegasus?” she asked surprised. Truth was the black coat was a little confusing.

Kirito managed to send her down with two blows from his swords and once on the ground, Asuna attacked too. The first HP bar turned to yellow, infuriating Ruby who sent the most powerful of her lightings. Both Asuna and Kirito were launched to the ponies they were protecting and their own HP diminished a lot. Silica along with Pina ran to them.

“Pina, heal them”

The dragon nodded and used her healing breath into the warriors, some kind of blue sparks that quickly made them recover part of their HP.

“Silica? Is that you?” asked Kirito smiling.

The beast tamer nodded. “You are the first human players I found into this game. But we will discuss that later, now we have a Dungeon Boss to defeat”

Kirito nodded and Asuna made appear a white screen in front of Silica.


Silica selected yes and summoned her inventory to grab the dagger that she used in Sword Art Online. The three warriors pointed their swords to the confused Ruby. But she roared making more ghost ponies appear; surrounding the living. Silica gasped when she saw the ghosts attacking her new friends and she ran to defend them. One of the ghosts pulled Rainbow Dash to the ground but he was exterminated by Silica before he could do any harm. Other ghosts saw Fluttershy was too scared to move and attacked her but they were also destroyed by Silica.

Pinkie screamed in fear and without think about it too much, Silica selected all the weapons she collected during her life of gamer and passed it to Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

“I don’t know if an NPC can use it but try! It’s your only chance!”

“Are you one of them?” asked Rainbow Dash in horror.

“There’s no time to argue; now is time to fight” complained Silica.

The ponies nodded and took the swords to maintain the ghost ponies away from them. By other way; Rarity, Twilight and Celestia were using their magic but none of them knew how much they could resist. Rainbow flew in circles destroying every ghost she could; making a perimeter to keep her friends safe. Applejack did everything she could to keep the ghosts away from the girls and Fluttershy, who was terrified but still she positioned in front of the girls to protect them.

But they all knew their only hope were the warriors. Ruby knew it too and was trying everything she could to get rid of Asuna and Kirito; who quickly learnt her attack patterns making easier for them to defeat her. They already finished with her first HP bar and were making the second one lower to yellow. Ruby changed her strategy and made all the ghosts who were attacking the ponies to vanish and reappear as a protective circle around her. Kirito tried to fly over them and continue attacking Ruby, but that’s what Ruby was expecting and she easily repulsed him with her ghost lightings.

“Kirito” screamed Asuna dividing her attention between her boyfriend and the ghosts who were approaching.

Celestia walked to Kirito and after watch his HP was on yellow, she used her magic to heal him. Kirito looked at her confused.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this but you better make sure is worth it” said the Princess serious.

Kirito nodded and prepared his swords. “I need you to clean the way to the Boss. Can you help us with that?” he asked without understand why he was asking an NPC for help.

Celestia nodded and with Rarity and Twilight send a powerful fire ball that destroyed a lot of ghosts, making a perfectly clear path to Ruby. Ruby roared in anger and send more ghosts to block the way; but Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie used the swords Silica gave them to maintain them away from the warriors. Silica the Beast Tamer, Kirito the Black Swordsman and the Flash Asuna attacked Ruby at the same time to end the battle once for all.

Ruby’s second HP bar diminished completely and the third one was starting to decrease. She scream in fury and tried to use more ghost lightings but they already memorized her patterns and it was pointless. Ruby saw her ghosts but they were too busy fighting 5 of the Mane 6. Celestia took the responsibility to protect the Crusaders and Fluttershy.

Ruby was doomed, the three warriors attacked cutting every way out. The end was close when the fourth HP bar lowered to red. Silica made the final attack, making Ruby disappear into those strange fragments of blue light. The message appeared:


Sunny Town started to change. One by one the perfectly conserved town started to deteriorate turning into nothing but ruins. That was something very scary. Fluttershy screamed in horror, but Celestia tranquilized her.

“Don’t be scared, Fluttersy. This means the curse is finally over; Ruby’s prisoners finally repose in peace”

Asuna approached to the Crusaders. “Are you alright?”

“Thanks to you” said Sweetie Belle thankful.

The warriors nodded were about to leave the town when Twilight stopped them. Kirito and Asuna prepared themselves, knowing she was the one who arrested them and an Immortal Object.

“Wait” said Twilight. “Please don’t go. I know we have our differences but after all this I don’t really know what to think about you. Please, I just want you to explain us some things. That’s it.

“And you have a lot to explain to, Silica the Beast Tamer” said Rainbow staring at Silica. “You already knew those two, didn’t you? “

Pina hugged her tamer in protective attitude.

“Please don’t do anything to Silica” she asked softly. “She’s not a first line player, she specialized in minor tasks; she’s not as advanced as Kirito and Asuna”

Celestia asked for silence with a gentle gesture. “There are a lot of things you have to explain us. Please, we don’t understand what’s going on. Players? NPCs? What’s the meaning of all this? And what about the green bars that only appear when you attack? Just help us to understand; you already showed us you’re not a threat so you don’t have anything to worry about”

Kirito and Asuna were about to say something, but a roar from nowhere made Fluttershy react.

“Please… can we finish the questions back in Ponyville? Please…

Celestia nodded and with Twilight’s help, they teleported all to the library. Then Celestia saw the warriors and smiled.

“Well, we’re listening”

The Crusaders jumped to protect them when they saw the ground ups staring at the warriors severely.

“Is not fair you treat them this way. They saved our lives” said Sweetie Belle.

“Please, this is my fault and Sweetie Belle’s. We didn’t listened to Apple Bloom when she tried to warn us about Sunny Town”

The ground ups saw Apple Bloom like asking, “You were there before?” and she nodded.

The warriors didn’t know what to do; that was the first time they were questioned about gamers stuff into a game. But finally Silica sighed and started to explain:

“I know this sound weird and you won’t like what we’re going to tell you but you’re not real. You’re only computer programs, artificial intelligences created to make this game more interactive”

Pinkie Pie bounced annoyed. “What are you saying? We exist! Of course we exist; you probably have being in the sun a little bit too much pal. Or probably you’re trying to distract us to avoid the interrogation”

“Silica is right” said Kirito. “Listen, you’re too well programed and all; but we don’t want to spend the game explaining the NPCs, Non-Player-Characters, how games work. I’ll only say this: in the real world you put a special helmet and poof! You transport to a fake world where you have powers and abilities you didn’t have in reality”

“We have lives, names and families that doesn’t have anything to do with Equestria” added Asuna.

Applejack raised an eyebrow.

“Okay. So the only thing I understand is we’re not real for you. If is that true, why did you saved my sister, her friends and us if we’re not real?”

Asuna smiled. “Because Kirito and I have a virtual daughter about their age. When we saw them in danger, we saw our little Yui; so we had to save them”

Suddenly, Kirito got up.

“That’s it! Yui! She can help all of us to understand what’s going on in here!

And before anypony could ask, Kirito summoned his inventory until find what he was looking for. An small crystal tear called “Yui No Kokoro; the Soul of Yui”. Kirito selected the tear make it to materialize.

Surprisingly, the tear turned into an small filly. She was a pure white unicorn whit long beautiful black mane and gray eyes. She had a white flower in her mane and she doesn’t have a Cutie Mark. After a while, she smiled happily to Kirito and Asuna.

“Mama, Papa!!”

With tears in their eyes, the warriors hugged the little Yui. Yui was a computer program that Kirito saved in the internal memory of his NerveGear; she adopted both warriors as their parents in the game Sword Art Online after they saved her for being erased. Now she was back in Legends of Equestria where she happily reunited with her parents.

“Mama, Papa, what kind of game is this? We’re talking ponies!”

Kirito kissed his daughter forehead.

“That’s what we want to ask you, Yui. Please what kind of configuration have this game; because none of us understand a thing”

Yui nodded gently and closed her eyes. The ponies didn’t understand but Asuna smiled calmly.

“Don’t worry. Everything is going to be cleared when Yui told us what we need to know”

Yui opened her eyes completely confused.

“What is it, Yui?”

“I don’t understand” said Yui scared. “I could say I’m configured as a filly; but I’m not as configured at all. I feel this is a real world; and somehow I became real!”

Kirito, Asuna and Silica paled.

“What are you saying, Yui?”

“The NerveGear transported you to a real world; another reality. Not a virtual reality; a true reality”

The warriors looked each other in fear. What was going on?