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am a 15 freshman I been a brony for 3 to 4 months and pound to be a brony I am new to marking fan fiction I hope you like them or if its ok so enjoy :D


Applejack was just a simple farm pony when she was transformed to a Vampony. Although not a problem for her, it may be one for her family.

How can she hide herself from others and keep herself safe?

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Yes! An solo applejack vampire story!

3426096 ikr i was looking for a AJ story of her being a vampony but i cant find one so i made it happen:ajsmug:

Ok just finished reading this and here's my thoughts

going to the Everfree Forest to find the Golden Apple.” Applejack said.

Porn reference?

Too short but hay at least it starts somewhere

Also have a feeling that tentacles will come out and hold applejack while she's being bit

3426211 XD there will be no Porn in this story maybe kisses and stuff but not porn and this take we like 3 weeks

A few small grammar errors but nothing major and the story itself seems interesting but I would think someone would want to go with her if they knew a killer wolf was in the woods. So is a vampony gonna save her from the shadow thing is the shadow the vampony?


Nice start. Plz update?

Any update plz?

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