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Changeling. The word alone is enough to send ponies into a panic, and sew fear and suspicion amongst any herd. But just what is a changeling? Are they monsters? Demons? Or are they something at once far simpler, and much more complex. What does it mean to be a changeling? And what is a changeling to do when even she herself isn't sure of the answer?
These are just some past events in the history of an OC of mine. I've been considering writing them up as some sort of story for a while now, and I've decided that now would be the time. Expect them to be very disjointed, and not have any chronological ordering at all.

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Hm... doesn't sound like this is trying to be anything more than a character self-analysis... I'll give it a read later after I've had my 6 hours of zzzz.

If only it weren't about changelings . . .

I'm sorry, but I don't enjoy them. Either way, a fic based on one of the best songs (in my personal opinion) from The Who is something that needs to happen.

No one knows what it's like,
To be the bad man,
To be the sad man...


I was gunna say that :p

I like it! Great use of language to show the horror she'd felt.

I'd wonder if she has any more flashbacks to her friends' deaths later on, as she tries to live on.

...well done. I could well and easily empathize with this character before even learning her name. "Atoner Changeling" is actually a pretty common character archetype, but you've put a nice spin on it. Tracked to see where it goes.

I dunno if I'd call this a 'character self-analysis', since I'm not really taking the character apart to examine her. This is more about the events that's happened to her and where she's been. Still, I guess you could say it's something of a character exposition in that respect.

Well... Hopefully I can change your mind about that. If not, eh, I'm sure other people wouldn't mind as much.

Atoning would mean she's looking for forgiveness for what she's done. She's not looking for that so much as trying to move past these memories. But they won't all be bad, as you'll see soon, hopefully.

I suppose it is just that changelings are usually used terribly in stories. I have seen a select few that have seemed the least bit interesting. Yours is actually included. I just need to either get over myself, or kill all the My Little Changeling stories, where the changeling teams up with the main six to fight evil.

Well, there was that one time when she tried to help the ponies stop this dream demon who was trying to take over Ponyville. Of course, the demon had already taken over the Mane Six and turned them evil...

But eh, I was also playing the demon for that story line (and Celestia, believe it or not), so that probably won't end up being part of this tale :twilightsheepish:

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