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Excellent start, TerraPonies!

24952 Thank you! :raritystarry: We look forward o posting more often! But first, i must get my flash drive back... :twilightblush:

24952 Thank you so very much!!! :pinkiehappy:

DO SOMETHING ALREADY, STUPID IDIOT! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Where are the comments?

The ending rivals only the original Cupcakes. My favorite Fanfic has been made 20% Cooler, and more than a little more suspenseful. I liked it, so good job.

112152 Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback.

mangaturtle here. ummmm, i let you use my lyrics as your prologue under the rules that you credit me with it. now you've started a fight on the video page, you parasprite!

139254 Oh my God!! I am so sorry!!! I'll edit that in, sir!!! I really didn't mean to start anything!!!!!

im not that much of a talker...(you know what thea say huh?!)

let it work it in i say its a one-time experience hehehe

Pinkie must have left out the ''bad part'' to let sound cupcake a bit better, but i like this much better! fight for your greed the hunger for meat hehehe

aw that a anti climax... till... he..hehe... hehehee........nice.....

O.o no tongue sliding ans swirling around... mixing there saliva by breaking there kiss a string of it conect there tongues and breaks after a intens stare down >.> na would be to much huh?

SWEET! but next story needs to be more gore and need a bit more one on one action... think it in more ways than just one

Thanks man! The newest story is already up! enjoy it! :rainbowkiss:

this doesn't feel like a story to me its written more like a revenge fic then an actual story..

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