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Lucifer's Punishment - Darth Jackie

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Lucifer Sentence

Author's note:I don not own the characters of MLP:FIM.

After the war in Heaven and Lucifer defeated by the Archangel Saint Michael, the Fallen angel Lucifer awaits in a white hall full of angels yelling insults at him and all other spiteful things and you would think angels would be nice and loving even to other angels that caused a war in a divine paradise.

A angel with golden wings entered the hall and walked to the front of the crowd and in front of Lucifer, then the crowd laid their eyes on him and waited to receive what punishment the traitor would get. he cleared his throat and breathed in deeply, he said "By the judgement of our father, the traitor Lucifer.....shall be sentenced to rehabilitation."

Everyone in the hall gasped in shock to hear the decision that was made by God, even Lucifer didn't believe that God would spare him from eternal torment to turn him back good. then everyone in the hall started to shout in rage and anger "Why would our lord not send this traitor to everlasting torment?!" one of the angels cried out.

The traitor smiled at the reaction of the crown and said in his mind *Ha, I knew he was weak and too forgiving, once I find a way to trick him to thinking to believing that I changed, I'll both kill the angel bastard who stopped my plan and then God himself.* he smiled a wicked smile and saw that four guards took by the arm and were leading him out of the hall.

Once they were outside, one of the guards punched Lucifer in the face and wiped his knuckle on his golden armor, "Any last words traitor?" one of them asked in a 'we won you lost' tone.

Lucifer though for a moment and said "Maybe your mom, I would like to have fun with her before I go." He let out a chuckle before getting hit in the stomach who he insulted.

"Hold your tongue Serpent!"The guard shouted giving his comrades the signal to move Lucifer to a certain gate, after pointless flying which the travel could have made the trip much faster if they had token a chariot to the gate, when they arrived they found the gate opened and standing there was a familiar face that anyone could remember.

The face that made Lucifer's blood boil when he looks on it, it was the face of the Archangel that stopped Lucifer, it was Saint Michael and in all of his good glory. he walked up to The Fallen angel and said to him "Hey Traitor how are you?" he said it in a way that made the traitor grit his teeth in anger, he said it in a 'you are a worthless wretch' tone.

But instead of replying to the angel's question, he looked up and say the words 'the first creatures created by God.' Saint Michael looked behind himself and saw what Lucifer was looking at "I have not a clue what that means either Lucifer so do not ask me." he said turning back to the traitor with a plain look.

"Then why are we here? what brings me here?"Lucifer asked wondering still what the sentence on the gate meant.

Saint Michael looked him dead in the eye and said "You are to descend down Heaven and to learn harmony from the creatures of pureness down below."

Creatures of pureness? if they were the first things created by God before mankind, wouldn't Lucifer have had known about it by now?

Saint Michael then walked Lucifer over a long pit that looked bottomless and endless, "Down there is a world I never been before, how will I survive?"

The Archangel looked at Lucifer and said "Don't worry, you're a survivor if you weren't then I would've killed you when we fought."

Saint Michael puts a hand on The traitor's shoulder and said "May God protect you." but before Lucifer could reply he was punch dead in the nose by Saint Michael and causing him to fall down in the pit and have a bloody nose, once the Archangel couldn't he stepped back away from the pit and got on one knee while praying for God to protect Lucifer.

"Um.....Sir Michael, why do you pray for the traitor he surely does not deserve Gods loving forgiveness."One of the guards said walking towards Saint Michael and kneeling down next to him.

"I know but he is still a fellow angel and even tho he is not a brother of mine I treat every angel in Heaven like a brother and sister to me and even tho he tried to kill me and destroy everything God created.....I'm sure when he returns he will be forgiven."

*Meanwhile with Lucifer*

After a while Lucifer awake to him find himself falling into what he believes is a forest, he only saw a forest when he was at Eden to fool the first humans to eat the apples from the tree of live and to get them banished to Earth, he then looked at the ground to see he was near the ground, before he could use his black wings to fly to safety his body had met contact with the ground.

*Back with Saint Michael and the same angel at the hall that Lucifer was in*

The angel that was at Lucifer's trail was in chair having tea and talking with the Archangel Saint Michael, "Um.... Sir Michael may I ask you something?" the angel asked him.

"Of course Lexin, what is it you want to ask?"The Archangel the sipped his tea and then drew his attention to the angel called Lexin.

"Well, if has something to do with Lucifer, so um....will the beings of that world God sent him in be aggressive or will they will open up to him with open arms....which I highly doubt." Lexin sipped his tea and looked at his hand.

"I think you mean Hooves." Saint Michael said in a 'correctly' tone.

"Um....come again?"Lexin asked looking confused at what the Archangel said,

"The creatures that will teach Lucifer are different from mankind....far from it."Saint Michael said with a smile on his face.

"I don't understand Sir Michael." the angel said even looking more confused.

"Lexin, do you know the Pegasus?" Michael asked with a curious tone.

"Of course, they're the creatures that angels us to get from one point in Heaven to the other. Why do you ask?"Lexin asked with more confusion, Michael knew about the winged horses and it was strange for him to ask what they were.

"Well my friend the world that Lucifer is in has a bunch of pegasus there along with other type of creatures like it, apparently the entire planet seems to host the equine creatures." Michael said then he saw the look of Lexin's face, Lexin's face was a bit surprised to know there is a planet full of Pegasus.

"You mean there is a realm of Pegasus that even I didn't know?"he asked Michael with a hint of surprise and excitement in his voice.

"Yes Lexin there is, not only does the realm Lucifer is in has Pegasus there but also creatures like them called Unicorns and Earth ponies." The Archangel said and then he grew a big smiles to see that Lexin was even more excited.

"This...is amazing, a realm full of creatures that are pure and innocent but...."the angel said with a worrying tone.

Michael looked at him and said "But what my friend?" he asked Lexin.

the angel replied back with sorrow in his voice "I'm just worried that the creatures might be defenseless against Lucifer if he decided to try and take over the realm."

The Archangel chuckled which caused Lexin to look at him with a confused look, "My friend if he ever decided that then he will deal with me and believe me when I say this I'll do more then defeat him and leave him alive."Saint Michael said looking at his angel friend in the eye.

Lexin raised his right hand to his mouth and coughed into it, "Um....I'm very tired my friend I must be ready to head back to Lost light."the angel said as he got a quick hug from his Archangel friend and leaving Saint Michael alone in his house with his thoughts and one was to follow Lucifer to see if he carried out Gods sentence.

The Archangel made up his mind and left his to the realm of the equines, when he arrived at the pit again looked down and said "All mighty God, forgive me for leaving Heaven but I must ensure Lucifer carries out your command and please protect me in my darkest hour...amen."He said and then took leap of faith into the pit and disappeared into the black.

*Canterlot Castle*

Princess Celestia was on her balcony enjoying the rays of her sun on her fur, then she sensed a type of magic that was evil yet could be turn good like Fluttershy did with Discord, a type of magic that could harm her subjects or her country or it could be used to bring peace to the entire planet and wipe out all traces of evil.

"Tia? is something wrong?" a familiar voice was heard behind her, she turned around to see her young sister Princess Luna.

"Lulu? I though you were asleep."Celestia said to her sister and then she asked "Did you sense the new type of magic?"

"Yes sister I did and I think we must find it and eliminate it before could harm our subjects."the night princess suggested feeling a little worried about the strange new magic.

"Hm.....you might be right or we could change it so it would not attack our subjects."

"Tia I don't think that is a wise decision, turning Discord was one thing but to do it with this strange creature that entered our world who has never met our subjects nor us could get very dangerous, the thing might kill us all and we must find out what it wants or it will take it's anger out on our little ponies."

The sun princess agreed with everything her sister said and it did frighten her to image a strange beast slaughtering her little ponies, she cancelled her though and looked at Luna and said "Can we at least try and if it does anything hasty we'll send it to back to whatever sinkhole it crawled out of."

Luna looked back at her and smiled "Sure, it's always fun to fight unknown creatures with unknown magic."

"You just read my mind."

the two sisters laughed it off and looked out into the distance and sensed that the strange magic was coming from the Everfree forest.

"I'll inform the guards to explore the Everfree before I go to bed sister." Luna said walking out in the hallway and leaving Celestia alone on her balcony to look out into the Everfree, she breathed in heavily and breathed out.

"By Starswirl's beard I hope the guards will be safe." she said before heading back into her room and returning to her royal duties.

Author's Note:

I hope you like this Fic and you leave nice comments.

Lucifer:I bet they won't.

Me:*gasp*Satan what are you doing here?

Lucifer:What? can I visit a friend who is doing a Fanfiction about me.

Me:Well thats ok.

Lucifer:And remember that if you make me look like a fool....I will surely send you soul to Hell.

Me:*gulps*Um.....I promise I won't.


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