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Ghij of Prophecy


The crystal caves underneath Canterlot have been leaking a mysterious substance ever since Twilight and Cadence were trapped within them. After analysis, the chemical is said to be the very embodiment of magic. It is safe enough for use in experiments in schooling, and is shipped to schools all around Equestria.

Shining Shard's class is working on these experiments. An arrogant unicorn in charge of purifying the chemical slips up, causing Shard's experiment to blow up in his face.

Ten years after the accident, Shard has recovered and regained his lost sight. With a well toned body and a bright future ahead of him, he'll try to make the best of what he has.

This a story I've had on my mind for a while, and it's only now that it's being brought out. Thank you to whoever reads this story.

The first chapter is the prologue, which is going to explain a lot of things before I actually start the main plot of the story.

So, have fun!

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An interesting idea, this could be a very good story if done well. I hope you explain more about what magi does when not blowing up in your face.
It looks to me like magic will play an important role in this, I'm eager to see your take on the topic.
Keep it up.

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