• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Unexpected Arrival - GlitchyProductions

When the Sparkle family falls apart, Twilight is thrown in the middle of the chaos by having to look after her baby brother Spike.

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Twilight was the first one to get to the top of the stairs, with Spike wrapped delicately in her arms kept close to her chest at all times. She headed over to the door on the left and stood by it as she saw Cup Cake slowly rise up onto the final step who was inspecting the hall way, occasionally taking glances left and right to get a good picture of the library's halls. She noticed Twilight standing over by a door on the left hand side and noticed a small sign on the door.

A basic wooden oak door with a little handle on the right it seemed perfectly normal, but in the middle of the door was a nail through the door and a sign held up by a thin rope with colourful lettering, each letter in its own colour to show who really slept inside the room.


The sign dangled from the nail and the rope and Twilight gripped onto the handle and twisted it, a little clicking noise was heard inside the door and it slowly opened and revealed the Nusery inside.

The walls were a basic white with stripes to create a pattern, each stripe was accompanied by a colour of the rainbow. In between where the white was, printed images of toys, teddy bears, pacifiers, bottles and all sorts of baby related items were on the walls.

Inside was a large play mat put down on the floor right in the middle of the room featuring two large symbols that both Cup Cake and Twilight instantly recognized, the Royal emblems for the Sun and Moon were printed at each corner and in the middle was a hybrid of the two images as if they melded into one. A short amount of toys were littered onto the mat ranging from plushes, teddies and rattles.

Directly opposite to them was a large crib made to hold more than just one baby, thick blankets and pillows were put down following a large mobile with toy animals attached to strings were idly spinning on their own.

Cup Cake made her first steps into the Nursery and her mouth simply dropped at the extremely high quality the room presented to her.

"Wow." Cup Cake finally spoke. "This must have taken a lot of bits and hard work to set up." She walked over to the crib and felt the hard wood and strong work that it had been assembled into.

"Actually..." Twilight pondered on whether to tell her. "Princess Celestia gifted it to me with her money, she found out about my whole issue and sent me the highest quality baby stuff, bits aren't a problem with her."

"I bet they aren't." Cup Cake joked.

"Yeah." Twilight nodded. "Only problem was building the crib, changing table and stuff. So Applejack asked Big Mac to come over and help me build the Nursery together."

"I can see where he's been building, he always does very high quality work but to say the least, I am jealous that you've got such a beautiful looking Nursery for Spike. It's probably worth more than our entire bakery." Cup Cake chuckled.

"So what am I going to learn first?" Twilight asked, changing the subject.

"I was thinking of learning a little from you firstly. The best way to learn is to make some observations on what you're doing that could be causing problems between you and Spike. Do you think you can do that for me?" Cup Cake walked back over to Twilight and rubbed her hands, preparing to learn what was about to unfold.

"Uh... I don't know where to start or what to say..." Twilight admitted.

"Hrm" Cup Cake began to think. "What happened this morning in the kitchen, weren't you trying to feed Spike? If you can tell me what happened and what you were doing maybe we can get him to eat properly when you're giving him food."

"I got up and took Spike downstairs I put him in his high chair and let him sit in it for a while while I had my own breakfast. It was just some toast and orange juice I didn't really feel that hungry and he kept crying and he was also trying to get out of his high chair. I made him some porridge but he didn't like it." Twilight finished.

"Was the porridge especially made for babies or it just normal porridge?" Cup Cake asked.

"I gave him the same porridge that I usually eat for breakfast." Twilight replied back. "I buy the Appleloosa

"Ooh." Cup Cake's smile changed. "Babies aren't supposed to eat that type of porridge Twilight. It makes their tummies go funny. That's probably why he doesn't like it."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." Twilight quickly apologized to the Baker and hugged Spike even tighter than before.

"It's okay Twilight, we all make mistakes, now is his milk still the typical baby formula?" Cup Cake proceeded to ask.

"Yes. I keep the bottles in the fridge." Twilight answered.

"Excellent." Cup Cake smiled.

Before anymore of the conversation could continue Spike started to squirm and move around in Twilight's arms, attempting to break free from her strong grip as he managed to see the toys he owned over in the distance by the crib. Both Cup Cake and Twilight noticed this.

"What's wrong with Spike?" Twilight looked up and asked Cup Cake, then trying her best to hold Spike in his place.

"I think he wants to be put down from the looks of it." Cup Cake replied. "Lets put him down on the play mat and I want to see how you two bond together. Have you done any of that recently?"

"Actually..." Twilight bit her lip. "We haven't done any of that since I took him into my care."

Cup Cake stopped in her place and gave a strange look at Twilight, she was confused at what Twilight had just said not only that, but she was somewhat disappointed at the Librarian for just simply being so open and carefree saying something like that.

"You haven't tried to play with Spike at all? I find that very hard to believe." She folded her eyes and frowned at the Teen.

"I'm sorry Cup Cake, but I haven't, I've been so busy trying to sort everything out I haven't had the time to play with Spike at all." Twilight walked over to the play mat and went down on her knees and slowly lowered Spike onto the floor, he quickly crawled over to the pile of toys and reached for the teddy bear and grabbed it towards him to play with.

"It's understandable Twilight. Things have been pretty rough for you and I atleast would have thought someone like you would've spent a tiny bit of time with him." Cup Cake crossed her arms.

Twilight kept herself down on her knees and looked at Spike wrapping his arms round the teddy bear he picked up, now wasn't the moment to argue with Cup Cake. She came here to help and the truth was sucking up pretty quickly to her and she came to a final decision that she hoped would change everything.

"Okay Cup Cake. I'll do something about it. I'm going to spend the whole day with Spike, never leaving him behind or in his crib when I'm busy. How does that sound?" She looked up and stared into the Bakers eyes seriously. Like a drive was behind her ready to start off.

"That sounds lovely." Cup Cake unfolded her arms and held her hands together in a joyous pose. "I'll be right back." She then headed towards the Nursery door.

"Where are you going?" Twilight asked.

"I'm going in the kitchen to see if you still have that baby food left. I'm sure we can get Spike to eat in the Nursery if he has a toy with him too." Cup Cake left the room and headed downstairs, Twilight looked back and noticed Spike shoving the Teddy Bear's ear into his mouth to suckle on.

With Cup Cake gone and Spike right in front of her, she felt a shallow pain in her stomach now that she was going to try and do something, it was like something didn't want her to look after Spike. But she ignored these feelings and crawled a little closer to Spike was got his attention. Twilight leaned down and rested her stomach on the play mat and forced a smile at the baby boy.

"Hello Spike." Twilight lowered her voice to a gentle whisper and put her hands out in front of him. Spike let go of the Teddy and looked at Twilight's hands, he opened his mouth and all that came out was baby babble and gibberish, but he sounded happy. He stayed in his position and considered the options, instead, he started to crawl further away from Twilight and move himself behind the Teddy Bear, creating a fake line between the two.

"Do you want to play Hide and Seek?" Spike kept staring at Twilight from behind the bear. "Peekaboo? Rattles? Anything?"

Spike didn't reply, he instead looked at his Teddy Bear from behind and grabbed its arms and shook them up and down while making more noises and gibberish from his mouth.

Twilight sank again, her forced smile dropped and she got back up and repositioned herself. She sat on her bottom and crossed her legs and just overall felt awful again, she couldn't even get her baby brother to play with her.

But something then ticked in her mind and then looked at Spike and Teddy Bear again, he was sitting behind the bear with his hands on the arms of the toy, waving them up and down with a big dumb smile on his face. She leaned forwards a little and tried to speak.

"Are you trying to give me the Teddy Bear?" Twilight asked her baby brother.