• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Unexpected Arrival - GlitchyProductions

When the Sparkle family falls apart, Twilight is thrown in the middle of the chaos by having to look after her baby brother Spike.

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If it wasn't for the smell of the toast along with the butter slapped on the top and the taste of orange juice still stuck on her taste buds then she would sleep some more. But she couldn't do that now, Twilight had a mission and she wasn't going to let anyone stop her. It wasn't going to begin right away she knew that a proper feeding and the right amount of energy would start her day off.

On the other side of the kitchen table was Spike sitting in his own personal high chair donned with his regular purple onesie and his pacifier shoved into his mouth making loud suckling noises.He squirmed from side to side in his seat shaking his arms and banging them on the plastic tray in front of him which quickly got Twilights attention.

"Spike. I'll give you breakfast in a minute. This won't take long and I'll give you your bottle and some nice porridge." Twilight took another bite out of the toast in front of her and then sipped a small bit of her orange juice.

He wasn't having none of that nonsense, his tummy was rumbling and his gums were started to hurt where his teeth are pushing out of. His legs now kicked wildly without coordination and he spat his pacifier out, letting it dangle on the pendant around his neck and made loud moans to try and get Twilight over to make him some food.

Twilight knew what the baby was trying to do, he had done this before to try and get something he wanted. She tried to ignore him for a little while longer but also speeding up her pace with her food to try and get that out of the way. She put the last piece of toast in her mouth and chugged down the orange juice and left the glass and plate on the table.

She got up from her seat and made her way over to Spike and patted him on the head.

"Okay. Now I'll make you some delicious porridge. How about that?" Twilight offered to her little brother, but he continued to ignore her and flailed his arms and legs around not caring for what it was. If it filled him up, then it didn't matter what it was.

Spike didn't understand the words but didn't see the food anywhere, his moans turned into cries and he smashed his hands onto the plastic tray even harder. Tears and drool came running down his face, Twilight flinched at the noises coming from Spike and went over to the fridge and opened it. She quickly scanned each row and found the baby bottles full of cold milk, taking it out of the fridge and put it in Spike's mouth.

He was quickly silenced feeling the nipple go into his mouth, somewhat confused at what it was but he quickly accepted it and began to suckle on it feeling the soft creamy milk soon disperse out of the tip. This is what he expected but it was starting to slowly fill him up.

Twilight rubbed her forehead again and headed over to the cooker and began to work on the porridge, she grabbed a nearby pot and began to collect the rest of her supplies. All the while not being able to smile.

"Come on Spike. Be a good boy and let me put the porridge in your mouth." Twilight ebbed the spoon a little more closer to the babies face and was met with anger and a loud scream. She quickly grabbed onto the little porridge bowl to stop it from being knocked on the floor.

"Ba-Ba! Ba-Ba!" Spike cried. He then turned his head and closed his mouth to try and get away from the evil spoon. Twilight put the spoon back in the warm porridge and huffed.

"I already gave you your bottle. You didn't want to drink the rest so I gave you porridge instead, what more do you want?" She spoke to the infant knowing full well her words meant nothing. "Look. I'll try one more time and that's it."

"Ba-Ba! Ba-Ba!" Spike continued to kick and scream requesting his bottle to be given back to him, he took his time and turned his head round and then felt the spoon thrust into his mouth and took the warm mushy porridge and swallowed it.

"Ha!" Twilight triumphantly laughed. But felt a short lived experienced when Spike began to fully cry and shake himself from his restrains.

This was the point in the fight where she'd give up and let him win, there was no other way around it that she could think of. Either Spike gets his bottle or else he would continue to cry. She picked up his bottle off the kitchen table and shoved the nipple back into his mouth and within a few seconds he immediately suckled on it and stopped crying.

"You win Spike." Twilight nodded, but it didn't feel right, she felt normal but with that tinge of defeat she couldn't let go. "You win. You can have your bottle... Now you stay in your high chair until I get dressed, okay?" She rubbed her eye and got up off from her seat and headed out of the kitchen and into the living room. Leaving Spike to finish off his bottle and to his own devices.

Twilight walked across the living room as quick as she could, despite still being in her night-wear she needed to have a shower and comb her hair properly. But before she could reach the stairs she heard a knock on the front door, stopping in place and feeling her heartbeat, she slowly walked over to the door and hid her body behind the door and opened it.

On the other side stood Cup Cake wearing a pleasant smile, once she noticed Twilight peeking her head round the door she gave a little wave and put her hands in her coat pockets.

"Good morning Twilight." Cup Cake was the first to speak.

"Mrs. Cake? What are you doing here?" Twilight asked.

"Since our little talk last night went a little bit short, I decided to come over to see how you have been getting along with Spike. I hope you don't mind if you come in."

"Oh... Sure... Uh, come in." Twilight opened the rest of the door and nervously revealed herself and the clothing she wore, despite what she was wearing it seemed that Cup Cake didn't notice she was still wearing her night wear.

"Having a lazy day today?" Cup Cake then looked at the night wear.

"Oh sure..." Twilight nodded slightly.

Cup Cake entered the door and stood beside Twilight and dropped her smile, she put a hand on her shoulder and then pulled her in for a hug.

"You look ill Twilight. Didn't you get enough sleep again?"

It was another moment like this that Twilight could let herself stand free and let her emotions run their natural course, tears gathered round her eyes as she pulled away from Cup Cake's hug.

"I couldn't sleep.. Even with the sleeping pills, just too much on my mind and Spike kept crying every thirty minutes or so to be either changed, burped, you name it. I haven't been able to properly eat and... And..." She gasped for air at this moment but Cup Cake quickly put her arm around her and moved her over to a nearby chair and sat her down.

"Twilight. Deep breaths, calm down, deep breaths." Cup Cake began to mimic long inhales and exhales for Twilight.

Twilight copied the motion and regained control of her breathing and leaned back in the chair.

"I can't do this." She mustered up the courage to speak. "I seriously can't." Her hands began to shake soon followed by the rest of her shaking.

"Twilight, honey, you need to calm down. If you're going to cope then you need to slow down and tell me what is going on. Is Spike causing trouble for you?" Cup Cake lowered herself and tried to look into Twilight's eyes, but she weren't able to as the Librarian quickly pulled her hands up to her face, blocking view of her eyes.

"He is out of control! He doesn't listen or give me a damn chance!" Twilight lowered her hands down and clenched them into fists.

"Twilight. You can't control Spike like a growing child. He's just a little baby, listen, let me get you a glass of water and we'll sit down on the couch and sort this out. I think this is more serious than I believe to be. If you're struggling to control yourself and having moments like that, then something is definitely wrong. Now if you sit on the couch I'll be right with you."

"O-Okay..." Twilight nodded and got up from the chair, she rubbed the tears coming from her eyes and headed over to the couch.

Cup Cake got up and rubbed Twilights back.

"Where is Spike?" She asked.

"In the kitchen, gave him a bottle to shut him up." Twilight moved away from Cup Cake, despite expecting a scolding for her comment she got nothing, Cup Cake nodded and tried to ignore the last part and headed for the kitchen.