• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Unexpected Arrival - GlitchyProductions

When the Sparkle family falls apart, Twilight is thrown in the middle of the chaos by having to look after her baby brother Spike.

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The Truth

Twilight kept herself on the couch at all times, legs crossed and her hands resting on her lap. It felt eerily quiet for the moment being after seeing Cup Cake make her way into the kitchen. But it wasn't long before Cup Cake returned into the living room carrying both a glass of water in one hand and Spike in the other. She sat down next to Twilight on the couch and handed the water to her, she grabbed it off Cup Cake and took a little sip.

"Sorry about the wait Twilight. I noticed you left Spike in his high chair so I went in and pulled him out and gave him a little wash around the mouth." She lifted up Spike so they were face to face. "Aren't you such a little messy guy? Getting porridge everywhere? Yes you are! Yes you are!" Cup Cake kept a playful tone when dealing with Spike, he seemed to like it by his giggles and happy yells. But she didn't continue and placed him down on Twilight's lap and rubbed his head and drove her fingers through his spiky hair.

It was a surprise to see Spike let someone else, let alone someone he just met to even touch his hair in that way. Twilight put down her glass of water on the arm of the couch and wrapped her arms around Spike. Luckily, he kept quiet and rested his head on belly.

"Right. I know you've had some troubles over the past few months Twilight and I can't stand looking at you in this way. If you keep on going in the path your choosing to go down then you'll end up seriously ill from the stress. Pinkie Pie told me that you didn't want to get her or any of your friends involved and that you would speak to me if you needed help with Spike. I'm here now, and I want to help you change and get along with Spike for the better. Do you think we can work together?" She looked down at Spike. "He has a big future ahead of him, even if there are problems going on with your family. I know its a sensitive subject to talk about right now but I feel you need to be a big strong girl. After all, you're nineteen years old."

"What do you want me to do? I can't do this Cup Cake, I'm being honest I swear. I've got a job, student to Royalty and my family meant everything to me. That letter I got yesterday was just horrible to read." Twilight trembled at the thought of the words printed on that letter.

"What did the letter say?" Cup Cake asked.

"I'm not allowed to say." Twilight quickly responded.

"Twilight." Cup Cake frowned. "I've heard a lot of bad things in my lifetime, but you can honestly tell me, I won't tell a soul about the letter no matter how bad it is."

This caused a small pause in the conversation, Twilight looked down at the baby boy sitting on her lap contently sucking on his pacifier keeping his head rested on Twilight's stomach, but his eyes on the guest beside him.

"Okay." Twilight inhaled slowly. "Promise not to tell?"

"I promise, Pinkie style." Cup Cake nodded.

"I think Spike was the cause of our family problems." She quickly got out.


"After Me and my big brother Shining Armor moved out of our home and got busy with our lives, we heard talk that our Mom trying for another baby with my Dad. I thought it would be great since I would have a little baby brother and we could see each other and have all these little adventures that kids and siblings have. But it didn't really turn out like that at all."

Twilight stopped for a moment and felt more tears work her way down her face.

"My Dad was kinda angry that my Mom wanted another child to look after. He said that two were enough and that the cost of raising another one would put them in financial jeopardy, but she didn't listen and was pregnant before you knew it."

Cup Cake ebbed a little closer to Twilight and wrapped an arm around the Librarian and pulled her in for a hug.

"He got really angry one day and stormed off leaving my Mom to give birth to Spike alone. It broke her heart and she never saw him again, we got one letter telling us he left Canterbury and will never be coming back because of Spike. My Mom tried to look after Spike but she found it difficult without someone to help her, then the Government took Spike away and told her it was for the best."

"You poor thing. I didn't know, I'm sorry." Cup Cake tightened her grip on the teen and now used her other arm to comfort Spike, though he didn't need it.

"So Spike wouldn't be put in an orphanage I asked the people who took Spike away if I could keep him under my care. I couldn't just sit there and let him be put into a different family, he's a Sparkle and we have to stick together." Twilight kept herself close to Cup Cake feeling like the hug was necessary for what she had just done. She felt bold to telling the truth, but she didn't feel better because of it.

"That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard." Cup Cake sniffled. Now she was starting to get tears in her eyes. "Twilight. You shouldn't feel down because of what's happened, think of what you've done for Spike, if it wasn't for you he would be in a different home with another family. You care so much for him and you don't probably know how much he wants to thank you for it."

"I'm a terrible parent and... I don't want him growing up thinking I'm his real mother. I want to tell him the truth one day so he can learn and accept what he has." Twilight broke out of the hug and looked down at Spike, the infant now attempted to crawl his way over to Cup Cake's lap, which was an arms reach away.

"You don't need to worry about that. Pound and Pumpkin sometimes call Pinkie Pie their Mommy because of how much she cares for them. I think it's alright, you're looking after him and that's what matters. You can be his Mommy and his Sister." Cup Cake put her hands under Spike and slowly lifted him up and held him close to her chest, the infant started to giggle once again when Cup Cake dug her fingers into his belly and tickled him. Along with little raspberries coming out of her mouth.

"I think you're right." Twilight nodded, her worry over this little problem soon cleared now that the answer came to her. "But I want to know something."

"What is it?" Cup Cake stopped her noises and turned to face Twilight.

"How are you doing that?" Twilight pointed at Spike.

"Doing what?" Cup Cake responded, confused.

"How are you making Spike so happy? Whenever I go near him and try to do anything with him he just cries and kicks my hands away. What's your secret?" Twilight asked.

"Oh! That?" Cup Cake giggled. "It's just love. You can't control a baby Twilight, he relies on you to keep him safe, changed and well-fed at all times. When you've done enough he'll start to trust you and he will let you play with him. However I think the case is with Spike is that he's wondering where his real Mommy still is, he's possibly still scared and confused about the change and when he sees you trying to look after you he screams for Mom to come and sweep him off his feet."

"I see." Twilight nodded. "Do you think you can stay a little while longer?"

Cup Cake leaned back slightly, and rested herself to get more comfortable. She nodded and smiled. "Sure. I'll be more than happy to stay. I'll gladly help you with Spike too."

"Thanks Mrs. Cake. I feel a little bit better." Twilight felt that little twitch in her lips that forced her into a little smile.

"Now it's nine in the morning. I'll go and make some tea and we'll talk a little more about Spike and your family. Does that sound good?" Cup Cake handed Spike back over to Twilight and rose up from her seat. The moment she got up Spike quickly raised his arms in the air and reached out for the her.

"Aww, come on little guy. You gotta stay with Twilight, okay?" Cup Cake leaned down and dug her fingers into his stomach and tickled him again, he laughed loudly and fell backwards onto Twilight's stomach. Spike then proceeded to suck on his thumb and kicked his legs around randomly.

Cup Cake headed back into the kitchen and left Twilight to try and bond with Spike.