• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Unexpected Arrival - GlitchyProductions

When the Sparkle family falls apart, Twilight is thrown in the middle of the chaos by having to look after her baby brother Spike.

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Spike didn't respond to what Twilight said but he continued to do what he started and looked at the Teddy Bear. He waved its arms in front of Twilight and then pushed the Teddy forward, causing it to flop over and land onto its belly. Spike clapped his hands and giggled uncontrollably at the thing he just done.

Twilight on the other hand was surprised, she didn't know that someone as young as him could even try and communicate, but that didn't matter. There was a chance to entertain and get close to Spike after all, she picked up the Teddy Bear and inspected it. The design for the bear was pretty simple, a large brown bear with buttons for eyes and soft fur all over its body. She turned it round and made it face Spike directly.

"Do you want me to play with you Spike?" Twilight put the bear down on her lap and leaned forward to pick up Spike, she grabbed him and wrapped her hands around his belly. He was slowly lifted up and placed onto her lap right next to the bear, sooner than ever, Spike clapped again and grabbed the bear and looked up at Twilight with a smile.

"Is that a yes?" Twilight wanted to make sure she couldn't be going crazy.

"Ja-Ja!" Spike let out a happy cheer and pushed the bear over again, this time falling off Twilight's lap completely and onto the floor.

"You like the bear don't you?" Twilight giggled. She picked up the bear by its neck and floated it in the air. Spike raised his arms in the air and tried to reach out for the bear, he made another series of gibberish and gurgles all the while smiling.

"Ba-Ga-Goo-Goo!" Spike now saw the Teddy Bear above him and now crawled up to Twilight's stomach and pressed against it to reach up for his Teddy. Twilight lowered it down and felt Spike grab it and pull it down and wrap his chubby little arms around it.

"You did it Spike. You got your teddy back!" Twilight cheered.

Spike clapped his hands together and dropped his Teddy Bear back on the floor. Twilight this time lifted both of her hands and dug them into Spike's stomach and started to tickle him. He quickly rolled into a ball and kicked his legs outwards and screamed loudly in joy.

"Aren't you two the busy pair."

Twilight stopped her tickling and then turned round to see Cup Cake entering the Nursery carrying a small bag and jars full of typical baby food with a baby bottle filled with milk in her apron pocket. A smirk was on her face and she set the items she was carrying on the side of the changing table by the door.

"Uh... Cup Cake... I didn't hear you come in." Twilight felt her cheeks glow a bright red as the Baker put the items down and turned to see Spike on her lap.

"I heard you two having a good time together, were you playing tickle monster?" Cup Cake smiled at the two playing.

"Yeah." Twilight nodded. "I guess I got carried away and got in the moment with Spike." She felt her cheeks burn up even more at saying this.

"You weren't going too far at all. I honestly think you're doing the right thing with Spike playing with him and tickling him. It's actually a good start that you two got so close. What made you play with him by the way?" Cup Cake turned round and tended to the jars and items she brought up and continued to listen to Twilight.

"I don't know." Twilight paused.

"You just felt like playing with him? I get that sometimes, you can't explain it, but you just want to play with him and make sure he has that pretty little smile on his face?" Cup Cake let out a chuckle and continued on with her items.

"Yeah! That's it!" Twilight nodded and then paused again, looking a little confused. "Wait, how do you know?"

"Oh. When I play with the Twins, Pound is always the first to come over and play with his favourite toy, we have such a nice time. Pumpkin comes over and then we all sit down and enjoy a film or sit together in the Nursery and just have a great time together like what you and Spike have been doing." Cup Cake finished what she was doing and turned and knelt down to get a look at Twilight and Spike.

Spike was busy resting himself over Twilight, while keeping his thumb in his mouth he latched onto his sister and rested his eyes. Twilight picked him up and wrapped her arms around him and slowly took her time to stand up, carefully trying not to wake her brother up in any case.

"What's that on the changing table. I saw you holding something." Twilight got up on her two feet and then walked over to the changing table to get a better look at what she brought up.

"Just some baby food and a bottle. I'm going to teach you how to feed Spike properly." She turned round with a smirk. "Even when he doesn't want to be fed."

"That sounds great, but..." She looked down again and nodded at the baby in her arms.

"Oh. We can do it later, we can sit down and have a chat in the kitchen while he rests. We have more planning to do!"

It was a little more lighter now. The curtains were wide open and the light coming from the sun poured through which lit up the entire kitchen. Cup Cake stood beside the kitchen worktop and had two bowls in front of her, one empty and one full of baby food. Also next to her was a small collection of fruits and creams all in their original packaging.

Twilight sat down on the table seat and took a light sip of her warm tea, lacking in sugar but full with milk just how she liked it. The Librarian let out a cute yawn and stretched her arms, slowly feeling her bones crackle and her muscles stretch painfully.

"You seemed a lot more happier after our little talk Twilight. I'm proud of you, no. Surprised even that you went to Spike so quickly." Cup Cake picked up a knife and a banana and chopped it up on a cutting board.

"Thanks." Twilight put her arms down on the table and took another sip of her tea. "What are you doing by the way?"

"I'm going to see if Spike would like some tasty banana cream puree. Pound likes it when I add in a little bit of fruit into his morning breakfast and I'm going to see if Spike likes a little banana with his ceam puree. I've got a few more vetegables from your cupboards and I hope you don't mind me experimenting with his babyfood." She then put the chopped banana pieces into the baby food and mixed the two together inside the bowl.

"It's okay Mrs. Cake, I can buy a lot more where that came from." Twilight put her tea down and chuckled a little.

"I was also wondering if Spike would like another playdate with Pound and Pumpkin? He seems to be getting along and my two little bunnies can't seem to get enough of him whenever they're together. How about going to the park this afternoon when things around town have died down? I know a perfect little spot that Fluttershy told me about that's quiet and perfect for a little picnic." Cup Cake proceeded to use the knife as a temporary spoon, mixing and squishing the banana into tiny little lumpy pieces mixed deeply with the cream.

Twilight didn't respond at first and thought about the offer, to make herself look busy, she took another sip of her tea which got her a little more time. She thought about going around town, but then thought about Spike and the bonding they needed to do.

"That's nice and all. I'd love to go... But... I want to spend a little time with Spike first. Not that I don't want to go or anything. Do you think we could do a picnic on another day when me and Spike are... You know?" Twilight's mind was clouded, she couldn't think of what to say at all, but she also didn't want to upset Cup Cake.

"That's understandable, Twilight. Maybe we can go tomorrow or the day after that? But you're right about getting a little closer to Spike. I can pull a few strings on my personal schedule and change it round. No need to worry." Cup Cake didn't turn round to speak, she was too busy with the food.

Before the conversation could continue, a loud wailing noise could be heard by both Twilight and Cup Cake, they stopped what they were doing and looked at each other quizically. They knew what was happening, Cup Cake stopped what she was doing and went to the kitchen door and leaned out to hear more of the crying coming from upstairs.

"I'll go." Twilight got up from her seat and slowly headed out of the kitchen, leaving Cup Cake to continue with the food. She walked through the living room and felt the noise in her ears get louder and louder with every step.

She reached the stairs and took a deep breath.