• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Unexpected Arrival - GlitchyProductions

When the Sparkle family falls apart, Twilight is thrown in the middle of the chaos by having to look after her baby brother Spike.

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Feeding Time

When Twilight first entered into the kitchen she felt a sensory overload enter her body, feeling the heat from the ovens and the light coming through the windows, smelling the delicious food that Cup Cake had made and finally saw the tons of baby food on the wooden table in the middle of the room. She slowly walked over to the table and inspected the first bowl closest to her.

A bowl full of typical baby mush mixed together with the banana pieces that she saw Cup Cake use earlier along with a bottle full of milk right next to it. But it smelt very sweet for baby food, not the type of thing that Twilight had in mind for giving Spike at all.

Cup Cake then entered the room still keeping Spike close to her chest, she walked past Twilight and put her baby brother down in the high chair opposite her. He was quickly strapped in and protected by the plastic tray attached on the top of the chair. Spike wiggled a little in his seat and happily let out of a series of gurgles and happy moans to signal it was time for breakfast to start.

"I bet you're ready for some delicious food." Cup Cake put her fingers through Spike's hair and playfully messed it up.

Spike let out a cheer and kicked his legs randomly, he put out his arms and reached for whatever Cup Cake was going to give him.

Cup Cake walked over to the table and immediately noticed that Twilight had her head down on the table, eyes closed and arms folded like a student sleeping in class. She picked up the food she made and the bottle and placed it on the plastic high chair tray.

"I hope you like banana's and cream, this has all the little nutrients you need to grow into a strong healthy boy." Cup Cake proceeded to pick up the spoon out of the bowl and take a little slop from the bowl and then aimed it at Spike's mouth.

As the spoon got closer to his mouth Spike quickly shut his lips closed and turned his head away and smacked his hands against the plastic tray.

Cup Cake knew what Spike was doing, he was outright simply refusing the food. If her knowledge and experience with the Twins helped her, she knew that this wasn't her place to do something like this with another baby. She put the spoon back in the bowl and turned round, leaving Spike to head over to Twilight.

"Twilight... Twilight dear, I think someone wants to be fed and he wants you to do it." Cup Cake put her hand on Twilight's shoulder and gently shook her to wake her up.

Soon enough, Twilight opened her eyes and raised her head off the table and blinked. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Cup Cake.

"Sorry Cup Cake, I must have fallen asleep again." She raised her arms in the air and stretched them outwards, then a big yawn followed which she tried to cover with her hands.

"Spike isn't eating his food again, I wanted to see how you and him work together when it comes to food. Can you please show me how you try and feed him?" Cup Cake asked.

"Sure." Twilight got out of her seat and walked over to the high chair. She didn't even have to notice what her baby brother was doing because it was obvious.

He slammed his hands on the plastic tray and kicked his legs without coordination like usual. But he never touched the food or the bottle, instead he looked up at Twilight and spat out a series of gurgles and gibberish and lifted his arms wanting to be lifted up.

Twilight paused for a moment and slowly lifted the tot out of his seat and held him tight close to her chest.

"Do you feed him while carrying him?" Cup Cake asked.

"No. I just sit him down in the high chair and I give him the food, I mean... I usually just put the food next to him and I try and feed him but he doesn't like it. He just wants his bottle all the time." Twilight replied.

Cup Cake took the information she was told and crossed her arms curiously, but placed one hand under her chin and began to think.

"He just wants milk all the time? Hm... What did your Mom do when she looked after him, that is, if you know." Cup Cake put her hands back down to her sides.

"Uh..." Twilight felt another twinge in her stomach, there was something she knew that no one was supposed to know, but there was no way out of this. She let out a sigh and slowly put Spike back into his high chair seat. "My Mom used to y'know... breastfeed Spike when he was few months old, he was so used to it that when I took him under my care he just wanted milk all the time. I did manage to get him to eat a little bit of baby food if that helps."

Cup Cake put a hand back on the bottom of her chin and rubbed it slightly, she looked at Spike still raising his arms in the air and then turned to Twilight.

"Did you ever-"

"No." Twilight quickly shook her head. "I've never done anything like that, I swear. Besides, I don't think I'll ever do that." She let out a nervous chuckle and took a few steps back. It was obvious to Cup Cake that the Librarian was hiding something, she smirked and crossed her arms.

"Twilight. It's okay to tell the truth, I'm not going to make fun of you or anything silly. I've done that with Pumpkin and Pound when they were born, it's natural." Cup Cake took little steps over to Twilight and wrapped her arm round Twilight's chest and pulled her in for a hug.

"Promise you won't tell anyone." Twilight pleaded.

"I promise." Cup Cake nodded.

"I mean... Well... I just wanted to get on the right track with Spike and I tried to do what my Mother did... I didn't know it was going to be that weird, but he just kept on asking and asking but I only did it once. I swear! But he kept on crying so I gave him the bottle instead, but he won't stop crying for me." Twilight broke out of Cup Cake's hug and stood away from both the Baker and her baby brother, she felt tears running down her eyes but she didn't want anyone to see so she covered up her eyes with her hands.

"Twilight, it isn't bad that you breastfed him, that is a sign on bonding in some cases, and it's also a reason why he isn't accepting normal baby food. He should be eating baby food normally but feedings like that are less common as he starts to grow. I can't speak for you when it comes to something like this, but you need to sort this out with Spike alone." Cup Cake let out a sign and looked at Spike, still wiggling around in his high chair trying to break free.

"I guess you're right Cup Cake, thanks." Twilight still felt horrible to say the least, that sick feeling in her stomach was coming back but she still managed to smile at the baker for her kind words.

"I think giving him his bottle for breakfast should keep him going for a little while, I can put my special food in the fridge for later if you like." Cup Cake picked up the bowl and headed over to the fridge, she opened the door and put it on a tray next to a pair of baby bottles which happened to be filled with milk.

"I can take him into the living room now." Twilight walked over to Spike and smiled a little when her baby brother started making noises as she got closer to him. Her hands wrapped around his chest and he was soon lifted out of his seat and latched onto Twilight's chest.

"You do that. I'll clean up the kitchen." Cup Cake closed the fridge and reached for her apron knot and tightened it. A look of determination came on her face and she proceeded to pick up all the utensils and tools used to make the special food and put them in the sink, one by one.

Twilight walked into the living room and headed straight for the couch, with Spike delicately wrapped in her arms she carefully walked at a slow pace to try and hold on to the baby bottle she held under her arm pit.

She sat down and loosened her grip on Spike the second she sat down, the infant quickly let go of Twilight and started to put his fingers into his mouth. His feet continued to kick randomly but his arms were kept still. Twilight picked up the baby bottle and handed it to Spike, he instantly took his fingers out of his mouth which caused a thin string of drool to drop from his mouth and onto her sleep wear.

He grabbed the bottle off Twilight and shoved the amber nipple into his mouth and began to suckle the delicious milk that came out of it.

With Spike now being topped up with his breakfast, Twilight leaned her head back on the chair and felt a little bit of comfort knowing that her baby brother was content. She could feel him squirming around on her lap constantly dropping the bottle and picking it up again to suckle on.

She looked turned her head still keeping it laid back and rested on the top and looked out of one of the many windows in the living room. The first thing she noticed that it was raining outside, a light pitter patter of weather wouldn't hurt anyone. But she noticed a strong gust of wind going through the trees planted in the street outside.

Spike dropped the bottle for a final time, this time, not on his sisters lap but he rolled it over and it fell to the floor causing a loud bang. The tot giggled and clapped his hands at the noise it made and crawled off Twilight's lap and explored the rest of the couch without her noticing where he was going.

His journey across the couch was very short lived when a pair of hands soon made their way under his belly and picked him up, Spike found himself back on his sisters lap with her looking down at him.

"Where do you think you're going?" Twilight playfully asked. "Are you trying to escape?"

Spike didn't reply, he let Twilight put him back down on her lap and then decided to crawl his way over to where he pushed the pillow off. But the second he left Twilight's lap he was instantly picked back up and put back down on her legs and this time he was locked in her arms.

"Still trying to escape, are you? I think you need to be taught a lesson by someone very special." Twilight smirked for a moment before feeling her grip on the infant becoming challenged, he kicked and swung his arms round without coordination and tried to break free of his prison, but he wasn't doing a very good job of it.

"Here he comes..." Twilight cooed, slightly leaning forward and ever so close to Spike's head. "The tickle monster!"

Twilight pounces her fingers towards Spike and dug into his sides and began to tickle him in no other way she had done before. With Spike kicking and screaming in delight he fell on his back and tried to grab his sisters big hands that dug into him.

"I bet you like that, huh? Ooh, he's gonna get you and tickle you silly!" Twilight having too much fun with what she was doing, she continued to tickle him for one last time and stopped when tears came from Spike's eyes. But Twilight then noticed something when she took another look at her baby brother.

His laughter seemed to die down pretty quickly, unlike the other times he had been tickled he continued to laugh well after she finished playing with him. Spike had his hands on his belly and looked a little bit upset, the look of his face felt like he was trying to communicate with her.

"Are you alright Spike? Is something wrong?" Twilight spoke to her brother, putting a hand behind his back to lift him up onto his bottom.

Spike didn't respond, but he still kept his hands on his stomach as tears slowly made their way down his face. He then raised his arms, requesting to be picked up.

"Ba-Ba!" Spike whined.

"You want your bottle? But you just had some milk, why would you want anything el-" Twilight paused for second and just realized what he wanted from her. She picked him up quickly and lifted him up so that they were both face to face. "Listen buster, this isn't going to happen again and you know it won't. I'm to bre-"

Suddenly, Spike let out a long burp in front of Twilight's face, she could feel the air coming out of his mouth and she quickly recoiled in slight disgust.

"Eww!" Twilight leaned her head back and shook off the fact that he belched in her face. Spike on the other hand had a big grin on his face, he let his arms and legs dangle from Twilight's grip and exhaled.

"Aah..." Spike looked more relaxed now after doing that.

"So you wanted me to burp you? Oh. Right, because of the bottle, silly me." Twilight felt her cheeks warm up and go a bright red, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Before anything else could be don, Twilight heard footsteps coming from the kitchen, soon enough, Cup Cake entered the living room and stood between the door hinge that connected the kitchen to the living room. Twilight looked up and noticed that Cup Cake wasn't smiling.

"What's wrong?" Twilight asked the baker.

"It's eleven o' clock, Twilight, sadly I've got to go home and work on some delicious treats. The Sugarcube Corner is going to open in an hour and I need to get ready, Pinkie Pie and Carrot Cake are probably wondering where I am. Sorry about this, I didn't know time went so quickly when you're having so much fun." Cup Cake walked into the living room and made her way over to the couch, but didn't sit down.

"Okay. If you have to go and set up the shop I don't mind, do you think you'll be able to come back later?" Twilight asked.

"I don't know. Today is Wednesday, isn't it. So business is going to be pretty, well... busy. I also promised I'd teach Pinkie Pie how to use the special oven today, hope that isn't a disappointment at all that we have to cut things so short. I'd spend the rest of the day with you but I need to go." Cup Cake leaned down and ruffled up Spike's hair, he cooed a little and drooled all over himself.

"What am I supposed to do with Spike? I mean... looking after him, that is. Do I still need to experiment with the foods and bond with him?" Twilight asked the baker.

"Oh, Twilight, I'm sure you'll do an excellent job, look, if I'm not able to come back tomorrow I can atleast promise that you can talk to me on the phone when I'm working. And don't worry about looking after Spike, you're a smart girl, you'll know exactly what to do." Cup Cake leaned back up and stopped playing with Spike and headed over to the front door. "I cleaned up the kitchen and wrote down the ingredients for that special food I made, the notes are on the table if you start looking for them."

Cup Cake opened the front door and slowly walked out, she closed the front door, leaving Twilight and Spike on their own. A silence came over the library with only the pitter patter from the rain to stop the void. Spike lay still with his head rested on Twilight's stomach and kept his thumb in his mouth.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

This is the last chapter before I start to write the story a little bit differently to help create a relationship between Spike and Twilight, in the comments section I mentioned that there would be a passage of time involved, but it's up to the reader if they'd like to guess how long the difference between each chapter is.

Please understand for those that don't, this isn't the end of the story, I'm going to change how the story progresses to show off random events that involve Twilight and Spike. Like one-shots that all connect, if that makes sense.

I also had a few problems behind the scenes wise, my computer was being an ass, so if there is any spelling mistakes or whatever then please tell me.