• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Unexpected Arrival - GlitchyProductions

When the Sparkle family falls apart, Twilight is thrown in the middle of the chaos by having to look after her baby brother Spike.

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A Talk

It was dark outside to say the least. Her journey from the Sugarcube Corner was longer than expected, she didn't want to get home straight away to get on with the plan or try and fix everything as fast as she could. A simple walk at dusk watching the shops close and the street lights turn on was relaxing. Her mind was taken off the usual routines and focused more on the rest of the town and how it changed in just a few minutes of darkness. The moon slowly rose up past the mountains peeking its top for the surface dwellers to see its glory.

Her happiness felt short lived when she felt the weight of the stroller she had been pushing for the last thirty minutes was starting to wear on her. Though she was near the Library and was more than ready to eat dinner and go to bed she wanted to sit down for a moment and feel the cold breeze and soak in the atmosphere. It couldn't be explained but she loved the transition of a busy town slowing down as the darkness creeps over and gives the wanderers to head home and turn on their lights.

Nearby was a small bench. Luckily no one Twilight knew was nearby and she pushed the stroller a little more and sat herself down on the wooden seat. She turned the stroller round to the front and saw Spike wrapped up in a cream blanket with a little image of a yellow ducky sown on the front. In mouth was a bottle filled to the brim with warm milk, he didn't care about anything else, his eyes were fixated on the bottle more so than the adult in front of him.

Twilight smiled a little despite the pain in her legs growing, she reached in and slowly moved her fingers through the infants spiky green hair. But she stopped as soon as Spike quickly shook his head and made a loud grunt. He went back to suckling on his bottle and once again locked his eyes on the milk inside.

Typical, this is how it went nearly every time Twilight put her hands anywhere near him. It was like he didn't want to be touched by her at all.

"Spike." Twilight kept her smile. "Do you want your ba-ba?"

The infant didn't reply or even acknowledge what Twilight said and continued to suckle on the bottle.

Instantly the sinking feeling came back to Twilight faster than she imagined. She leaned back on her seat and rubbed her forehead and felt the pain in the head explode. Her eyes closed and concentrated on the pain until it slowly started to disappear.

"Oof... Why can't you just listen to me Spike... We're in the same boat together and we've got to stay together and cooperate. I know its such a big and difficult change to accept but we need to get through this... Because... Because... I don't think I can... Okay? I don't know. You're adorable and all, but we need to find a way to stick together because I need to look after you. And I don't think you like that, we've only known each other for three months and I'm sorry I never visited you when you were first born."

Twilight opened her eyes and looked at the infant but her words did nothing. Spike still had the bottle in his mouth but he was sleeping sound suckling on the nipple despite the bottle still having half of its contents inside. Twilight put her hands on her lap and felt her lip quiver slightly.

"I'm crazy..." She mumbled. "Talking to a baby about survival... He needs me if he wants to get by in life. But what have I got?" She felt her arms shake at the thoughts that came into her mind. Home was the only thing she needed now.

Twilight got up from her seat on the bench and grabbed hold of the stroller and began to push it down the street towards the library. Constantly breathing inwards and outwards slowly to calm herself down.

A weak light came through the cracks in the curtains. All lazily draped over to try and close the windows without much of an attempt to even care. Some kept hooked to the sides allowing more light from the Moon to come in and shine though the darkness. Twilight didn't even have the strength to care about the windows any more, her thoughts were scrambled on what happened today and the things she read from the letter at the Cake residence.

Eyes wide open lying on her back in bed staring at the ceiling with both arms wrapped around her Smarty Pants plushy, one stroking the fake hair and the other on his stomach. She was out of her usual attire and now into her night wear, a knee length gown made out of a soft material, what was it? Twilight didn't know, but it felt nice.

She turned her head and looked at her answer phone placed conveniently next to her bed on her drawer, also with a glass of water and two white pills next to the glass. Twilight leaned up and let go of her Smarty Pants plush and reached for the pills and put them in her mouth, letting them rest on her tongue. She then went for the glass of water and took a gulp which caused the pills to flow down her throat without a problem.

The empty glass was put back next to her answer phone and noticed a number on the front glowing a bright red.

You have received new messages today!

Would you like to hear them?

Press the play button to hear them in order.

Twilight pressed on the play button and a voice began to play from the speaker on the side.

"You have... Five... New messages..."


"Hello Twilight. It's me, Rarity. I was wondering how you've been since you came back from Canterbury. I came round yesterday and knocked but no one seemed to answer the door. Though I heard Spike crying inside and I thought you were busy dealing with the little rascal so I decided it would be best if I left and decided to leave you a message if you didn't want guests bothering you at that time. I wish to speak to you about Sweetie Belle baby sitting little Spikey-Wikey for you since she is interested in taking a part-time job as a baby sitter, though I tried convincing her that the singing she does is a better choice she refused to listen and pressed on for the job application. If you can reply that would be swell.

See you soon, Rarity."


"Hey Twi' guess who? No really, guess who? Anyways. Hey sorry for being a buzz kill a few days ago, didn't know I had that much cider. Guess those Jager Bombs didn't help either, huh? Well if you're not busy I was wondering if you'd like to come to my place and listen to the new Wonderbolts album and drink loads of booze. Also got a poster of Soarin' nude up in my bedroom, too hot for words man. Can't wait for another rockin' night. Shame you've been busy. Can't wait to catch up.

Hope we get loaded soon, Dashie."


"Hello Twilight...




Sorry. I didn't know if I was supposed to speak yet, uh, I wanted to know if you needed anything... Um, for Spike, I mean. Since I found some money that I wasn't using and I thought it would be nice if he needed new shoes or something pretty. Does he like rattles at all? I think babies like rattles... I don't actually know, sorry. Angel told me to look under the couch today and he found some bits and all sorts. I know you're upset over your Mommy and Daddy, but you still have us, right?




I mean, I know how important family is but I just wondered if Spike needed to be looked after if you wanted something done. Sorry for wasting your time if you say no, I understand perfectly.

Hope you have the time to listen to my message, but its fine if you can't. Uh... Thanks. It's from Fluttershy by the way."


"Hey Twi' Applejack here. It's the first time I decided to use one of these weird answer phone machines and I think I got it working. Dunno. Keeps on flashing loads of lights n' stuff. Anyways, just wondering how yer' holding up. Haven't seen ya' much these last three months 'cept for those few times when we get together one and a while. Me an' the girls all decided that we leave ya' to your family stuff like you said that one time. We shouldn't get gettin' involved since it'd make the problem worse. But if you can handle-" *bzzt*



Final message cannot be played.

Initiating callers location



Crystal Kingdom, Cadance.

Failed to load.

The machine turned itself off and the red lights died down and disappeared completely, though it was best said than done, the pills had kicked in by the first message and there lay Twilight locked in a fetal position with Smarty Pants clenched between her arms sleeping like a child with its favourite toy.