• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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Unexpected Arrival - GlitchyProductions

When the Sparkle family falls apart, Twilight is thrown in the middle of the chaos by having to look after her baby brother Spike.

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"You need to drink something Twilight. It'll keep your energy up. I doubt the lack of sleep has been helping you either. I could give you some of my delicious home made wheat bars if you want." Mrs. Cake picked up the cup of coffee and moved it closer to the other end of the table. There sat Twilight slumped down on her seat with her arms folded looking at the pieces of paper she pulled from the pocket. Although she heard Cup Cake, she didn't respond or bother to give her even the slightest acknowledgement.

Her eyes were fixed on the response to her letter. Scanning and reading every word carefully to make sure that not one mistake were to happen. She understood the words perfectly but she felt like there was a lack of feeling for the response she was given. The letter was just misery and it didn't surprise her at all.

Mrs. Cake on the other hand sighed in defeat and rubbed her hands together thinking of what to do next. Not wanting to get on the bad side of course, but she couldn't just sit there and let no conversation take hold. "Pinkie Pie told me you haven't slept in two days. That's a pretty long time. Is there anything you want to talk about? Did Spike keep you awake? Or was it the..." She stopped for a moment and gulped. "The other thing?"

Twilight didn't respond, though she took her eyes off the letter and lifted her head to look at Cup Cake. She didn't react right away but she stared deeply into her eyes and tried to pick out the right words to say. But it harder than she thought.

"What..." She mumbled. "What am I going to do?" Tears formed around her eyes and started to flow out they slowly made their way down her face. Cup Cake quickly got up and moved to the seat next to Twilight and wrapped her arm round her and pulled her in for a hug.

"This isn't fair! It isn't fair! It always happens to me! I swear to the Royals it always happens!" She burst out into tears and loudly yelled out for all to hear. She picked up the letter she had finished reading and ripped it into pieces and threw the remains onto the table. Cup Cake tightened her grip on Twilight and rocked her gently from side to side in an attempt to calm her down.

"It's okay Twilight. Everything is going to be just fine. Please calm down for me." Cup Cake, although confused at Twilight's rage looked at the torn letter pieces on the table and released her arm from around Twilight. "What did the letter say? Is everything alright at home? No one is here so you can tell me. But if you don't want to, then that's fine."

Thankfully Twilight did manage to calm down for the moment being and looked at the letter pieces. She wiped her own tears from her face and nodded. "I can't. Not yet... I need to get through this." She then looked at Cup Cake. "I want to see Spike."

"He's in the nursery with the Twins. Is something wrong with Spike?" Cup Cake asked.

"No." Twilight shook her head. "I just want to see him. That's all." She sniffled.

Cup Cake nodded. "Take your time dear. I'll be waiting right here if you need me. If not, I'm in the kitchen." She smiled.

Twilight didn't reply, she took off and went down the corridor and left the table to head for the Nursery. Mrs. Cake on the other hand took this moment in time to grab the pieces of the letter and pile them up to make the table clean. Not even daring herself to try and read the contents.

Twilight took a deep breath before even thinking of entering the Nursery. Her hands were on her hips and then paced back and forth and what to do once she entered. Her thoughts were clogged up with what was said on the letter and it just wouldn't leave her mind, the horrible, degrading, nasty words that couldn't leave her mind were as if they had a voice of their own. Twilight swore she could hear someone saying them, but that would be going too far.

She grabbed the handle and slowly opened the door trying not to disturb the infants in the room. The bright colours from the walls and the carpet were a mighty contrast to what Twilight's current state was. It was like someone was mocking her showing off the happy bright colours while she stood barren and decayed as the odd one out.

Twilight saw the toys and the stuffed fluffy animals scattered around on the floor, the changing table, the shelves full of baby supplies and all sorts of other items for the young ones. She headed over to the crib that was on the other side of the room and leaned over the wooden bar to take a good look at who was inside it.

Wrapped up gently in a nice thick cream coloured blanket were three babies all sleeping peacefully. The Cake Twins were bundled together, sticking with each other and in their own arms in a somewhat cute hugging position. On the other end of the crib was the other baby.

Spiky green hair and eyes to match perfectly was Spike himself. Donned in a light green onesie with his favourite purple pacifier shoved in his mouth also sleeping much like the twins, though he had a teddy bear wrapped in his chubby little arms to accompany him.

She didn't want to wake him up by all means but she felt worse than ever. The letter couldn't have lied at all, there was no way that something so horrible could happen. But it was there in black and white. Twilight had to pick her options and she couldn't bear looking at her baby brother like this.

Before Twilight could do anything she heard the door behind her slowly open to reveal Cup Cake making her way in.

"I'm sorry Twilight. I just wanted to check up on the twins to see if they're okay. I'll leave if you want me to." Cup Cake slowly backed out of the room but Twilight gestured her to stay. Cup Cake came back in slowly made her way over to the crib and stood beside Twilight looking rather worried.

"Is Spike okay? Does he need a change?" Cup Cake asked. "I'll be more than happy to do that for you."

"No." Twilight shook her head. "I just wanted to see him." She gulped. "Because of the letter... I don't know what to say..."

"Honey. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to." Cup Cake wrapped an arm around the Librarian and hugged her.

"Its just... It's too quick... The whole thing happened so fast... I don't know what to say. I don't want to point fingers or blame anyone for what's happened and especially anyone who isn't part of my family but... I think it was Spike that started the problem..." Twilight leaned down inside the crib and gently rubbed Spikes cheek with her fingers. The infant moved a little bit in his sleep but clenched tighter to his teddy bear.

"I don't understand. Spike is just a baby. What could he have done that... You know... Your family." Cup Cake was confused at what Twilight was saying. She continued on with her job and listen to Twilight while checking the Twins at the same time. But when she looked at Twilight she was at the verge of tearing up again.

"I'm not allowed to say." She whispered. "The Centerbury Court told me that I can't tell anyone that isn't involved in the whole problem any information. They said it could make problems worse if people try and defend one side or the other. Something like that, I can't remember what they exactly said."

"There's one of the problems." Cup Cake pulled the blanket up and equally gave it to Pumpkin and Pound so they were both covered up with the same amount. "Have you told anyone about your problems? Besides me. I know you came to me about parenting tips."

"I haven't spoken to anyone for three months." Twilight looked down and crossed her arms. "I just think I need to be alone so I can ponder on my thoughts and figure out how to look after Spike. I mean... He's always crying, He's always smelly, He's always noisy and I just can't get some sleep or even think about what I should do."

Cup Cake leaned back up and placed a hand on Twilight's shoulder. She looked up and noticed the smile on the Bakers face.

"Let me tell you something. People know for a fact that babies are always noisy and smelly, there are hardships, trail and error and many more mistakes you come across when you have to handle a baby. Even the twins can be a pain. But I think you haven't really bonded with Spike enough to know how important he is. The diaper changes, feedings and so on are just part of the experience. But when I'm always finished baking after a hard days work and I come to the Nursery..." She looked at the Twins. "They're always there for me even if they can't speak yet and just the sight of them being happy and carefree makes me happy that I've done my job right. That feeling of accomplishment can be heart warming and so much more."

The words sank into Twilight and she gripped on Cup Cake's hand and held it tightly. For a moment she smiled for a moment and looked back at Spike and felt a fuzzy feeling inside of her.

"I'm sure your parents are going through hard times like you've told me." Cup Cake continued. "But for all its worth, you have to overlook some of the details and go for what's really important. Your life here in Rumsville is very important to you, however, I'm not saying that you should ignore your parents. I think that constantly sending your parents letters about the whole situation and worrying willy-nilly over it is a little bit silly."

"I guess so." Twilight nodded. "All I've done since I was given Spike was just look after him and keep him in the crib with a few toys."

"I think if you go home and spend some time with Spike I'm sure he won't be such a problem. Once he trusts and feels safe with you then I'm sure he won't cry as much and you two can bond like what family is meant to do." Cup Cake nodded and put her other hand over Twilight's.

"Thanks. I feel a little better now." Twilight sighed and shook her head.

And with that, Twilight and Cup Cake left the Nursery together heading back to the Cafe to continue on with their drinks. For once, Twilight felt rather confident about the coming days. But only time would tell.

Author's Note:

On a personal level and for those who don't know. I recently took a massive break from writing and decided to call myself a retired writer in the sense from doing stories for FIMFiction. I have come back and to start myself off I wanted to make this small little story to try and get me back in the A-Game before anything serious goes on.

As for the structure of the story its going to be rather passive. The story isn't going to follow the problems that Twilight has with her family or even speak her troubles to others, but it is going to focus on the bonding between Twilight and Baby Spike.

So little random chapters following the more "memorable" moments between Twilight and Spike's bonding together as they go through a few problems here and there. The time period won't skip by months or years, just weeks or days.