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What do you do when Equestria falls to its own fallen? When danger is at the front of your door? To run away is to abandon what you have, but is it worth leaving behind? To stay is to endanger yourself and those around you, but is it worth your life? Will you cower behind your walls of security, or will you search for an answer. Will you succumb to the fate of many before you, or will you stand above the rest. Can you survive in this new, corrupted land?

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continue! :D I love it:pinkiehappy:

Lets bring this into a better light, good story so far

Looking good so far :pinkiesmile:

not bad keep it up:derpytongue2:

heh ya we all said YES DO IT!!!!!

I enjoy this.

it's a rly good writted story, the character and scenery are well described too.
It is a worth story to read and i will be waiting for the next chapter.

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