"What do you want, Discord?"

The question is so simple.

So why can't he answer it?

another ennui story to sit forgotten in the servers somewhere

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This story is a sequel to Eclipse

Page needs a vacation.

He's not getting a vacation.

What he does get, is... how do they put it? Brand new exciting opportunities.
He never wanted to be a Prince, nor to rule. But he's stuck with the job, which means having ponies relying on him.
So he's doing his best.
Which would be fine, except ponies seem happy to keep finding brand new ways to make it harder for him.

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Twilight is asked to deal with Princess Luna's new friend. In the process, she obtains an ongoing hatred for excessive dialogue and metaphor.

Rated N for Noir Monologues.

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It’s the graveyard shift at a gas station, and Its as boring as you could imagine. As two clerks try to endure the boring shift, the new flood of customers could make it all the more interesting for them.

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This story is a sequel to Farewell, Chrysalis

After wandering for a few years after meeting Chrysalis, the globetrotting stallion takes a detour to Silver Shoals for a quick reprieve from his travels. At the end of his brief respite and before he sets out to explore the domains outside of Equestria, the globetrotting stallion is met with ponies he's known ever since his youth.

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Delving back through the depths of time, mysteries abound, uncovering the veiled origins of everything we think we know. Journey back to a world before Equestria was founded, before the dark forest of Everfree blighted the land.

What shaped the land of ponies all those millennia ago? This is a tale of love turned to jealousy and then hate. Of sacrifice and vengeance. Of pain and desperation in the face of overwhelming power. Was all of it justified? You be the judge.

Lingering questions demand answers: What compelled the forging of the Elements of Harmony? Why have the ponies of Equestria been kept oblivious to their own ancient past? What dark secrets were too terrible to be passed down through the generations? What truly corrupted Sombra and led to Luna's tragic fall from grace? Most importantly, who set all of this in motion, and is everypony safe from it happening again?

Thanks to everyone I've worked on the lore of the saga with over the years.

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After a few moons in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle has confirmed that everypony there is indeed crazy. But it's a fun kind of crazy, one she's come to appreciate.

She's much less appreciative when it comes to madness waiting for her back in Canterlot.

Cover cobbled together from this vector and this site for escape rooms. Rated Teen for Lunar ribaldry. Preread by Speckle.

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After Celestia humiliates her at a dinner, Luna storms off and ends up snooping around in her sister's room. There, she stumbles upon the journal Celestia kept immediately after the banishment of Nightmare Moon.

Cover art by bunnish on dA.
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Featured on Equestria Daily on August 22, 2013.

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Well Let's see how Alastor handles Equestria maybe this will end well or the opposite only time will tell So... s̶̛̖̬̙̲̉̽͛̏̿̇͠t̵̡̝̗̭͓͈̒̈́́͛͊͒ḁ̵̳̟̗̥̤̠͙́̈̚ͅý̶̱̽̆͌̐͊̇̚͜͠ ̷̟̝̊̀ṯ̶͂u̴̩̎̌́̑̔̈́n̸̩̹̬̤͝e̴̡͍̖̖̫̦͖̘͖̽̉̓~̶͍̻͙̂͆͝

P.S Some characters like Celestia & Luna will come in further chapters alongside more profanity

Disclaimer these characters are not mine Alastor belongs to Vivziepop alongside some lines, some of the lines in this are from the comic A Day in the Afterlife of Alastor and from the show's pilot, the MLP characters are also not mine they belong to Hasbro

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This story is a sequel to The Essence of Magic

When the maelstrom of magic remains ever turbulent, will the moon be able to turn the tide?

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