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Pain · 8:01pm Dec 14th, 2016


I wonder what it's like to feel
The slice of the whip upon my back
The slap of the stick upon my feet
The burn of the wax upon my skin.

I've never really been into the pain side of BDSM,
But then again
My love of BDSM is all talk
And no play
Because I am a wimp.

And yet, I wonder, because
I have never had an ounce of willpower or a modicum of self-control.
I have always been lazy and disorganized.
Off medication, I accomplish nothing

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A little extra. · 6:28pm Sep 24th, 2017

For those of you who follow "A Naughty Prank" I added a little something extra to chapter one, I'm thinking of doing the same to chapter two as well.


To Be Continued · 1:44pm Jul 8th, 2020

So, I've decided to stop work on My Little Damsel..

The story was not engaging for me, and I simply did not wanna work on it without forcing myself, and I don't want that.

Does that mean there will be no more of Swift Bound and his adventures? Not at all, I'll just think I'll make short stories, different scenarios and girls each time. But for now, this part of his story is over, and I will write more another time.

So there is more to come, just not in the form that started it.


I need a beta reader for the next chapter · 9:05am Aug 19th, 2017

So while I'm working on the new chapter I want to maie sure this is a good direction it's going in, so I need a beta reader for Naughty Prank. If anyone is intrested please send me a pm.


New Story, The Gloomies · 7:37pm Jul 4th, 2019

Adagio Dazzle has 'the gloomies'.

That's what Sonata called the crippling depression and anxiety that had consumed her older sister since their failure at the Battle of the Bands.

The gloomies hit Adagio hard. The Battle of the Bands was her gamble, her play. It was her mistake, loss, her failure to live with.

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Oh Hey I'll Be at BABSCon (and the linked 2019 BronyCon blogpost at the bottom still applies lol · 9:13am Apr 14th, 2022

might even be somewhat sober for once. Did plenty of drugs last weekend in Mexico lol

anyway, hope we can hang out. Ways to reach me:
(714) 496-3119
Super Trampoline#6139 on Discord on FB Messenger although I'm currently Zucced on Facebook itself on Twitter
@mightybigifs on Instagram
We Don't Talk About Reddit, no no no

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Breaking Fluttershy · 11:19pm Aug 30th, 2016

This pic was commisioned by K9 Groomer. Thank you so much for the opportunity to for me to draw this for you K9.

It was a real doosy. 400 + layers lagging my laptop, too big to save on png for tumblr to accept and a real challenge to make it as tense as I could ( i could have done better...)

But I am glad to finally post this pic!


You Know What I Should Invent? · 6:28am Jan 19th, 2016

A chastity device (male or female model) that only unlocks each day after you've written a set number of words. That would up my word count!

Of course, how useful a motivational tool this would be is entirely dependent on your sex drive.

Also, I normally keep my love of pony and my love of bondage separate, but hot damn KRD draws some good shit. I totally didn't discover this after a search for "chastity" on derpibooru. <---LIES!


New chapter of S.M.M · 11:36am Jan 15th, 2017

Chapter two is up now everyone and I hope you all enjoy it. Chapter three will begin work tomorrow... Maybe.


I Think I Just Had The Darkest Story Idea I've Had Yet. (Sunset Shimmer is a sick monster) · 10:33am Jul 21st, 2015

Warning: Grimdark scenario detailed below. I may need a hug.

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Sometimes horny posting actually works · 8:55am May 13th, 2022

After days of hornily searching, I met an amazing just as weird as me nerd chick in the Reddit BDSM personals subreddit and she lives in LA and she also loves Wikipedia and is a writer and we talked for like 2 hours and she's going to domme my fucking ass in the future and I can't wait but even more importantly, I've made an amazing new friend. Today was a good day.

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