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I Think I Just Had The Darkest Story Idea I've Had Yet. (Sunset Shimmer is a sick monster) · 10:33am Jul 21st, 2015

Warning: Grimdark scenario detailed below. I may need a hug.

What if Sunset Shimmer was craftier and far more morally bankrupt than she is in the first Equestria Girls movie? What if she used Twilight's naïveté to lure her into a situation where she could kidnap the new human, then take her somewhere remote, interigate her for all the information she has to offer regarding Equestria, then kill her and dump the body somewhere where no one would ever find her. No one in the human world would even know anything was wrong, as Sunset could make up a story about Twilight moving or something.

Or maybe she would hold the humanized princess hostage as collateral and blackmail Celestia to get what she wants. Celestia would rather give up all her power than see her faithful student perish. Sunset shimmer wouldn't necessarily even need to hold up her end of any resulting bargain.

Inspired by this image, which is one of two you find when you search for "Sunset Shimmer" and "Kidnapping" on Derpibooru :twilightoops: (I was searching for a rated-e frivolous story.) :
Holy fuck what is wrong with me? Bronywriter, Bronystories, Horse Voice, and Kaidan would tremble at writing something like this.

Also, my love of BDSM is counterbalanced by a great fear of actual non-consensual bondage and bad ends. :pinkiesick:



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#2 · Jul 21st, 2015 · · ·

Holy fuck what is wrong with me? Bronywriter, Bronystories, Horse Voice, and Kaidan would tremble at writing something like this.

Don't flatter yourself.

3256941 No. I'm working on a very silly and stupid story where Rarity kidnaps Sunset Shimmer to perform a spell at one point, and upon seeing that picture, I thought, "You know, it would have been really easy for Sunset to just kill Twilight.

God fucking dammit I don't think I'm gonna get any sleep tonight.

In this scenario, Sunset's ambition and moral bankruptcy reach the point where she probably wouldn't be content with ruling over a high school. By this point, she's probably formed a literal cult of personality and is accruing every form of power she can get her hands on. Twilight probably wouldn't be the first body in her wake. Heck, Canterlot High might be a crater.

3256933 on further thought, Brony Writer does write about a lot of serial killers, and a BronyStories did do the 120 days of Sodom reimagining. I'm not super familiar with Kaidan's work, but I know horse voice, while he has had murdering his stories, is much more about psychological horror and probably would not touch this.

You're right, I mostly overestimated myself.

3257072 You know, there's a reason we've never seen Human Sunset Shimmer: The pony one replaced her.

3257018 sunshine has lived with a human body and access to weapons for over two years. Twilight sparkle has not.

Horse Voice ... would tremble at writing something like this.

Oh... you never read Biblical Monsters. :ajsleepy: Not to be competitive, but there are worse things than the bad guy winning.

Regardless, ideas like these tend to stick with you until you write them down. I say full speed ahead.

As a writer, it's your job to go too far. It's an editor's job to say, "Whoa, dude! Rein it in a bit!" :pinkiehappy:

You don't even get into the really dark stuff that train of thought leads to. Sunset Shimmer knows that she can ditch town and anything that she does is going to get blamed on her human counterpart, also there is a perfect duplicate of Celestia right there she can work out any frustrations about how she felt betrayed and/or abandoned by Princess Celestia.

Holy fuck what is wrong with me? Bronywriter, Bronystories, Horse Voice, and Kaidan would tremble at writing something like this.


Oh really? Maybe I should write that Doctor/Dinky/Derpy story, then, just to prove you wrong. Because that's 100% more messed up than anything you've ever imagined without being sexual or overly violent.

3268565 I got full of/terrified of myself when I made that comment. I appologize.

3268812 :pinkiecrazy: Trampoline's lack of respect for horror masters and social grace embarrasses all.

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