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The Greatest Ahuizotl Fic You've Never Heard of Has Updated Once Again! · 1:42am Feb 17th, 2016

One again, like a glorious ship passing passing silently in the night, The Trying Times of Ahuizotl has updated for the second time this month. Yes, I am tagging this post with my most popular fic in a shameless attempt to get some more of you guys to look at my current project despite neither having anything to do with each other nor are they even remotely in the same vein. A serious question of the morality of

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If the Trying Times of Ahuizotl had a Theme Song... · 1:14am Feb 15th, 2016

A dumb song idea I came up with that got stuck in my head and I am now foisting upon all of you! Some of the lyrics are admittedly stretched, but it's not like I spent oodles of time on it.

Performed by Ahuizotl himself

These little ponies…

These Impossible ponies!


These little ponies!

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Come and Get Your Ahuizotl Fix · 1:50am Feb 10th, 2016

The fanfic that does its best to make the best out of bad situations has officially updated!

Gave some advice to a hopeful writer and we talked about how Guardians of the Galaxy gets its audience immediately invested into Star-Lord (Pete Quill) with the opening credit sequence. Not trying to draw any direct correlations between the two. All I'll say is if you want some, take some. Come and read some more!

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Oh How Good it Felt to Write Ponywords Again! · 6:56am Feb 9th, 2016

Sometimes, you need to take a break from writing with more writing. Recharge the batteries with a different project altogether. That's why I started writing The Trying Times of Ahuizotl, to let myself have a break from Unraveling a Rainbow, which I still intend to write if I can find the time!

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Let's Talk - Does this Count as... A Crossover? · 1:21am Apr 3rd, 2018

Just thought you would all like to know that I recently posted by second Let's Talk episode on youtube. In this episode I discuss my story, Does this Count as... A Crossover, along with some of the concepts and ideas behind.

Warning there will be spoilers. :raritywink:

I hope you all enjoy. :twilightsmile:


Does this count as... A Crossover? Is Out! · 1:48am Mar 21st, 2018

I just released my story, Does this count as... A Crossover?

TDoes this count as... A Crossover?
It's the story of two fictional villains (or are they) coming together to kick plot, chew bubble gum and perhaps find love. It is such a shame they are out of gum.
Robipony · 15k words  ·  18  3 · 344 views

The story is for the Unexpected Meeting Contest, and will be finished before the deadline, March 25th. The chapters are already done, so I will release one chapter per day. There are three more chapters to go.

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Coming Soon to an Internet Near You: Rhythm and Rhyme · 2:27am May 29th, 2016

Because it's finally happening! Eeeeeee!

This is it! The story of Daring Do's continuing feud with Ahuizotl! The story of Button Mash's pursuit of a relationship with Sweetie Belle! The story of changelings and griffons, kidnappers and monsters, gods and mortals! The glorious return of all your favorite OCs from DayBreak! The epic conclusion to Part II of The Heart's Promise Continuity!

It'll take over a year to write, but hey, them's the breaks. :scootangel:

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Something Something Mumble Villains · 6:53pm Jun 22nd, 2015

Nightmare Moon
Pros: Well developed yet open to interpretation, (eldritch horror or knight templar?) strong visual design, interesting goals, seriously heartwrenching
Cons: Undermines self, hamminess hard to take seriously at times

Pros: Incredibly charismatic, pretty funny depending on the writer, rather competent, interesting goals
Cons: Conceptually flawed reformation, villain decay, humor sometimes makes him difficult to take seriously

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