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Why So Serious? Spin-off ideas · 10:12pm Aug 12th, 2016

Joker here. Just thought I'd drop in and ask you guys for your thoughts on me doing Why So Serious? spin-offs set in the Assassinverse and Maretropolis in the future. Well? What say you?


Super "Villain" Sidekick Audition · 10:00pm Apr 25th, 2020

So I have a story idea, involving Ahuizotl and Mable (Mane-iac's true identity) who are trying to steal some magical relics from some of the other villains in Maretropolis. As you can guess by this title, I am looking for an OC that can fit this role.

While only one of these characters will be chosen, there will be an "audition" chapter, so I will probably feature 3-4 others. Of course, you will be credited for your characters.

-The character must be either a pony or a griffin.

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Who's Flipper Choco exactly? (Original Character Sheet) (UPDATING) · 12:33pm Sep 7th, 2018

So Flipper Choco's an original character made from the My Little Pony franchise, under the Power Ponies sub-universe. Of course, I've been busy trying to map out his personality, but it seems I can't put his overall appearance on a base. Not every OC has to start with a female one, right? ^_^

Here are the character details:

Name: Flipper Chocolate

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results