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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P

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    Ask Roseate More Questions...

    With the last chapter of Ask Roseate Grimsbane, drawing near the amount of time to ask her some questions is growing thinner and thinner. Soon that opportunity will be gone and who knows how long it will be before Roseate and her eldritch husband return.

    Thus I thought I would let you all know so that you may be given the opportunity to provide her with your wonderful questions.

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  • 4 weeks
    A Stray Thought...

    So as many of you all know, when I first joined this community, I was mostly in it for the grimdark aspects of the brony fandom, like Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Little Miss Rarity, Scissor Twilight, etc... This resulted in me writing various stories of a creepy nature.

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  • 5 weeks
    Ask Roseate Grimsbane Ch.12 is here...

    The 12th chapter of Ask Roseate Grimsbane is finally here.

    TAsk Roseate Grimsbane, the Witch
    NOT A CLOPFIC! Roseate Grimsbane is a unicorn mare who tries to live as peacefully as she can in Equestria, or as peacefully as you can when you're a witch and your husband is an eldritch being from outside our known universe. Ask her some questions.
    Robipony · 98k words  ·  71  4 · 1.2k views

    Will the children save Roseate and the town of Muleport from a dark fate or will all of Equestria be consumed by an eldritch horror? There is only one way to find out... by reading of course.

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  • 5 weeks
    Ch. 12 is right around the corner...

    So after some proofreading, editing and expanding upon chapter 12 of Ask Roseate Grimsbane, I feel that it is ready for release. So unless my editor(s) come back to me with something that I am not able to change/fix in time, I will be releasing chapter 12 this upcoming Tuesday.

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  • 7 weeks
    Oh look... an update!

    So I wanted to fill everyone in on a few things.

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Super "Villain" Sidekick Audition · 10:00pm April 25th

So I have a story idea, involving Ahuizotl and Mable (Mane-iac's true identity) who are trying to steal some magical relics from some of the other villains in Maretropolis. As you can guess by this title, I am looking for an OC that can fit this role.

While only one of these characters will be chosen, there will be an "audition" chapter, so I will probably feature 3-4 others. Of course, you will be credited for your characters.

-The character must be either a pony or a griffin.
-They can have superpowers so long as: A) They are balanced, B) you include the origin for how they received their powers.
-You need to include a backstory for your character (feel free to use this to explain the origin of their power).
-They must have a quirk.
-What is their reason for wanting to work for the Mane-iac?

Well, there is that. Have a good day.

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Comments ( 2 )

Name: heavy weight
Race: earth pony
Special talent: heavy lifting and heavy punches.
Reason for joining: his ex-wife left him and took everything so now he's desperate for money plus the health coverage is amazing.

Evening Star
Race: threstral
Personality: somewhat quiet, but also somewhat cold and sarcastic. Likes to read.
Power: she can manipulate/ create fire. This includes shooting fireballs. She's also fire resistant. Could walk into a burning house without a problem.
Reason for joining: She was bullied her entire life for being different. People were terrified of her power because when she was younger she didn't have full control of it, and sometimes hurt people. Also, she has an uncommon lack of strong empathy for a pony, so she has no qualms about doing harm to others if given a reason.

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