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    Welcome back to Question of the Week, the blog where I ask you all a question (or sometimes many questions) for the week. So let us begin.

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    Hello, sorry for the late blog post this week, I just had a hard time thinking of a good question to ask.

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    And now it's time for another question of the week. This week our question is...


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Discussing Ahuizotl and Mane-iac · 1:59am Apr 13th, 2020

As you can guess by one of my previous threads in this group, I really like the idea of shipping Ahuizotl and Mane-iac together. I think they are unique and interesting characters and I think there should be more stories pairing them together.

Personally I like to think that Mane-iac is a misunderstood villain. While Ahuizotl lied about bring about bring eight hundred years of heat to the basin as a way to intimidate ponies from stealing his treasure, Mable Mane (MAne-iac's true identity) plays the villain hoping to one day find the pony responsible for throwing her into the chemical vat. It is also possible that there might be two personalities running around in Mable's head, her own and the Mane-iac, which was born when she fell into that shampoo vat.

So I wanted to ask how you think these two would come together? Assuming that Ahuizotl was taken to Maretropolis (which we'll just say is in a different dimension based off of the Power Ponies episode) and was forced to live there, what do you think it would take for him to fall in love with the Mane-iac and vice versa? :derpyderp1:

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