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hello followers · 1:58am Feb 22nd, 2016

all 93 of you

if anyone
wants to
give me a shoutout
so that i have more than 93 followers
that would be great

i ship rarijack, sunlight, and flutterdash, and i like cosplay. i post blogs about cosplay sometimes, and i also occasionally post my art (some MLP, some not)
i write sometimes
i also am going to compete a poetry recitation contest on Saturday, but i dont think anyone cares about that
i like some anime

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Hey, guys! · 1:32am Aug 2nd, 2016

How have you guys been? My day has been pretty awesome and sober! This morning, I woke up and went to a workshop to start my college applications. When I got home, I continued to read a book. Reading isn't always my cup of tea, but I can enjoy a good book every once in a while. Plus I feel obligated to read it since a good friend lent it to me over a year ago and I never returned it... :twilightoops: (twilight oops I think a :twilightohshit: would be

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THERE IS NO GOD NOW (But there's a contest!) · 7:50pm Sep 1st, 2017


writing ama · 1:26am Jan 7th, 2019

sorry for the lack of actual story updates manifesting! being busy and also 'writing-but-not-posting' because of the nature of the update means things are kinda slow, even if stuff's getting done. since there's nearly 600(!) of you watching me but not quite (i'll do something blog-wise for that then for sure) i figured i would do an ama anyway.

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Username? · 3:07am Jan 20th, 2016

Okay so I was thinking about possibly changing my username to nonbinarysunset.
Well I've had my "anonymousjedi" username for as long as I've had my fimfiction, and it referenced a previous username.
Also, I don't feel it represents what i want to be known for in the fandom. I have become much more punny since choosing anonymousjedi, and I feel like nonbinarysunset would be a great way to subtly nod to two of my favorite fandoms.

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Viewing 581 - 585 of 585 results