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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.

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My Little Pony: Motherhood Is Magic · 10:06am Nov 14th, 2018

Dear Reader,

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my stories. You all really make everything worthwhile for me. And, while I love you all dearly, there are two people in particular that I need to take a moment to thank.

Whenever I write a story, the theme of motherhood is always present. There is something so potent about the mother-child relationship and it's overwhelming love. The bond exists between all mothers and children across the world, and, in this case, all across Equestria. We have seen evidence of the mother-daughter bond time and again, from Derpy and Dinky to Windy Whistles and Rainbow Dash. Obviously I write Windy and Rainbow or alternatively Rainbow and Scoots more than anypony else for the simple reasons that not only is Dashie my favorite character, but the theme of unconditional support comes from them more than anypony.

The first person I owe thanks to is the most important one in my life. My baby girl, Raevyn. She is my light. She really keeps me going when things get hard. She brings me so much joy that it's incredibly hard to keep it all in. I love her more than anything or anyone in the world, and I need to say thank you to her.

Raevyn, you are my inspiration. You are the one who made me a mother. You've shown me so much of myself that I have found parts of myself that I didn't even know existed. You are the greatest joy of my life, and I thank any and every deity that could be listening that you came into my life. I don't know how I deserved such a blessing. You have taught me so much more than you will ever understand. But most importantly, you taught me the meaning of love.

Love is patient. No matter what kind of a day I am having, I will always make time for you. I will be there when you need me, even through the most difficult of times. I will put up with any and every antic you throw my way, because you mean the world to me.

Love is kind. I would give up anything and everything for you. If you need rent money, I'll give you every cent I have. If you need a bus pass, you've got it. If you need gas money, I'll make it happen. My one goal in life is to make sure you have everything you could ever need. And if you want something, just ask, and I will do anything and everything I can to make it happen, even if it means giving up things I want for myself, because you are far more important.

Love is grateful. I am grateful every time you look to me for comfort, or just to talk. I am grateful for every time you say I love you. I am grateful for any and every time the word "Mommy" has somehow come from you. It's the best part of my day whenever that happens. I am grateful for your second chances, your forgiveness, your brilliance, and your joy. You never cease to amaze me and fill me with hope that the world is a good place, and for that I am always grateful.

Love is infinite. It never stops, no matter how much time has gone by. It exceeds time and generations, it heals the deepest wounds, and it bridges the longest distances. I don't care how far apart we are now, or ever will be. My love will always find you and keep you warm, even on the coldest day.

To me, you are what love is. And even though you may not always need me, knowing that you want me is absolutely everything to me. I know in my heart that you were everything I ever needed. You filled the gaps in my heart. You drove out the dark when it became too much. And you brought me endless laughter and joy. But most importantly, you gave me love. Infinite, boundless, endless love.

Thank you for teaching me, and giving me those things, sweetheart. :heart:

The second person to whom I owe thanks is Twidashdiaperlover AKA my amazing friend Josh. Josh, you are an amazing friend. You come up with great story ideas, let me vent when I need to, and make me laugh. You understand my position as an ABDL parent, something no one else has been able to do. I would have never met you were it not for my being an ABDL mommy. You make me feel accepted, and show me that you can meet friends in the most random places, but they end up being the best things that ever happened to you. You are so comfortable with who you are, and I could stand to learn a lot from you. You never let fear stand in your way. You are the bravest guy I know for taking on everything you have. Hell, You are this world's Rainbow Dash, and you KNOW I don't say that lightly. You listen to me, encourage me, and put aside your own discomfort at times for me. As Pinkie Pie once said,

"The greatest gift you give to me
Is more precious than gold,
Never ended, always mended
And it can't be bought or sold"

You have given me the gift of friendship, and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. So thank you, Josh. For everything.

And thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to like, comment, favorite, and read. I love you all. :heart:

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