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Scootablue 3 stories
  • Scootablue 3 stories Sad, sad, heart string-pulling stories of Scootaloo, all of my own creation.
    Created by Ribe_FireRain
    - October, 2015
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Yet another failed attempt at a new stunt lands Rainbow Dash in the infirmary once again. She is patched up and sent on her way, but as she is leaving the Ponyville Hospital, she catches glimpse of Scootaloo sitting alone in the waiting room, injured and upset.

Taking a seat beside her, she finds out what is wrong, plus something quite shocking and disturbing.

Featured - 03/10/2019 :rainbowkiss:

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Scootaloo is now a little older than the ambitious filly she used to be. Now more mature and aware of the world she lives in, her story is more than what anypony would expect it to be.

During a Family Appreciation Day at her school, an incident causes her to run out of class without warning in a mess of tears. Only when a very dear and close friend of hers comes after her to find that she has locked herself in the safe confines of her house does he find out the horrifying truth as to why she feels so hurt in the first place. Concealed feelings of affection ensue.

Teen for Themes.
Credit for the cover image goes to the rightful owner! (Chloe Hayes)

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Scootaloo may be young and brave, but when she enters a scooter race, an accident occurs and destroys her hopes along with her confidence for being the strong filly she's known to be. With friends, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, can she ever regain her confidence and get her dreams and hopes back on track?

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