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This story is a sequel to Andy and Pinkie Pie: Three Little Fillies

Andy has been thinking about how to break the news to Pinkie Pie that he has feelings for her, and he gets a golden ticket to the perfect opportunity to do just that by invitation to the Apple Family Reunion. He is in for a nervous and rather awkward night of meeting with some of Pinkie's friends and the Crusaders as he tries to figure out how to confess his feelings to Pinkie.

For once, will things look up for Equestria's only human? Find out for yourself!

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This story is a sequel to Andy and Pinkie Pie: The Acres

Andy may be friends with Pinkie Pie, but after his encounter with Applejack, he soon came to find that he has actually been developing feelings for her. Confused by these new and conflicting emotions, Andy heads towards Ponyville Bridge lost in thought, pondering on what the future holds.

Thankfully, there are three little fillies that come along to offer their thoughts on the matter!

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This story is a sequel to Andy and Pinkie Pie: Daydream

At Sweet Apple Acres, Andy, after telling Pinkie Pie about his family, finds himself sat against a tree as he watches the sunset, trying to collect his thoughts on his position in Equestria. Applejack soon finds him, and offers an open ear. Being a family orientated mare herself, she has some words to exchange with him.

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Andy has lived in Equestria for two years and his only friend is Pinkie Pie, the best friend of everypony. However, when Andy is working at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie always acts strangely around him for some reason and she is constantly getting on Andy's nerves.

One day, the truth is finally revealed.

How will Andy react?

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This story is a sequel to The Human Named Andy and a Devil Named Pinkie Pie

Seriously people, for the love of all that is holy, don't smoke! It's a rather...bad and addictive habit.

Andy is having a smoke whilst sat outside Sugarcube Corner and Pinkie Pie catches him in the act, prompting her to question Andy's actions.

God, she's so annoying! First the dough balls and now I have to explain myself to her? Christ, just give me a noose already! ~ Andy


Cover Art Credit - HelloEternity - Deviantart

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This story is a sequel to Andy and Pinkie Pie: Why Do You Smoke?

Andy just wants to chill out and have some time to relax during the weekend, yet he seems to have forgotten that he made a Pinkie Promise to Pinkie Pie, and when it is brought up, Andy lives up to his promise of telling the pink shadow of a mare why he has been so grouchy and unresponsive.


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I know quite a few of you have been waiting for this one and you have also maybe been wondering when I was going to wake up and get on it. Well, quit your jibber-jabber! Here it is! It's not the last one I'm going to write (maybe) and it might just give you a stomach ache, hence the romance tag. However, the dark tag is added because the topic is a little down there, yet it isn't too terrible, if I might say so.

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