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This story is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts of Harmony: The Other Side

The weight of Sora's failure at the keyblade exam weighs heavy in his heart. In his sullen despair, a gateway to a new world with creatures had never seen before would open to him, calling for help.

Tasked with becoming their hero of light, will Sora be able to become the hero he was always meant to be or will his own darkness take it all away?

Part of the KINGDOMHEARTSVerse


Rated T for suggestive theme.


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Chapters (38)

Hearts and Hooves Day is fast approaching, and Canterlot's newest musical star is without a date. Reluctantly, Sweetie Belle agrees to let her manager set her up on a blind date--after all, what's the worst that could happen? But when she arrives to the designated restaurant on February the 14th, Sweetie is shocked to find herself sitting across from a familiar orange and purple pegasus!

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Reports of strange, almost sentient storms have been trickling into Canterlot from all over Equestria during the past month, and Princess Celestia has noticed an uncanny similarity between each of these reports. Every time one of these storms appears, it is clear that these storms are hunting for something.

Despite the obvious connections between each of these occurrences, it is unclear as to what it is that the storms in question are searching for. Unclear, that is, until tragedy befalls one of the Elements of Harmony. The remaining five ponies must hurry to uncover the answers to some very fundamental questions, all the while fighting to protect the remaining Elements.

However, in order to do so, they will have to dig down to the age-old fundamentals of good and evil, learning things about themselves that might have been better off left unlearned...

-Not every cloud has a silver lining, but everything good has something evil to go along with it.-

Chapters (17)

War comes to Equestria: with despair, with starvation, with suffering and with sacrifice. And the ponies must learn how to keep true to their values while surviving not just the rigors of battle, but the desolation of total war.

Chapters (37)