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Rainbow Dash walks through the deserted, snowed streets of Ponyville, looking for a place to get warm and finds herself at the door of the local library. Even in the coldest of winter days, warmth can be found, and, as she soon figures out, there are many ways to share your warmth with another.

Some more special and meaningful than others.

A heartwarming story during the cold winter months. Contains feel-good TwiDash shipping

Credit for the picture goes to NyuuChanDiannePie on DeviantART

Edited by: Inumaniac & Shumiry

Chapters (3)

Pinkie Pie's been to a lot of weird places, but Gravity Falls is the weirdest yet!

Chapters (4)

A single changeling is cut off from the swarm during the attack on Canterlot. She's discovered by Vinyl Scratch and adopted as a pet. How will Wubsy the changeling, Vinyl, and Octavia cope when the town develops Changeling-phobia? Will Wubsy ever be able to prove her good intentions and stay with the mare she's grown so attached to? Rated Teen for off-page lesbian pony make-out session.

My bid to make "Wubsy" a more official part of the fannon. Check the source of the fic image to see the comic that started it all.

A gracious thank you to GarlicParsnip, Comma-Kazie, Chengar Qordath, JJ GingerHooves and Steel Resolve who proofread and co-authored the piece.

Chapters (13)

Alex, a some what ordinary teen, had his whole life changed when he finds a young woman in the woods. Alex soon finds the young woman is not from his world, but is Fluttershy a pony from the show My Little Pony. And on top of that, Chrysalis is also let loose in his universe. The gates of the guardians have awoken. Can you show An Act of Kindness?

Chapters (7)