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Guarding a library at night is one thing,
but waking up a princess that's over ten times your size...

Author's (strange) inspiration: I'm kinda hittin' a brick wall with my other stories, so here's one that came to me during a late at night browsing of pictures.

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Hi there everypony! My name is Twilight Sparkle and I just got this letter from my good human friend, Anonymous. I thought I would share with you guys his fantastic news! I'm so happy for him. Here, read his letter for yourselves!

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Once a Princess, now a Lord, Ember sends a letter to Princess Twilight to a situation that involves Spike. The letter seems serious and the dragons are already on their way. What could it entail about Ember's journey to Equestria? What does it mean for Spike?

Update: A NSFW version... has appeared! Those whom wish to explore the... freaky side, follow the link! Dragon Tails
Featured 4/17/2016!

The Follow up sequel called The Dragon Lord's Legacy can be found here! here

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