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It seems that Twilight has finally finished reverse engineering the transformation magic of the changelings! oF course, she immediately sees to sating her curiosity.

A Patreon Tier reward.

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This story is a sequel to Horsefeathers!: A Matter of Taste.

As exhilarating as her last experience walking in the claws and paws of a griffon was, Twilight of course decided to continue her research, this time intent on learning more about the art of Inter-species friendship. While this research may not be strictly scientific, she has fun with it nonetheless.

Another Patreon Reward ^^

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A commission for user Yakopak, wherein Rainbow Dash and the newly displaced resident human share a chill bro moment over some wholesome family-friendly hallucinogenic drugs.

Audiobook by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan can be listened to Here!

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Jasper Mountebank is a well-to-do merchant of the Victorian period. he loves his tea, he loves his evening walks, and he loves to have everything in its place, as any gentleman should.

But when Discord, in a last-ditch effort to spread chaos beyond his defeat, drags him from his home with the intention of creating chaos in his absence, He learns that in this new world the place of any human, even a gentleman such as himself, is not so clear cut.

A Commission of thus far indeterminate length for an anonymous benefactor. Currently Capped at 30'400 words. if you would like to contribute to the continuation of this fanfic, feel free!

Join our Discord Server here if you want updates as soon as new chapters are posted and dank memes.

Big ups to yakopak for the new cover art!

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