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Recently rewritten. Contains occasional adult humor and violence.
On a request from Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the mane six explore an abandoned mansion located deep in the woods. While doing so, they unwittingly stumble across an enchanted mirror that scrambles their DNA and pops out three brand new bouncing baby ponies. Hilarity and drama ensue as the mane six must cope with being suddenly thrust into motherhood, as well as protect their new foals from a dark god that wishes to use them for his own sinister gain.


The three foals. by Freefraq on Deviantart.

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To be an employee of Photo Finish is a great honor, but it can also be quite tiring at times... Most of the time, actually. Hairspray isn’t one to complain, and like all the others assistants of Equestria’s most famous photographer, she has learned to do her job, and do it well.

But today is one of those days when everything goes wrong, and Hairspray will have to deal with both Photo Finish' usual temper and the arrogance of another hairdresser who is decided to get the job for herself.


Author's note:
Remember Photo Finish’ assistants from the episode Green isn’t your Color? No? Well here’s a reminder of who they are since they’re the main characters of this one-shot:

-Hairspray: the pony seen taking care of Fluttershy’s mane – and the one from the story’s picture.
-Powder Rouge: the one going through the whole “too much blush, not enough blush” with Fluttershy.
-Pinny Cushion: the one with a violet mane seen working with Hairspray and Powder Rouge and taking care of Fluttershy’s dress.

Those background ponies seem to have been forgotten by bronies and pegasisters, but they deserve some attention too!

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Pony magic works in funny ways. Unicorns all have magic they can control. Earth ponies and pegasi have innate magic that connects them to the earth and the sky. And then there are more unusual cases. Pinkie Pie's supernatural senses, for example. And then there's Braeburn, who seems to have a rather unusual effect on other stallions...

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(-Very light dark-)Sweetie belle and the other Cutie mark crusaders are attempting to get their cutie marks again - what will happen?

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