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Unfortunately having to pull out of EFNW this year · 11:32am Aug 7th, 2021

A complicated family health tangle has made it the best decision to cancel my plans to attend EFNW this year. Wish I could go as originally planned. Have extra fun on my behalf.

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Well that sucks. I hope that your family emergency gets resolved with no complications.

Sorry to hear that. Here's hoping you and yours pull through this.

Hope things are resolved quickly and positively!

Hope it all ends well. I was struggling with wife medical issues for the last two weeks and it *looks* like she's back to normal enough that I can go. I'll try to incite twice as much chaos in honor of your name. :pinkiehappy:

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Very sorry to hear. Good luck with everything!

I hope everyone gets well soon.

Good luck, man. Hope everyone pulls through.

Ah, dear, I'm sorry about that. I hope that the family health tangle situation improves, at least. Good luck.

I've had to deal with one friend getting a debilitating ear infection, and another whose family member almost got sent to jail. So I kind of know what's like to get pulled in different directions.


What am I going to do with all these ferrets now?

Probably the same thing you would do with them were I around?

No. It just wouldn't be the same.

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