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AND THEN MY DENTIST GOT COVID · 1:06am Dec 23rd, 2020

The night before I had scheduled an appointment to get a damn tooth out of my mouth that's killing me. I am five seconds away from just downing a sufficient number of shots of tequila and dealing with the damn thing myself.

I have no luck at all.

Fuck 2020.

Needless to say Midnight Castle is delayed again until I can think about something other than the sharp driving pain in my lower jaw.

I didn't want this to happen. I wanted this story to be done by Fall. But fucking one thing right after a fucking nother.

Sorry. Angry ranty post. Need to vent.

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I'm sorry m8. Hope things get better soon for you. My roomate knows what an angry tooth feels like. It kept him up at night and he couldn't focus at work.

Ach, geeze, that's nightmarish. Sorry man!

I'd have hoped 2020 would lay up for the holidays, but it's determined to ride this year out.

Argh, I've been in that nightmare too. Keep the tequila on hand anyway and I hope you can get something for the pain. Numbing gels are sometimes good, oil of cloves is recommended too although I never had much luck with it.

That is... fucking horrible. Part of me wants to joke about driving over with a chain and a heavy book... but that'll probably be in bad taste. Anyway, I'm sorry and I hope something turns up.

Vent away, that freaking sucks.

Shit, dude, I'm sorry to hear that. Seems this year just wants to keep getting it's last hits in on us. 2021 better involve copious amounts of good fortune showering on the world population to make up for the crap we've put up with this year.

My condolences. My dad's a dentist, so my condolences to your dentist as well. I vote we just rename 2020 The Worst Year. All in favor?

Ew. I've had toothache problems before too and it's seriously some of the worst pain I've ever been in.

Perhaps you could have your dentist schedule you with a replacement or a separate office?

Still remember the pain of having a tooth grow while another one was blocking it. Is there no other dentist you can go to?

Call Minuette? (Or a different dentist in your insurance network.) Alternatively, just do a lot of sleeping. Pain doesn't register when you're unconscious!

I'm so sorry to hear that. I friend i was suppose to meet had to cancel because a person she was in contact with tested positive for Covid-19, twice.

What is the reason? If it is that bad I would search around for another dentist who takes walk ins/schedules on short notice. If you have a local-ish dental school try them. Sure you’ll be worked on by a newbie supervised by an actual dentist but they’re usually happy to schedule people. ED is a huge gamble right now depending what part of the country (assuming you are even in the shithole that is the US) and they normally don’t offer any dental services unless you have something life threatening such as an abscess. They may have someone who knows a dental block which would help for a couple of hours. Again that’s a big if, costly one too but our healthcare system is built to leech off of desperation so no getting around that.

Ow ow ow! Tooth problems suck, doubly so on holidays. Vibes and good luck!

Do the tequila shots, then write the chapter anyway. Let's check out THAT result!

Hope you feel better soon.

Hope you and your dentist get better soon.

I am desperately calling around to oral surgeons right now and they're all booked. Or not open yet, it is only about 8:30, but the point is that dealing with the tooth myself is genuinely starting to look like the best damn option. Though I was going to use dental floss and a door.

I don't even want 2021 to give me much. I've never wanted much out of life. Ever seen Office Space? It's a great movie but at the same time the job those guys had frankly seemed ideal to me. Nine to five, make enough money for a small apartment and a few small luxuries, etc. That's all I wanted. Just a simple, boring, predictable life. I wanted to be Yoshikage Kira only without the copious amounts of murder.


Yeah they didn't. The person I talked to actually just started telling me about what they were going to do to clean their office and I was just like, I don't fucking care, this does not help with my pain. I actually hadn't gone to that dentist before and I fucking well am not going now. Priorities, guy.

Not so far! :pinkiesick: I learned about this close to 8 PM at night so all dentists were closed and now I'm trying desperately to find an oral surgeon but they're all either not open yet or booked through to January.

Honestly that helped, thanks. Maybe instead of ibuprofen I should be taking NyQuil...

Between a combination of the short notice, the time of year, and COVID, this is proving to be damn near impossible.

I've actually never been drunk in my life. I don't drink at all on account of my mom being an alcoholic and I'm somewhat similar to her in personality so I'm pretty sure that if I drank I'd be an alcoholic too.

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Thanks for the well-wishing.

You're welcome.

I'd recommend you to search for another dentist to get that tooth out as soon as possible. Until then, take ibuprofen to at least numb the pain if you don't have a history of serious stomach or bowel problems.

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