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Follower Appreciation - Request Lottery Story (#2 - 2020) · 11:08pm May 11th

Remember that thing I did back on Valentine's Day? Well, I'm doing it again! I've been floundering on keeping momentum on the longer story I've been working on for the past few months, and so I want to kick myself in the rear with a smaller project.

So once more, I'm doing a Request Lottery. The rules are as follow:

- In a comment on this blog post, provide the following information
--- 1 to 2 characters you'd want to see a story about
--- A small bit of context. (No more than 1 to 2 sentences)
- I'll read through the entries, pick one, and write a one-shot about it (no more than ~10,000 words)
- My personal goal is to have the one-shot posted by early June if not sooner
- I'll keep entries open for at least 48 hours, and then I'll update the post once I've made a selection.
- I may disqualify requests that are "similar" to the story I wrote last time I did this.
--- This time, I may disqualify stories in the Past Sins universe.

So yeah, let's have fun again!


The lottery is closed and the story has been selected. Like last time, I first picked out stories from the entries that I felt I could write under the given conditions. I then did a dice tournament, where the winning entry had to be selected through multiple brackets.

This times lucky winner is

Black Hoof
Twilight and Cadance decide to find out which of them is the best princess by partaking in a series of trials.
(I'll be honest, I'll probably toss some other contenders into the mix. :trollestia:)

Again, thank you, everyone, for being followers of my account here on Fimfiction, with its sputtering content pipe. I hope you'll enjoy this lottery story once I get it posted.

Have a great day, weekend, week, month, and etc!
Stay safe and stay healthy!

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Comments ( 49 )

- My personal goal is to have the one-shot posted by early March if not sooner

Isn’t it past March?

Typo fixed. Thank you.

MSie95 #3 · May 11th · · 1 ·

Horror Story with EQG CMCs. Something supernatural and unexplained.

No problem:

As for the request: Pharynx reads some sort of “Guide to improving homeland security,” and Thorax (being the younger brother he is) decides to bother him while he does that.

DannyJ #5 · May 11th · · ·

...Mm, okay. May as well put forward an idea I wasn't planning on using.

How about Chrysalis tries to rebuild her army by cloning a bunch of stupider, easily controlled changeling queens with the mirror pool? They all come out hissing and snarling "Starlight Glimmer!," and seeing her clones behave like a bunch of reductive villain stereotypes does nothing for Chryssi's vanity.

Spike and Raven: on the differences between being Twilight's #1 Assistant and being the personal secretary for the Monarch of Equestria.

Zecora and Autumn Blaze meet one another and engage on their (outsider) view of ponies and their own unique speaking quirks.

Noobblue #8 · May 11th · · 1 ·

Twilight and Pony Joe. It's been a year since season 9 ending and Twilight is spending some time relaxing. She is stressed and what not so Joe has some encouraging words to say to her. Maybe Twilight talks about some stories from her perspective of being a princes. Just a conversation between the two.

Twilight goes to see Rainbow at Wonderbolt training and gets to talking with Spitfire and this kicks off a series of events that bring them closer together and they start dating.

There’s not enough of Twilight and Spitfire ship fics.

R63 Dusk Shine and R63 original changeling Thorax
Dusk studying Thorax to learn more about her kind, as well as asking embarrassing questions of her

Alicornified Zeus Pater comes to Equestria in a bid to woo Celestia as his newest bride.

She may or may not already know of his past shenanigans... and have a mean right hoof. He enjoys it.

This totally has nothing to do with me reading a fic where Greek gods keep showing up in Equestria left and right right now... really! >__> <__< Okay, it totally does. I just find the idea hilarious and wish it to be expanded in a setting that's lighthearted/comedic instead of super dark.

Fluttershy used to shy away from the world, but her and Tree Hugger still became friends at some point.
How, when, and where? You tell me :)

Gummy and Tiberius, with Gummy going on some long philosophical rant about something, with Tibbers being more the Pinkie of this Pinkie and the Brain type duo. :trollestia:

Rokas #14 · May 12th · · 1 ·

Rainbow Dash. Werewolf. (Ponywolf?) Belly rubs. Tasty meats. Flutterpone.

Only foal Peppermint Twist discovers sisterhood and the nurturing side of Pinkie Pie, as well as a deeper reason why the pink Pony gets so much joy making confections for others.

GlimGlam and Trix, in something similar to Into The Depths or From The Depths. Not necessarily the same universe or as long but maybe a short horror bit with the exploration like it was in those stories.

Trixie and Starlight.

They're out shopping for groceries and whatnot. This, naturally, make other think they're dating. They spend the whole time trying to ignore it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Something in a similar vein to 5260921's idea.

Philomena and Owlowiscious. Probably pre-C&L's retirement. Celestia visits Ponyville and brings Philomena again, she and Twilight have matters to discuss, thus leaving P&O to their devices. Discussion of their owners' quirks?

Celestia and Luna decide to travel the not-Equestrian world as (immortal, unkillable) annoying tourists. The rest of the world would like that they stop this, please?

During one of her therapy sessions with a client, Dinky gets asked something for the first time.

"Are you okay?"

Never show weakness but always be friendly was Dinkys motto, but how long can she hold it in?

On a rare flip of the script the therapist confides her troubles to her client.

(I imagine the client being Tootsie Flute.)

Fluttershy visits the rock farm with Pinkie and meets Marble. Fluttershy then uses her experiences in overcoming her shyness to try and help Marble do the same.

Shining Armor
Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Slayer follow up. Shining Armor deals with the personal consequences from Sunset’s latest monster hunting spree.


In some form or another, Chrysalis, being unreformed, manages to score a hit against the ponies that so-wronged her.

Discord and Celestia and how they first met.

Celestia (pre-retirement) and Pony Joe. Some ponies know how to lend a sympathetic ear. Joe isn't one of them, but Celestia's never let that stop her before.

Celestia and Sunset Shimmer post redemption of the two.

Fun times with dark magic with your adopted daughter. (Or former faithful student. What have you just go with it.)


Nyx is in Flurry in Time by DuvetofReason. Maybe a short bridge one shot on how she came to be a space commander? :pinkiehappy: Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Big Mac and Spike (aged up) walk into a bar and talk.

Celestia and Celestia AI in a debate over the meaning of friendship and ponies.

Characters: Twilight and Fleur

Pitch: Now sole ruler, Twilight finds she wasn't quite as well prepared for the finer points of "royal/diplomatic protocol" as she thought - and Rarity's out of town and unable to help. Fleur de Lis, a longtime member of the court and informal advisor to Celestia, offers to help. (Slice of Life, and a bit of hilarity, ensue)

Twilight and Siren Head. Twilight is in deep trouble, all because of this new monster supervillain, Siren Head (Video, Wiki). The sirens are driving everypony mad and stuff like that. Derpy, as clueless as always, went missing. Her voice can be heard nearby the Everfree Forest by other ponks. So she could be okay or ded, since Siren Head is allowed to mimic the voice of ponies close to the victims, or It can mimic the screams of pones trying to get away and play them again. Either way It's up to Twilight and friends to get things back to the way It was.

Starlight Glimmer decides to bring in a guest speaker at the School of Friendship to help her teach about atonement and forgiveness. With their alicorn teachers in the audience, she and Sunset Shimmer teach the students how their downfalls helped bring them to where they are today.

Tempest Shadow and Sunset Shimmer are forced to work together to stop an evil threatening both Equestria and the human world. Tempest suffers from guilt since the evil is related to the Storm King's doing, and Sunset is uneasy with Tempest's decidedly more violent method of conflict resolution.

Thorax and Twilight, pre-changeling reformation. Twilight wants to study the bug.

Hello pen stroke. My name is snow thunder. I am the angel of ice, but I am also autistic with aspergers, so I have alot, and I mean alot of ocs coursing through my mind. I am sorry for having this more than 2 sentences, but almost every oc I make is reserved as I have a dream of making my own my little pony series and pitching it to Hasbro itself.(with a whole lot of prayer to the lord) however, I do have two ocs that I don't believe will be added to my dream series so I will audition it to you. an evil hot tempered human-bat hybrid looking spirit of pain and terror known as death grip, was once imprisoned by the princesses, and focuses his revenge on ponyville(his personal punching bag). his only weakness is that the only way to kill him, is to kill the bunny spirit of mercy and kindness who can tell him(metaphorically) to not kill, is the crush of angel bunny, and is protected by the evil spirit with his brutal claws. please let me know what you think about it.

Best Princess Contest : Twilight and Cadance decide to find out out which of them is the best princess by partaking in a series of trials : racing, hoofwrestling, eating the most hayburgers, tug of war, wrestling match...

(Were you to choose this fanfic idea, feel free to pick the trials you want and add any other trial you'd like.)

Congratulations, Black Hoof! 👏🏻

sounds pretty aiight

Congratulations, Black Hoof.

great job black hoof.

(I'll be honest, I'll probably toss some other contenders into the mix.

Well, my original idea was involving the 4 princesses, but I reduced it when I saw you asked for 1 to 2 characters.

RDT #43 · May 15th · · ·

Given the amount of fun I had reading Elixir Master, this is exciting!

Recon777 #44 · May 17th · · 1 ·

All will be revealed eventually. :twilightsmile:
Stay tuned.

It's alright if it's not by early june. Take your time.

Comment posted by VarisHart deleted June 15th

No pressure, big bro

I'll admit, if there is a next fanfic poll in he future, I will really be tempted to vote for this idea.

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