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Happy Valentines Day - Making it a Follower Appreciation Day · 5:50pm Feb 14th, 2020

Been doing my best to keep on steady with my writing this year, and it's been going well. As part of that plan, I decided I wanted to do little events like this throughout the year.

So, I'm doing something of a Request Lottery (don't know what else to call it.) The rules are as follow:

- In a comment on this blog post, provide the following information
--- 1 to 2 characters you'd want to see a story about
--- A small bit of context. (No more than 1 to 2 sentences)
- I'll read through the entries, pick one, and write a one-shot about it (no more than ~10,000 words)
- My personal goal is to have the one-shot posted by early March if not sooner
- I'll keep entries open for at least 48 hours, and then I'll update the post once I've made a selection.

Basically, if you were aware of or participated in Jinglemas last December, then I'm using very rules.

My two major writing projects right now are both pretty long, and as a personal goal I have is to publish at least a few stories this year. So I felt this was a great way for me to reach my goal and to show a bit of appreciation for my followers.

So yeah, have fun!

The lottery is closed and the story has been selected.

For the selection method, I skimmed all the entries and picked out the ones I felt I could write under the conditions above. I then went into something a dice tournament. The winning entry had to have the dice go in its favor 2-3 times. I mostly did it so a single dice roll didn't decide everything.

Still, the lucky lottery winner is........

Brony Writer
Nyx and Tempest Shadow meeting post-movie to discuss things.
(I am, of course, paraphrasing)

Again, thank you, everyone, for being followers of my account here on Fimfiction, with its sputtering content pipe. I do hope to do a lottery like this at least 2 more times this year to help improve the reliability of my posting. I hope you'll enjoy this lottery story once I get it posted.

Have a great day, weekend, week, month, and etc! Cheers!

Comments ( 33 )

What if Rainbow Dash failed to save Rarity and the Wonderbolts during the Sonic Rainboom episode?

Nyx and Spike, years later when they're both grown, get together in a bar and chat. Possible topics include: their love lives (or frustrations with lacks of them), Twilight's reaction to them growing up, what their jobs are like these days, Flurry Heart, and whether it's a good idea for two high-profile VIP's to ditch their respective security details and go drinking in a random bar in Manhattan.

What if Twilight gets a secret admirer card and then goes to find out who sent her the card (maybe make it funny like Spike sent it or someone unexpected). :twilightblush:

Tempest Shadow and Flash Sentry. The grizzled veteran with "questionable loyalty" and the cocky hotshot who constantly flirts with Princess Twilight. They dislike each other immediately and feel that they must protect their Princess from certain corrupting influences, but need to get along the sake of their duty (or at least fake it when the Princess is present).

Edited for clarity.

Dash and Rarity trick Twilight into using her big brain to crunch statistics so they can win money during Buckball’s March Madness.

Celestia and Rain Shine, the leader of the Kirin community. Celestia has invited her to a diplomatic tea party session, and is trying to get RS to open her hermit kingdom.

Grown-up Nyx and the Tantabus have a long talk about redemption, and how since Luna no longer needs the Tantabus, if Nyx could 'adopt' it to assuage her latent guilt. (it would be a good way to talk about the four kinds of love as a factor in redemption)

Luna and Sunset Shimmer go looking for an artifact that can save Celestia, who has come down with some strange illness tied to her past. The duo must come to terms with uncomfortable truths about their sister/mentor as they delve deeper into her past adventures and encounter old enemies who'd prefer to keep Celestia out of the picture.

Nyx starts crushing on a Colt but gets her heart broken while Twilight talks to her about love and how it can hurt but you should never be scared of it. Sort of to set up something for a possible story or just for a heartwarming story with Mother/Daughter.

Thank you! Personally, I'd really love an atmospheric story set at a dusk-lit carnival-type faire where Scootaloo finally feels the breeze under her feathers on her first flight, as cheered on-slash-mentored by Rainbow Dash. :rainbowdetermined2::scootangel: Happy Valentine's, and thanks again for hosting this!

I know a lot of people are asking about Nyx, but I'm throwing my hat in there, too.

Nyx and Celestia. Why Celly didn't trust Twilight's judgement enough that she still took Nyx and did the ritual. The whole debacle wouldn't have happened if Celestia had just listened to Twilight.


Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia make first contact with the Canadian government. No one is quite sure how this happened.

Rainbow Dash visits Lightning Dust while she's in a coma from some questionable desiscions from fellow reserve members. She reflects on how Lightning was treated after her discharge.

I'm going to say Nyx and Sunset. Twilight is out and about when the journal connected to Sunset's starts going off and Nyx, ever curious, answers the book and finally finds out what that special mirror is all about. Not really sure if it should be an actual crisis or just Sunset wanting to hang out without the fate of the world(s) at stake, but Nyx heads off to the human world nonetheless. If there's no crisis, I can see this being a real good comedy with Nyx being real excited about a new world to explore and learn about.

Nyx and Tempest. Maybe have something about what happened to Nyx during the events of the movie, and Tempest coming to terms with her part in that. Nyx is an alicorn. The Storm King wouldn't just shove her in a cage and send her to a work camp later (or whatever he was going to do with all of the ponies he captured) so I'm sure something traumatic happened. She gets drained of her magic, or whatever. The story is Tempest and Nyx having a talk about that, with Nyx obviously forgiving her because she's been down that dark path herself.

Well, I thought about some adntures taking place "Variance 2 - Mutations" or "Sunset Slayers" universes. Sunset is a sure choice, but don't have any other ideas.

How about Apple Bloom finds she has developed a crush but is struggling with it as she's unsure if it's normal to have feelings on this particular pony. And not just because she's a princess.

I'd like to see Zecora and Rainbow Dash bouncing off each other. Rainbow Dash could be looking to impress Daring Do by doing her own adventure someplace she (Daring) hasn't had much luck with and gets Zecora to guide her through the Everfree, or even to zebra lands in search of some fabled treasure. Zecora has to teach an impetuous Dash about the tricks and travails of the forest, or her home, and Dash might get to impress the Zebra herself for having more going on than appearances suggest--a neat reversal of "Bridle Gossip."

As much as I love Twilight and the rest of the girls (and Nyx and other amazing OC's) I am going to go with something a bit different, perhaps a backstory for Cozy Glow, as we never got one in cannon. Where did she come from? why is she so Tartarus-bent on power? what is her story?

Vinyl scratch uses her Bass Canon and accidentally opens a portal to an alternate universe where she meets her male counterpart.

I think this would make a great story. But whatever idea you choose I’m know will be fantastically written by you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Babs Seed hanging out at the night club in Manehattan, met Vinyl Scratch here but then police raids the place, two mares are lucky to escape but have to deal with a lot of troubles 'cause police thinks that they're criminals.
P.S. Babs still a filly :yay:

Thorax and Pharynx have a chat after a diplomatic summit in Canterlot. While walking through the gardens, they come across the statuefied Queen Chrsyalis.

Maybe something about Student 6. Thinking Sandbar (feels like he doesn't get enough love) with other student. Like he and Gallus being friends, maybe invitim him for dinner and Sandbar's parents. Or wisiting Mount Eris with Silverstream, just seems like surfer dude like Sandbar would like the place, etc

Derpy and Luna.

Luna comforts Derpy from nightmares concerning Single-Mother fears.

Cozy doesn't turn to stone, because she truly believed that she was doing the right thing. And then maybe a bit of reformation? I don't know.

Nyx and Dawn Lightwing meet each other as adults, possibly with their respective CMC's at their sides. Chaotic shenanigans ensue.

Dawn is the main OC of the Savage Skies series of stories, which starts with Foal of the Forest. Great character to read, honestly. Been wanting to see a meeting between these two for years.

I'd have a few suggestions for the "terrible trio", if the limit here wasn't two characters... I mean, there's no reason their reformation couldn't take place, say, after just 6 months in stone or something. :applejackunsure:

...By the way, @PenStroke: Is it one story prompt per person? 'Cause otherwise, I've got a couple. :twilightsmile:

If only one is allowed, take the first one as my lottery entry (or whichever you like best).


"The Call to Adventure"

Free from their duties, Celestia and Luna are summoned on a friendship mission.

Vector sources: Celestia's cutie mark,Luna's cutie mark, Cutie Map from a screencap
[art by shamanguli]


"Second Wind"

After becoming alicorns, Rainbow Dash teaches Applejack, her wife, how to fly. :heart:

Set shortly after the post-season 9 future.


"Adorable Anachronistic Adventurers, YAY!"

Due to a time travel mishap, Nyx has an unexpected play date with "Pwincess Woona". Shenanigans ensue.

[art by myself]

Not surprising that a Nyx story won out. Can't wait to read it!
If you'd like me to edit it feel free to ask. No charge. ^_^

Yay! Can't wait to see it!

>Sees the winner

Oooh! That's a good one!!! Legit can't wait! :twilightsmile:

There were a lot of entrants featuring Nyx, so the odds were a bit weighted in her favor.

Need a new story to write? I got an idea (i can't write to save myself)

a human goes to equestria but he/she is imortal and is as tall as a mountain, he/she can control these six elements earth, water, air/storms, fire/heat, ice/cold, and nature (not animals). He/she appear before nightmare moons banishment

What do you think?

(Sorry if this is late)

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