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What Stupid Plots Would You Like to See in ⇩⇩⇩Please Downvote!⇩⇩⇩??? · 2:24am Mar 12th, 2020

I'm starting to run out of dumb ideas for this story. Fortunately, the internet is a fount of endless stupidity. So please, pitch me your stupidest ideas. No pitch is too stupid. The only qualifier is that they shouldn't require a ton of effort. Remember, my entire shtick is that I'm lazy as fuck, that's why I write shitfics. Also while this story is rated Everyone, feel free to pitch mature ideas as well as I'm thinking about writing a Mature-rated spinoff for Dirty Little Secret's clopfic contest. So, without further ado:

Pitch your stupidest ideas!!! (I'll credit you if I use them.)

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The entirety of Equestria becomes highly addicted to ketchup, and twilight sparkle is now banned from existence because no.

Also, Spike is now a toy car that uses living creatures for fuel.

EveryPony turns into Bacon Versions of themselves

Rarity breaks with Spike and has the gall to show him who's her new coltfriend:


Attach a tie to the cube, and you're done.:trollestia:

Rainbow Dash becomes obsessed with rickrolling.

A rumor goes around that Twilight Sparkle is just a meme and not a real princess. Twilight must disprove this.

Equestria is invaded by camels.

A bunch of overpowered displaced kids dressed as characters from a cosplay event show up to ruin lives. :trollestia:

The mane 6 learn that rarity has a slight addiction to cocaine. They then learn that a "slight" addiction is an extreme understatement. This leads to them asking Princess Celestia to hold an intervention, but in doing so find out that CELESTIA is also addicted to cocaine, and has spiked Canterlot's water supply with massive amounts of LSD. Cue pure, unfettered chaos the likes of which would cause DISCORD to recoil in horror.

Twilight Sparkle discovers global warming.
So she grounds Celestia, sending her to her room.

Tirek starts to put ponoes in jars and everybody is concerned

Do a take on Applejack becoming a wonderbolt
I had a story on that but it got taken down

Jodie Whittaker falls from her TARDIS into Ponyville and flips tf out.

Edit: Or Twilight puts Celestia into an old age home, because she could really use a break.

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