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Asking for help. · 8:32pm Oct 27th, 2019

I did find a job, however I won't get paid for at least another week and it's only minimum wage so the pay kind of well sucks, and I need to pay rent and currently have no way to do this. I really don't want to risk dad being an ass again and kicking me out. So I just need enough to get by until I get paid again. I hate asking, because I'm the kind of woman that prefers to support herself. If you can't donate if you could share this blog. Granted, I know I have 50 in savings I could use, but I need 125 for the rent. And I just don't have it.

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Signal-boosted. You're welcome.:pinkiesmile:

Also, hope that problem gets solved anytime.

Went over and bought you a few coffees. :twilightsmile: Hope it helps.


OK, a few more coffees on their way :raritywink:

I just did a blog post to help you out

I'm a student, so I have no real money to speak of, but I'll spread the word!

I'm broke as well (yay, college) but I'll let people know. :)

Good luck!

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