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Nipples · 9:03pm Nov 6th, 2017

My new story has been modified to T by the moderators.

EDIT: For the record, I understand the rationale. I've updated the story description to express my feelings sincerely, without coming down on the mods for doing their job to the best of their abilities.

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I'd be careful publicly calling people out on blogs as it can come across as attacking. As well, admit i haven't looked at the comments but are you sure they're the ones who reported it and not someone else or perhaps a mod seeing and changing it?

Either way, you do have my sympathies.

Eh, considering the topic of it, I can see why they'd say as much.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm not attacking. If the admins decide to do something that affects the public, it isn't appropriate for them to keep the action a secret.

I'm not even mad at Majin and Jack, I'm just upset at what happened.

Jack sent me a (very nice) pmail informing me of the decision, so I'm not assuming.

Celestia forbid intersex children get to have role models, I guess.

Do read the story before you call it mature.

I liked the story how it was originally it was really good and it is nice to see a story of mothers accepting and helping their child no matter what. it also is nice to see a story about accepting oneself. even if they have help from their parents


I never said that. And I did read it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Fair enough.

Yes, I can understand why they would make that call. But I don't agree with it at all. This is a story aimed at children. It's intended for children. If that makes me a bad person, then I'm a bad person.

Buck. I need to get off Fimfiction and Discord for a while now.

4718875 Sorry, I wasn't meaning to suggest you were, just that it can be tricky water to navigate.

I hope things can be resolved in your favour.


Heh, probably a good idea.

Go have a drink or snack, and take a breather.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Would it be featured in a episode? No children's show is going to feature an episode on a child's sexuality. Therefore, it's Teen.

This has nothing to do with sexuality. Being intersex is a birth condition, it has nothing to do with having sex or sexual attraction.

If MLP actually had a canon gay couple (which they might in the near future: Scootaloo's aunts) that would be sexuality, and I doubt you'd have a problem with it. Other shows like Steven Universe and Star Vs. have featured content related to orientation. This isn't even about sexual attraction.

Did they at least ask you to change it first before doing it themselves?

It's been suggested to me by more than one moderator that there is no way to modify the story so that it will be allowed an E rating.

There isn't anything sexually suggestive in the story, and it isn't about sexual attraction. It's just the word "nipples" that the moderators find offensive.

Sorry, I meant "change the rating"--did they ask you to do it first before doing it themselves?

I'm guessing they'd still have a problem with "teat"? Probably the association they don't like.

No, they did it without asking. Otherwise they would have removed the story entirely, I'm told. So this way it remains in the feature box, I guess. That isn't my major concern, though. This is a story specifically intended for a younger audience.


There isn't anything sexually suggestive in the story, and it isn't about sexual attraction. It's just the word "nipples" that the moderators find offensive.

Seems kind of like they are trying to keep the site from being flagged as inappropriate for children by Google bots.
That or we got 1920 church moms for mods. Pearl clutching was the first thing to come to mind :raritydespair:

I can see they were trying to do you a favor, but it sets a bad precedent. I don't like that mods could simply edit some facet of my story, however small.

You're clearly coming up against ideas of what constitutes an E-rating or "appropriate for children". Your work might be cut out for you in changing their minds. Doesn't mean it isn't worth it though. Quite the contrary. Let me know how it goes.


You've got stuff in this story about how your special somepony touches your nipples and it feels good. No, that's not sex, but it's too sexually oriented for an E story.

I certainly didn't know that about mice...

You wouldn't know it from furry art, no. :unsuresweetie:

I do see your point there.

I still might not agree 100%, but I appreciate that the moderators have not been aggressively combative, and I may need to say something on the story thread eventually to keep it from turning into an anti-moderator argument (it hasn't become that, but I'm sensitive to the possibility and am watching it closely).

It's not an easy job to make judgment calls like this. Well, maybe it is, but I wouldn't find it easy. With my own works, it's obviously impossible, which is why external moderation is important.


I understand the displeasure of finding stories tampered with, but usually in cases like this it's a mistake or oversight on the author's part, or at the very least not something they feel strongly about as the difference between E and T is a lot less than going behind the Mature filter. I feel like most people would rather have the story not get revoked and potentially lose hours of prime exposure over something as trivial as a T rating. So I hope at the very least this doesn't seem like we were invading your stuff, or something.

It's certainly a borderline case, and this is definitely a bit of a first. There are valid arguments to be made on both sides of this, but the idea of "the talk" is inherently something more adult than a children's tv show level of content, and the slight bits of sexual content elevate it into what we'd consider teen.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks. I appreciate your candor and professionalism, and I've (happily) grown to expect that from Fimfiction. :pinkiesmile:

It hardly matters anyhow. Without the sex or gore tags, no one really cares about the difference between E and T.

I'm curious why a couple of readers decided to downvote this comment and the previous two, but this one in particular. I doubt anypony will speak up, but I don't see what I did wrong here. I'm just reporting facts and stating my opinion. Is it the idea that the story is intended for a young audience that is offensive?

I dunno. I presume most of the downvotes are from non-followers who saw this because they shelved the story, given that this blog is tagged with the story. Still, it's strange.

I shouldn't read too much into things. I just have miserably crippled self-esteem and it's important for me to make others feel comfortable when it shouldn't be. :facehoof:

It's just the appearance of the story and the feeling that I've done something wrong by tagging it in a way that everypony disagrees with, really. I know it doesn't matter much, I'm just not in a good state of mind tonight.

I'm very grateful that the mods seem to have compromised by not Sex-tagging the story (so far).

he's intersex


The should have a PG and 14A rated

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