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Blessing Received! · 4:00pm Oct 20th, 2015

Kkat responded to my PM! I didn't think she would as she most likely is bombarded with them at all times, but she did!

Hello! Thank you for writing me. :twilightsmile:

(I am deeply sorry for the long delay in response. I've built up quite a backlog of PMs that I am slowly working through. :twilightsheepish: )

I'm very happy that you enjoyed Fallout: Equestria and are inspired to write a story based on it. :pinkiehappy:

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Stories made from RP · 3:36pm Jun 1st, 2017

The stories I publish here are adapted from online roleplays. If the owners of the characters involved allow it, I use their OC's name. If not, then I request to still use the plot but change their characters however suits them. If this is rejected, the rp never makes it here.

Some of these stories are here to explain the backstories of some OCs I use for rp, and contain no characters that are not my own.

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Nipples · 9:03pm Nov 6th, 2017

My new story has been modified to T by the moderators.

EDIT: For the record, I understand the rationale. I've updated the story description to express my feelings sincerely, without coming down on the mods for doing their job to the best of their abilities.


So here's something interesting I just discovered... · 10:28pm Oct 18th, 2015

If you thought it was an original song, then look what Charmx, who I am subscribed to, just reacted to not so long ago...

Now, the person who made the Sonata version COULD have gotten permission to use the original song, I've not checked, but still...the next time you see another MLP video get loads of views, look a little deeper and see if the video is really all of their work.

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A HERO RINSES · 7:49am Aug 19th, 2019

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